Dallas shooting kills five police officers

Dallas shootingsThe country’s legacy of gun violence on terrible display.

The shootings, only a few blocks from Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, transformed an emotional but peaceful rally into a scene of carnage and chaos, and they injected a volatile new dimension into the anguished debate over racial disparities in American criminal justice.

Source: Dallas Sniper Shooting Leaves 5 Police Officers Dead; Suspect Is Killed – The New York Times

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  1. As an aside on this topic…
    I went to Arlington today between Dallas and Fort Worth to meet friend’s for lunch. Heading down SH 360 on the county line between Dallas and Tarrant (Fort Worth) counties towards Interstate 20 a Texas Department of Public Safety sign said “DPD Officer Funeral Procession, Expect Delay’s”. They weren’t kidding. The Eastbound exit to Dallas was closed. All had to go to Cow Town or further south. Overpasses on I20 had fire trucks and police cars on them with lights flashing, people pulled over watching, traffic creeping.
    I learned at lunch the last Officer from last week’s killings was being buried in Fort Worth. He had services in both cities.
    Leaving there was no Eastbound traffic on I-20 for several miles.
    Then I came upon two Police cars in the center lane with motorcycles flanking them in the other two going about 20 mph.
    Never saw what they may have been escorting. Traffic behind them was backed up about 10 miles.
    Quite a show of police/fire/public support, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

    Not related to FREEINGTEFILES but I wanted to share.

  2. For those interested in “facts”, have a listen:

    RAW: Video captures scene of suspected Dallas shooters | WFAA.com


    What is your interpretation? One shooter? Granted there are sounds that are clearly from handguns (being fired by the police), but I am also hearing the same sounds from a distinct firearm with enough variances of that same sound to prove different decibel levels, which means MULTIPLE shooters using the same kind of weapon at different distances from where the gunfire is being recorded by the recording device of this video clip. If you hear the multiple “tap, tap, pause” bursts of the snipers‘ rifles with clearly distinguishable handgun return fire, this sounds like a clean tactical coordination of a triangulated shooting. I’ve heard reckless shooting (grew up in a bad neighborhood); this was far from it. In my opinion, whether the alleged lone wolf was militarily trained or not, the similar sounding bursts of shots come too close together multiple times to be from one firearm.

  3. Antonio D'Antonio

    The powers that be thrive in a divided society so they will do whatever they can to stoke division on as many issues as possible using whatever means they need to accomplish this.

  4. Cause and effect? No matter the shooter(s) (?) motivation, the societal implications, how it all play’s out, this put’s us all one step closer to a true police state.

  5. Dallas became known as the city of hate after JFK was assassinated.
    Congressman Bruce Alger of Dallas (about the only elected republican in the state at the time) organization of the Mink Coat Affair first brought the idea to national prominence (Nixon: that asshole in Dallas cost us the election). UN Ambassador and former presidential candidate Adali Stevenson being spat upon and hit with placards furthered it shortly before JFK’s visit.
    Some say we already live in a at least limited police state.
    The incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana that prompted the protests where this happened are reportedly racially motivated.
    With the rise of such incidents in recent years this reaction doesn’t really surprise me in hindsight. It did shock and still does confuse and appall me.



  6. Less than 24 hours since the crime and all the facts have yet to be uncovered. Can we not possibly wait oh, perhaps a week before the conspiracy theories get out of hand?

    1. Perhaps Operation Mockingbird should wait possibly, oh, I don’t know, until it gets its facts straight before posting every possible flake of information it can possibly contrive to stir the pot of uncertainty? Pointing out statists’ bullshit is not conspiracy theory.

      1. Sane rational people understand the fog war. Your comments bring new meaning to the word paranoia. If that’s possible in conspiracy land. This is JFKfacts, not JFK speculations.

        1. You are so far away from understanding the strategy of tension, it’s not even responsible to interact with your “Your comments bring new meaning to the word paranoia” frame of mind.

          1. Interpretation: you’re right. I can’t interact with you because I don’t have the facts yet but I can’t admit to that.

          2. Paul May

            July 11, 2016 at 3:25 pm

            Interpretation: you’re right. I can’t interact with you because I don’t have the facts yet but I can’t admit to that.

            Your attempt of “interpretation” failed hysterically. The MEDIA isn’t providing facts, the only source of information it seems you’d consider when something anyone else but the media has to say about these incidents is shared. Recent history has repeatedly the layers under these events. Dallas went from being a triangulated shooting (according to people who were actually there, including the cops being shot at) to suddenly being a lone wolf shooting (according to the armchair police executives working with the media). Echo of Dealey Plaza?

            The synergy of Operation Gladio and Operation Mockingbird leave their fingerprints all over these events. It’s always been the same script. Carry out event and engage the media echo of the government story, except the people on the ground don’t know how not to share their own facts on twitter. Some witnesses spoke of being boxed in by multiple shooters. THOSE are the facts. There are conflicting accounts by the media vs multiple accounts of actual witnesses. Twitter is full of stories from the ground. But apparently those facts don’t matter to you, just the specific event itself in a sterile vacuum of limited cognition framed by the armchair police PR, your factless Mockingbird presstitutes.

            One might think these media and armed mercenaries would at least change the script, but why bother when they’ve indoctrinated enough listeners into obsequence to swallow the government-fed media soup?

  7. In something of a ghoulish, eerie coincidence, it appears as if the shooting was carried out by a 25 year old, formerly in the American military (this is very close to the age Oswald was when JFK was assassinated). The initial story that four people were involved seems to have been dismissed by the police in Dallas. The individual is being described as a “lone wolf”. So not only was the alleged shooter almost the exact same age as Oswald, he was seemingly ex-American army as well, and he also apparently lived in a suburb of Dallas as well.

    I have to say I don’t think there is anything suspicions in terms of the similarities between the two incidents. But it is kind of eerie though.

  8. It was reported that bullets were coming from more than one direction, but we are asked to believe a single shooter was responsible.

    It was reported that 3 suspects were in police custody (hobos?) who were later released with no explanation..

    But we have one suspect conveniently killed, with a robo-bomb… (Ruby)

    Case closed. Let us mourn now.

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