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  1. I’ve always been fascinated with Richard Helms, but no podcasts ever have extended discussion on Helms, usually it was a brief oblique reference, until now and it’s thanks to you Mr Morley. It’s probably no coincidence that yesterday The Film Archives premiered a almost 12 hour compilation on Richard Helms. I’d bet it’s been spurred on due to your new book and the rounds you’ve been doing promoting it. Good work!
    I heard you first on the Ochelli Effect, btw!

    The Man Who Kept the CIA’s Secrets: Richard Helms Compilation
    11hours 43mins – The Film Archives

  2. I am still wondering if you know who shot the Fatal shot that Killed JFK? If you do not, would you be interested in knowing the TRUTH? I’ve reached out to a number of well known people/Celebrities/Historians.

    I guess I’ll need to make my own Documentary! God’s Will Be Done. All bs aside, it’s in plain sight.

  3. Jeff, have you seen Ann Hornaday’s article on Oliver Stone in the 12/26/21 WaPo (p. E-1).?
    She states:
    “… at this point it is generally accepted among historians and law enforcement officials that Oswald alone killed Kennedy.”
    …”Oliver Stone poseed the question ,”Why was this material still closed?’ observes presidential historian Timothy Naftali. “He had a poisinous answer, which was this vast conspiracy. But the question was a good one…it actually moved Congress to act.” …Although President Trump delayed that date (10/26/17) by by three years, President Biden has proceeded with the release. More than 1400 documents were made public on 12/15/21…”
    Your thoughts?

  4. Jeff:
    Your site contains an entry, labeled “Blog Roll.”
    It states, in Latin, “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”
    This appears to translate to:
    “The pain is the love of the internet itself. It’s the main reason that the earth is comfortable, and there is a lot of pain in the face of the cushion of the lion.”

    What does that mean?

  5. To reduce much confusion, I suggest that a panel (minimum of 5) of the more respected, credible sources be assembled to present the most likely assassination scenario based on facts, evidence, and believable witnesses. At this point, we know the who, when, where, why, and how thanks to Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Vince Salandria, John Keller, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Sherry Fiester, James Douglas, Fletcher Prouty, Jesse Ventura, and many others.

    The panel will help us see the truth and to reach logical conclusions. For example, we are aware that the head kill shot did not come from behind. For many years we were convinced the bullet was from the grassy knoll even though acoustical evidence showed that a shot was fired from that direction – but missed. Thanks to forensic investigator Sherry Fiester (Enemy of the Truth) we learned that the kill shot most likely originated from somewhere in front of the limousine.

  6. Why was my reply deleted? I pointed out that disinterested experts have acknowledged that there is a human figure in the location of the badge man image. They have not claimed that he is holding a rifle or that he is wearing a uniform, but they have said that the image is of a person who is facing the street.

    1. Oops, I just noticed the “awaiting moderation” notice. I wrongly assumed that my earlier reply had been deleted. Sorry for not noticing the notice the first time around.

    1. Jeff,
      Thanks for your exemplary efforts to shed light on the truths about the JFK assassination.
      Many of us would be interested in your take on Dylan’s latest release, Murder Most Foul. All the best.

  7. I was reading the article “The Prosecution of Carrie Johnson” in the July 21, 2019 edition of the Washington Post magazine (I get the print edition a day early). I was fascinated by the story of a white race riot which occurred on the streets of Washington in 1919, one hundred years ago.
    The writing was so good I turned back a page to see who the author was; it was Jefferson Morley.
    I hope the readers of JFK Facts can access this article on line; it is a terrific historical read. Well done, Jeff.

  8. Castro ordered successful assassination of JFK with Mafia (anti-Kennedy, pro-Castro/Cuban) Support.

    This answers the most important un answered question.

    Why do so many people support the cover-up of the facts of the case?
    – People, that knew that Castro had done it, would know that If USA public found out about this, they would universally want Castro’s head leading to WW III or Nuclear Holocaust. Keeping quiet or participating (actively or passively) in the coverup to hid this knowledge.
    – Castro stays quiet: Being Politically Correct. He knows the consequences of talking. No bragging.
    – Mafia stays quiet. They know the consequences of talking. Can use knowledge to blackmail investigation.
    Rival factions would leak damming information exposing the conspiracy if they found that LBJ or just the Mafia ordered the JFK assassination. These exposure would cause many problems in the USA that would need to (and could) be worked through.

    Also, the USA National Archives prevents release of JFK Assassination records (including Warren Commission findings) for 75 years. This allows plenty of time for Castro to die, blunting the call/need for invading/bombing Cuba to get him. Castro dies in 2016, Archives JFK Assassination records start to be released in 2017, around 20 years early, imagine that.

  9. Mr. Morley

    There is a private interview of RFK with William Manchester donated under deed of gift, May 16, 1964. Never relaesded to the public. Record number 176-10031-10055. Comment field in metadata says “closed by court order until 2067.” There is a picture of the metadata linked from http://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Featured_Mark_the_Date.html Could be Bobby’s true feelings. Can you look into this!

  10. Hey there Jefferson. Just finished “The Ghost” and it was a fantastic read.

    I am a unicorn amongst my friends/ family when it comes to the JFK story but I have no problem with that. I’ve read about 6 books on the subject but there is one particular item that I have always wondered about in regards to Oswald and the job at the School Book Depository.

    From what I have read it seems that Oswald had the job at the depository for about a month prior to the assassination. As your books “The Ghost” & “Our Man in Mexico” clearly identify, the CIA was monitoring Oswald for years prior to the assassination and the route for the motorcade was only decided about a week prior to the assassination, is it just coincidence that a man whom the CIA was monitoring for years just so happened to be working at a building directly on the motorcade route?

    As I have gotten older I have tried not to get immersed within the many conspiracy theories regarding the case but this is one particular item that I just can’t understand. Who was making the decisions regarding the motorcade route? I believe, just as you have stated that the CIA had dropped the ball in regards to the monitoring of Oswald but how is it that he randomly gets a job directly on the motorcade route?

  11. The USA needs a Truth & Reconciliation Commission of non government members to settle thw Warren Commission finding once and for all time. This T & R Commission would be like the one Bishop Desmond Tutu helped organize to halp South Africa transition to democracy a couple decades ago.

  12. The USA’s road to ruin began with the BIPARTISAN execution by a firing squad of six to eight shooters in Dealy Plaza leading to the corporate (read “fascist”) coup d’etat of 22 November 1963. Some of the same conspirators were involved in an unsuccessful coup against the newly-elected FDR Administration in 1934. Retired USMC Gen. Smedley Butler blew the whistle on the conspiracy but FDR was afraid to proecute anyone for attempted treason. US history needs to be corrected and updated.

  13. I have always been interested if anyone investigated any connection between the circumstances surrounding the violence during the Adlai Stevenson visit and the events on 11/22. The Stevenson event is always referenced when describing the mood in Texas and the political leanings within the region. It seems to me that it could of been a staged event to paint a picture and create part of the narrative still used by WC supporters. Can any light be shed on the possible connection of these two events?

  14. From your article at Lewrockwell.com, this sentence seems garbled, can you fix please?

    As we have seen, these are the files of senior is that this trove of long-secret intelligence files — if declassified in its entirety — will support the notion that the president was ambushed by enemies within his own government But that is only a hunch.

  15. can anyone explain where the entrance wound is shown on john Kennedy’s back that has an exit?no exit wound is noted by any doctor that accounts for the so called magic bullet.
    dr. hume examined a shallow wound on john Kennedy’s back.no exit was found for the back wound, no bullet was found for the back wound. unless it is the bullet found on a stretcher at parkland.
    also, a wound is noted on the anterior of john Kennedy’s neck.no exit for this wound.no bullet found.
    and finally, a wound on john Kennedy’s head. that’s it!
    can anyone explain these wounds?

    1. We have a clear location for thst back wound. Admiral Burkley’s death certificate places it at “about the level of the third thoracic vertebra” – too low to have emerged just below the Adams apple if travelling on a downward trajectory. This location is confirmed on JFK’s jacket and shirt. The bullet had only penetrated “a finger’s length”, and original thinking was that the bullet fell out during cardiac massage at Parkland. If there was indeed a preliminary investigation at Walter Reed, it was probably removed at and disposed of as being incompatible with LHO’s rifle.

  16. ‘Dawn’ by Leslie Charteris does give a touch of immutable destiny to the saga of JFK assassination.

  17. I was surprised to watch this week the first episode of 11/22/63. It’s a real blast to the past. Well done actually. But also infused with all the doubts of the Kennedy Mystery.

    George DeMorenchild appears in episode one. One of the actors says we now know for a fact the CIA recruited him to contact Oswald.

    President John F. Kennedy is shown speaking in Dallas after he was elected, and before he was assassinated.Nicely done.

    Of course, we all know we cannot change the past so we know where the story is headed.

    It is a very interesting and different take on a complex topic.

  18. Do you guys have any info on the medical cause of Oswald’s death? He lived two hours, so he was at the hospital, so he didn’t bleed to death. Looks like Ruby fired down, but a hole in the intestines, bad as it is, doesn’t kill people.

  19. Your contact email is now full and bounced back twice.

    I sent his query:

    My name is Dan Schneider and I am the founder and owner of the popular and influential arts website Cosmoetica. Here is a link: http://www.cosmoetica.com/. I have a Youtube series that interviews individuals and panels of people on the arts and sciences, called the Dan Schneider Video Interview: https://www.youtube.com/user/cosmoetica. In it and my written interview series, I have interviewed interesting and influential thinkers and creators such as Bishop John Shelby Spong, novelist Charles Johnson, philosopher Daniel Dennett, journalist Pete Hamill, cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, Desmond Morris, author of The Naked Ape, and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Charlie LeDuff, as well as panel discussions on major works of art and artists, and my interviews provide depth that harkens back to the days of David Susskind, Dick Cavett, WF Buckley, and Phil Donahue.

    I am wanting to do a show on the assassination, in light of Syrian war videos that show soldiers getting shot on camera, and head shots showing the head always travels in the direction with the bullet’s entry. I think this makes all the debunking of the Zapruder film, with nonsense about a shot from Oswald being the final kill shot. Clearly there was a 2nd shooter, although he may not have been working with Oswald. My belief is that Oswald was shooting off his mouth and the Mob found out of it and set him up, after he tried to connect with them, with a shooter in case he missed, hence why he was rubbed out by Ruby, to obfuscate things.

    As you’ve written on this topic, would you like to be a panelist?

    As I have many shows booked, already, we’d be looking at January thru March.

    Cosmoetica will go down as one of the most influential websites from the early Internet years, and easily the most influential in the arts. I hope you agree to be interviewed. If you agree, I can get things ready. The interviews require Internet, Skype on both ends- a free download, having a webcam so we can see you, and my little recording device.

    Please let me know if one of you would be interested in an interview. I think it might be mutually beneficial.


  20. D. E. Mitchell

    I am afraid Ladies and Gentlemen, that the time has come for Mr. Brugioni to come forward and produce an Affidavit or to be Deposed regarding events at NPIC regarding the “BIG EVENT,” especially from the night of the 22nd of Nov. thru the 25th of November, and “anything” regarding the “Z”film,; from that time or any other time. I can completely understand the respect and the relationship between Mr. Horne and Mr. Brugioni; but the time has come; in fact, it has almost past; for investigators with regard to the “Z” film ( as well as the Nix films and others) to be “honestly” interpreted. “If,” say, at that time, I “needed” footage of this nature to be “modified” to fit the Official Story, I would’ve taken it to Mr Brugioni’s Team at NPIC and “Hawkeye Works,” to do the enlargements, i.e: “modifications…especially re: the “sensitivity of the matter,” as well as the time frame. I personally disagree with Mr. Brugioni’s recollection as to the time frame. Mr. Brugioni’s team could only have received the film on the night/early morning of…22nd/23rd of November. Further: the “best qualified” to do the “work” itself on the “Z”film, was Mr. Brugioni’s team! Anyone disagree? Mr. Horne…any comments?

  21. I’m 66 years of age. I have numerous articles on JFK. I’ve been to Dallas and the 6th floor museum. I like many others still have questions. I’ve never seen this question asked.

    If Lee Harvey Oswald was a shooter, when and where did he practice prior to the shooting on that fateful morning? One just can’t get up in the morning and decide to shoot the President and go right to a perch and hit the President twice in the head and not have practiced. Many people go to shooting ranges to sharpen their skills. Why not Oswald? And if their was a conspiracy the other shooters would have had to practice also.

    1. good question. There are plenty of shooting ranges that could’ve came forward & said that Oswald was here. unless he practiced somewhere out in the middle of nowhere… but what is his alibi? who was he with? can they back him up? where was he BEFORE the shooting??? an answer just might help.

  22. Another thought – doesn’t the fact that the CIA withheld the fact of its assassination attempts on Castro from the WC, composed of supposedly men of the highest position and power in our elected government, and no one ever paid a price for that subterfuge prove that there is a shadow government more powerful than the one we elect?

  23. The recent death penalty verdict in the Boston terrorist attack got me thinking how closely the WC’s portrayal of Oswald was to Tsarnaev. Disaffected youth who chose an ideology that led to his hatred of all things America. While it is looks true in Tsarnaev’s case, is it in Oswald’s?

    Thr fact of matter is that a headline back in the days after the assassination could’ve read “President and his assassin in agreement with top political issues of the day.”

    If you look at Kennedy’s pursuit of detente with Russia since the Cuban missile crisis, his pursuit of rapprochement with Cuba (which he had made clear in the “anything is possible” speech on Cuba), and civil rights, Oswald would’ve supported all three. In fact, Kennedy was truly pursuing “fair play for Cuba” whether Oswald knew all the back channel stuff going on or not.

    You could say there were few in Dallas that day who, at least in theory, would’ve agreed more with JFK’s policies.

    The strange part is that those who Oswald had associated in the weeks and months prior to the assassination represented groups who were in disagreement with these policies. Namely GDM and the White Russians on detente and the DRE Cubans in NO on Cuba. If you want to throw in Guy Banister and David Ferrie, you have all three issues.

    Another strange angle in this very strange case.

  24. What is the most frustrating part of this case is the way the CIA, an intelligence agency supposedly under the direction of the president, has subverted the investigation to this day.

    Still living, key representatives of the Warren Commission, the HSCA and the ARRB are all in agreement that the agency stonewalled them on key facts that would’ve shed considerable light on the case and likely turned the investigation in another direction.

    That didn’t happen. And only the CIA knows why.

    It’s terrible that in a purported democracy a government intelligence agency, allegedly in the service of the people, can get away with this.

    Whatever theory you support, LN or CT, you would have to agree that as Americans we are entitled to the truth and nothing but the truth from the CIA in the assassination of a president.

    There would be outrage from the American public if they were fully aware of the CIA’s conduct in this case. But because the agency’s treachery has only been revealed in dribs and drabs over the years, mostly through heroic and meticulous research, that outrage has been effectively diluted.

    I fully expect to read how the CIA plotted the entire assassination while at a rest home when I’m 80. Because everyone else who was old enough to care will be dead. And that’s been the plan all along, IMO. To delay that day for as long possible so it will be like reading about Caesar’s death at the hands of Brutus to the current citizenry, with minimal repercussions to the national security state.

    1. It appears the President is under the direction of the CIA, so who’s really behind the CIA? I get really frustrated with the subject myself. It all get’s so deep, with much disinformation and distraction. Call me paranoid but I think that’s part of a plan (see Operation Mockingbird here). Prior to roughly 2012 I bought 2 or 3 books and magazines each fall on the subject for many years. I read some on the internet for several years before ever posting. I’m no expert or researcher but I still find nuggets of knowledge (to me) from time to time. This is encouraging and I thank those responsible. For example I just discovered last week people were citing Dr. Peter Dale Scott 40 years ago, before the HSCA! This info was out there in a book, but I had never read it. I’m waiting on my copy of “Where Angel’s Tread Lightly” by John Newman. I may not live to see it but if the ultimate Truth ever comes out, through the work of many, that’s Democracy in action from the ground roots level. Even if it’s “just” History. Maybe someone will learn from it.

  25. Nate Burnham

    I don’t see any discussion here of NOMENCLATURE OF AN ASSASSINATION CABAL
    by William Torbitt. It seems to me to be an obvious goose-chase of disinformation badly written by Angleton himself or possibly his Lil Buddy, Rocca. What do you experts think?

  26. The 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination is upon us. It would be very interesting to compare the two assasinations. Justice prevailed in 1865.

    In a very short span of time 3 month or so Boothe was dead and the other conspirators were tried in the courts and put to death. There was not then or now any mystery as to who committed the crime.

    It was also a very perilous time in U S history as the Civil War was just within days of ending. Yet justice prevailed.

    The Assasination of John F. Kennedy is still an unsolved murder in many people’s minds for good reason.

  27. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Shenon is just muddering the waters. He kept stumbling on to how much evidence was hidden from the WC — and specifically, from David Slawson— as if the Lopez Report doesn’t exist. He recycled David Berlin´s hypothesis without a single clue. He stopped at the point that the HSCA did not believe that LHO voiced a threat against JFK to Cuban officials, leaving the reader in the dark since the HSCA clearly concluded that even if the threat was actually voiced, it shouldn’t have been taken seriously, “since Oswald had behaved in an argumentative and obnoxious fashion”. On the contrary, Shenon metamorphosed that outburst into an assassination plan and keeps on spinning around the fact that Jack Childs´report didn’t reached the WC, overlooking that Hoover reported it to Rankin and wasn’t thrilled by it just for the same reason apprehended by HSCA. He wonders what Silvia Duran might reveal, as if she wouldn’t have been harshly interrogated by the Mexican police (with copy to the CIA and the FBI), thoroughly debriefed by HSCA and always considered as adamant in the key facts. His book opens actually with a dubious quote from Marina Oswald before telling the story of Charles William Thomas, which is really unnerving, because Thomas should have been a raving mad for giving credit to Elena Garro´s crazy story on Oswald. In brief, Shenon is still standing at the WC traffic light as if the most rigorous investigations wouldn’t have passed yet beyond that point.

  28. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Shenon has perpetrated a cruel and shocking act by keeping Oswald as the sole JFK killer and bringing Castro as the solution for the WC’s problem on LHO’s credible motive. His solution is actually the biggest CIA backstops in the history of the assassination.
    Shenon dared to revive the totally debunked story given by Elena Garro about seeing LHO at a “twist party” with Sylvia Duran, the Mexican employee at the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City that Garro turned into a Castro agent. Her story also included the well-known red-haired Cuban referred by David A. Phillips’ asset Gilberto Alvarado.
    Shenon story also fell apart under elementary scrutiny. He simply avoided or bypassed the findings of the Lopez Report. There is neither a single quantum of proof nor a good argument to involve Castro in the assassination, while the CIA has neither produced a single photo of LHO entering or exiting the under photo surveillance Cuban Consulate, although there was six chances to take one, nor a single tape of LHO talking by phone, although there are five CIA transcripts of taped phone calls involving LHO. The list of conspiracy facts by the CIA could go on and on.
    Shenon is simply continuing in Phillips’ footsteps and covering his trail by cutting out the intel that would reveal those steps. The last straw of his nonsensical approach is foisting on the twist party the main purpose of winding LHO up to kill Kennedy… with Elena Garro there!

  29. Where are the x-rays that were taken at Parkland on November 23rd?
    Who read the x rays?
    When did they leave with JFK going back to Washington DC? and How?
    Where ever the President travels his Medical file goes with him, it never appeared in Dallas that day, Why?
    Where the military medical authorities in Dallas that day?
    Could there have been tow different people playing after the landed at Love Field?

  30. The world held it’s breath in anticipation of the Paris Peace Summit which was scheduled for May 14-17, 1960. The US, France, the USSR and Britain were all scheduled to attend attend the Paris meeting. World Peace was their objective. Unfortunately, the long reach of the CIA cleverly and stealthily snatched that opportunity away from the World on May 1, 1960. That was the day that CIA Head, Allen Dulles, directed that a U2 spy-plane over-fly the Soviet Union in defiance of President Eisenhower’s order that these missions be stopped. Ike had declared a Nationwide “Peace Crusade” to coincide with Soviet Premier Kruschev’s 12 day visit to the US in September of 1959. Ike didn’t want the fat fingers of the CIA creating any problems with the Peace process considering the high stakes that hung in the balance. However, many powerful, wealthy groups, in and out of the US Government, were against detente with any and all Communists. Mainland China and North Korea had been lost to the Soviet Bloc and continued to be sore points with the Military and the far-right. Influential people wanted their Cuban assets returned and Democracy restored to that island Nation after Fidel Castro had seized power. Big Oil and big business (yes, the Military/Industrial complex) stood to lose $Billions if Eisenhower continued his pursuit of peace. The super-power’s Peace Summit was arranged to take place in Paris in just 2 weeks. Eisenhower and Kruschev were yearning to end the Cold War and begin working toward “peaceful co-existence”. Following this path could cost military contractors additional $Billions. Moreover, many hard-line groups and individuals from both sides – Capitalists and Communists – were furiously expounding on their philosophical and ideological differences, which they argued should curtail the very idea of Peace talks between the Super Powers. The Dulles’ directed CIA flight and it’s shootdown over Sverdlovsk brought an abrupt halt to any chance of Peace being discussed in Paris. Was it just coincidence that Dulles defied Eisenhower to create such this tragic result? Pilot/CIA contractor Gary Powers went to his grave swearing that his May 1st flight had been sabotaged in advance by the CIA. Documents, cameras, cyanide and identification papers along with other evidence was found hidden in the spyplane; Powers testified that it had been planted. Such provenance was strictly prohibited on spy missions. It’s discovery would justify immediate and summary execution by his Russian captors. Powers swore that the evidence had been planted in order to give the KGB exactly what they needed to prove that the US had been spying on the Soviet Union – A profound violation at the time. Kruschev did go to Paris but not for Peace Talks. He flew in for the opportunity to call a world-wide press conference and dramatically announce, that “Eisenhower had lost control of the US Government and that Allen Dulles and the CIA were now running things in America”. Ike had been deceived and flummoxed. Dulles was indeed calling the shots – just as he would as the de facto head of the Warren Commission 4 years later. All this took place just 14 days before the Paris Peace Summit may have directed the United States and the Soviet Union on a path towards peace. Do Dulles’s actions of May 1, 1960 resonate with those studying the events of November 22, 1963? You decide.

  31. May of 1960 represented the 6 month anniversary of Lee Oswald’s meeting with Richard Snyder, the Senior Consular Official at the American Embassy in Moscow. Coincidentally, Snyder was also responsible for monitoring Soviet reaction to the U2 program. “I want to defect to Russia” Lee told Snyder. “The Soviets will be glad to have me considering the valuable information I possess pertaining to our U2 spy plane program”. Keep in mind that both men were aware the US Embassy in Moscow was bugged and they were being recorded. Lee then advised Snyder that he wanted to denounce his American citizenship and become a Soviet citizen. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Lee encountered the only red tape that he would experience on his well-documented trip from New Orleans to Moscow. He had obtained passports and visas in record time, been greeted by Mayors, stayed in deluxe hotels, been wined, dined, interviewed and indulged like a visiting Pasha, and now, a delay. He would have to cool his heels for the weekend while the citizenship question was run up the ladder. Monday morning, bright and early, Snyder handed Lee the desired Soviet residence Visa and wished him luck; Whispering, “we’re not going to allow you to renounce your American citizenship Lee, if you do that – you won’t be eligible to re-enter the United States” Interesting point! Lee found employment at a radio and TV factory in Minsk (receiving the same salary as the factory foreman), a management level living arrangement and plenty of dates with compliant KGB consorts. Oswald had been trained as a radar operator at the CIA’s Pacific headquarters located at the huge Atsugi Naval Air base. He was well versed in the U2 spy program, the exact altitude at which the planes flew over the Soviet Union, their radio codes, the frequencies they squawked and the geographic locations in Russia that the CIA planned on photographing. Considering the still primitive nature of Russian radar in 1960, Oswald was offering precisely the information that could help the KGB and Soviet military take down a U2. Is it possible that a man this valuable would have been allowed to defect to the Soviet Union? Not unless America’s top intelligence operatives supported the move. Were the Soviets suspicious of America’s motives? Why would the Office of Naval Intelligence and CIA allow – this Marine radar operator who was fluent in Russian, fresh from Atsugi and up to date on the US spy plane program – to defect to Russia? The answer is clear; Hardliners from both sides had the same goal; Maneuver around and past Ike and Nikita, the 19th century grey beards and let’s get it on! Part 2 of 3

  32. It’s wonderful to find so many well-informed and articulate folks shining their light into the dark areas where America was dragged on November 22, 1963. Fifty one years later, does anyone doubt that our Executive Branch is NOT being controlled by the President; Especially in light of the 11/7/14 announcement that the number of ground troops in the Mid-East is being doubled? Obama pledged “no more boots” but echoes of the shots that rang out in Dealey Plaza still resonate within those who would dare to stand in the way of “the beast”. Doubt at your peril. Compelling clues to rising turmoil in our government surfaced in May 1960. The US, Britain, France and the Soviets were scheduled to get together in Paris on May 14, 1960. This Summit was viewed optimistically amongst many; both East & West, who were seeking an end to the Cold War. To this end, President Eisenhower ordered the CIA to cease and desist all U2 overflights of the Soviet Union immediately. These flights were aggravating the Russians and Ike didn’t want anything to derail an opportunity to thaw relations with the Soviets. Unfortunately, Ike was being blatantly sabotaged by a fifth column within his own government. The Chiefs of Staff, notwithstanding the Yalta agreement, still held Ike in disdain for diverting the Allied drive on Berlin in 1945 and letting the Ivans occupy the German capital. The Chiefs and the fully operational CIA were itching to engage the Communists somewhere on the world’s stage using the military superiority that our U2 missions had confirmed. On May 1, 1960, in utter defiance of Ike’s order, the CIA sent a Lockheed U2 out of Peshawar on a spy run over Russia. The craft went down over Sverdlovsk and plans for a US/Soviet warm-up went down with it. Kruschev was skewered by Russian hard-liners who had warned him against getting cozy with the West. Ultimately, Nikita did go to Paris but only to extract a pound of flesh from the Americans. In a widely publicized harangue, Kruschev railed against US lies and trickery. Then, spectacularly, the Russian Premier put full blame, for the US overflights and the undermining of the Summit meeting, on Allen Dulles and the CIA!!! Kruschev informed the world that Eisenhower had lost control of his Government and that domestic zealots were now calling the shots in the United States. After humiliating Ike and the USA, Kruschev and his delegation flew home. The peace initiative had failed, the likelihood of confrontation had increased and militants on both sides were ecstatic. Part 1 of 3

  33. Gosh I’d love to believe that Lee Oswald was a lone nut. I mean I’d absolutely swoon if someone could present a logical scenario in which Oswald alone was responsible for Kennedy’s murder. It would mean that all the lying and covering up that our Government did in the wake of the assassination was totally innocent. I can’t possibly convey the absolute joy it would bring me and every other American who suspects conspiracy. For starters, just a believable motive as to why Oswald would want to kill a President that he had proclaimed admiration for would bring me tremendous peace of mind. An honest explanation as to why President Johnson didn’t allow an independent investigation into the murder but insisted on personally appointing his own panel would also be appreciated. Folks like myself who are convinced that JFK was killed as the result of a domestic conspiracy are, for the most part, patriotic Americans. We love our Country but are upset that the Democratic process was hijacked and allowed to stand by our Government. After living through the assassination as a young adult and staying informed throughout the investigative process, it was troubling to witness the way our Country was changed by the administration that benefitted from the murder. In addition, the lies and covering up that accompanied the crime led to profound distrust in the Government and tremendous turmoil in our Country for the next 15 years. Many younger researchers aren’t aware of how bitter the anti-war demonstrations, riots and college campus shootings actually were. Can anyone tell me why Lee Oswald killed Kennedy and why a mafia enforcer, whose bosses hated Kennedy, then killed Lee. We conspiracy theorists are generally reasonable, pragmatic, open minded types who’ve come to our conclusions after considerable research. Any facts or even theories that lone gunman types can pass along to argue their case would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Let’s agree that Oswald did purchase one of World War II’s least accurate and most unreliable rifles for his assassination attempt; And that he ordered it by mail using his standard alias and leaving a conspicuous paper trail – instead of visiting a local Dallas gun shop and buying a more appropriate rifle, anonymously. Throw out those FBI tests proving Oswald didn’t fire a rifle on 11/22; Stop asking why this Marine rifleman passed up opportunities to shoot when JFK’s limo was approaching him head-on and again when it was directly below him, turning awkwardly onto Elm St; Ignore Officer Marion Baker’s account that he “pulled his motorcycle over in front of the Book Depository at the first rifle crack, pushed through the front door and ran up a single flight of stairs to find Oswald calmly drinking a soda in the lunchroom” – exactly where secretary Carolyn Arnold had seen him eating lunch just 5 minutes earlier. Disregard Oswald’s lack of motive, vehement denial of complicity and compelling assertion of being “just the Patsy”: As well as his repeated requests for legal representation, which was denied him; Ignore Deputy Sheriff’s Roger Craig, Eugene Boone and Seymour Weitzman’s positive identification of the rifle found on the 6th floor of the TBD as a 7.65 Mauser; Not the Mannlicher with the paper trail; Don’t ask how three bullets accounted for a shot that caused 7 separate wounds in Kennedy and Connolly, another shot that missed, one that went through the windshield, one that dented the windshield frame, a shot that hit the curb and cut the cheek of a bystander, a slug that Deputy Buddy Walthers picked up and handed to an FBI agent and a shot that hit and killed the President; Don’t question why the Secret Service sanitized the limo when it arrived at Parkland or why LBJ immediately had it shipped out of Dallas and rebuilt. It was a crime scene chock full of prima facie evidence of who shot John and where the shots came from – but wouldn’t it have been disrespectful not to tidy up? Forget the Zfilm too; It shows the kill shot pushing the President up, back and left. A bullet from behind would have to defy Newton’s third law of Motion to cause a reaction like that so let’s call it a neurospasm. A lot of folks on the knoll heard and felt bullets whizzing by them and smelled gunsmoke but let’s write that off to Dealey Plaza’s configuration. Railroad worker Lee Bower described men behind the fence on the knoll firing at the limo when it slowed down in front of them; And some ask why the limo slowed down sooooo much that Agent Hill was able to jump off the follow car and catch JFK’s limo, On Foot? Be kind to those who suckle their talking points from the udder of the beast. The beast is a cruel and unforgiving master and doesn’t belong in a Democracy.

  35. The Warren Commission was given no investigative power. They couldn’t even bring the patsy’s killer back to Washington – where Ruby had promised to tell everything he knew about the case. Do you believe that??? The Commish had to rely exclusively on information provided to them by Hoover and the CIA; Agencies that the Kennedy’s considered to be their mortal enemies. Hoover ordered his FBI investigators to stand down before JFK was even in the ground. Then, Dick Helms replaced Dick Whitten, who was leading the CIA’s investigation, with James Angleton – after Whitten complained that Oswald’s file was being witheld from him. Not only that but Allen Dulles, who JFK kicked out of Government, was the defacto head of the Commish. The odd but revealing appointment of Allen Dulles to the Commission investigating JFK’s death WAS NEVER MENTIONED BY THE MEDIA. Dulles was the only member who attended every meeting of the WC. As more and more prima facie witnesses met peculiar deaths, Commission members realized they were nothing more than a cast of Blue Ribbon Suckas. They rolled right over and handed up the pre-determined conclusion; That: “A guy eating lunch on the 2nd floor killed Kennedy from the 6th floor. Then Al Capone’s former driver killed that guy. They were both lone nuts.” Some WC members spent the rest of their days filled with self loathing – some were happy. There’s nothing new in my rant. If you didn’t already know the facts you wouldn’t be at this site. Denying that there was a coup d’ etat makes it easier for another one to occur. Apparently that’s what the contrarians, who want to keep this story locked into an argument strictly about what happened during 8 seconds in Dallas, who attended the autopsy or what people were would like. People who should know better get distracted by that ploy. Let’s clear Oswald’s name and get the real story into our Public School’s history books. That would be a good start. In the meantime, maybe we could convince the folks who run this site that just because a contributor knows a guy who knows a guy who was on a committee or is related to someone who wrote a book or thinks he met Oswald in the 50’s – shouldn’t guarantee his posts get front of the site status. (Just kidding fellas)

  36. Yes, I wasn’t surprised to learn that CIA Republicans like George Bush (the elder) along with others were complicit in President Kennedy’s assassination. Practically from the day it happened I believed that it was an ‘inside job.’

    Whether or not the Republicans were set up to be the ‘patsy’–by LBJ who’s long has been suspected as the main perpetrator of this heinous crime–is almost a moot point. This I say because they, Republicans, were involved whether they were set up or not.

    And of course, though I know I don’t need to remind anyone in this forum but I’ll say it anyhow, President Kennedy’s assassination does remain an unsolved murder. So President Kennedy was a murder victim like all other victims of the crime of murder.

    Thank you.

    Kathy Caudle
    Salt Lake City, UT, U.S.A.

  37. In an effort to cooperate and discover the truth, let’s agree that Oswald purchased one of World War II’s least accurate and most unreliable rifles for his assassination attempt; And ordered it by mail, using his standard alias and leaving a conspicuous paper trail – instead of visiting a local Dallas gun shop and buying a more appropriate rifle, anonymously. We’ll ignore those FBI tests proving Oswald didn’t fire a rifle on 11/22; And won’t ask why this Marine rifleman passed up opportunities to shoot at JFK’s limo when it was approaching him head-on and again when it was directly below him, turning awkwardly onto Elm St; Overlook Officer Marion Baker’s account that he “pulled his motorcycle over in front of the Book Depository at the first rifle crack, pushed through the front door and ran up a single flight of stairs to find Oswald calmly drinking a soda in the lunchroom” – exactly where secretary Carolyn Arnold had seen him eating lunch just 5 minutes earlier. Disregard Oswald’s lack of motive, his vehement denial of complicity and compelling assertion of being “just the Patsy”; As well as his repeated requests for legal representation, which was denied him; Ignore Deputy Sheriff’s Roger Craig, Eugene Boone and Seymour Weitzman’s positive identification of the rifle found on the 6th floor of the TBD as a 7.65 Mauser; Not the Mannlicher with the paper trail; Let’s accept that three bullets accounted for a shot that caused 7 separate wounds in Kennedy and Connolly, another shot that missed, one that went through the windshield, one that dented the windshield frame, a shot that hit the curb and cut the cheek of a bystander, a slug that Deputy Buddy Walthers picked up and handed to an FBI agent and a shot that hit and killed the President; Don’t question why the Secret Service sanitized the limo when it arrived at Parkland or why LBJ immediately had it shipped out of Dallas and rebuilt. It was a crime scene chock full of prima facie evidence of who shot John and where the shots came from – it would have been disrespectful not to tidy it up! Forget the Zfilm too; It shows the kill shot pushing the President up, back and left. A bullet from behind would have to defy Newton’s third law of Motion to cause a reaction like that so let’s call it a neurospasm. A lot of folks on the knoll heard and felt bullets whizzing by them and smelled gunsmoke but that’s due to Dealey Plaza’s strange configuration. Railroad worker Lee Bowers described men behind the fence on the knoll firing at the limo when it slowed down in front of them; It slowed down sooooo much that Agent Hill was able to jump off the follow car and catch up to JFK’s limo, ON FOOT! Please be kind to those who suckle their talking points from the udder of the beast. The beast continues to grow and is a cruel master.

    1. This post is so full of conspiracy factoids that I’ll pass up debunking each and every one.

      But just to pick one at random:

      Ignore Deputy Sheriff’s Roger Craig, Eugene Boone and Seymour Weitzman’s positive identification of the rifle found on the 6th floor of the TBD as a 7.65 Mauser; Not the Mannlicher with the paper trail;

      Tom Alyea filmed the recovery of the rifle. It’s a Mannlicher-Carcano.



      1. Thanks for reading my post. I promised myself not to respond to questions that lock discussion of what was obviously a coup d’etat into narrow aspects of the conspiracy. However, for the record: the Mauser was the first rifle found and photographed. There is film of 3 different rifles being found in the Book Depository. The Mauser was the first. The three deputies found it on the 6th floor and attested to it’s being a 7.65 Mauser. The media reported the rifle as being a Mauser for the first 6 hours after Kennedy was shot. Once Dick Helms realized the media was reporting a Mauser and that Oswald’s paper trail led to a Mannlicher the story was changed and our media fell into line. There’s plenty of film on that also. Quite revealing, I believe. You can find film proving or disproving anything you’d like relating to the assassination. If it doesn’t exist, I’m sure it can be whipped up pretty quickly. Incidentally, I visited the Book Depository before access to the so-called sniper’s window started being denied to the public. The very low window sill, vertical heat pipe which blocks the window and the huge higway sign, combined with the tremendous foliage, precludes any possibility that even the finest sharpshooter/contortionist could make any kind of accurate shot. It’s obvious to me and to many others that the kill shot came from the front. I don’t expect to change your mind and I respect your opinion. My objective is to convince students and young historians, who didn’t live through the era, to research and study this entire sordid episode before drawing a conclusion as to how and why John Kennedy was murdered.

  38. Can’t we all just get along? Let’s concede that Oswald purchased one of World War II’s least accurate, most unreliable rifles for his assassination attempt; And agree that he bought the rifle via mail order, using his standard alias and leaving a conspicuous paper trail instead of visiting a local gun shop and purchasing a cheaper, better rifle, anonymously. Ignore those FBI tests which proved negative for Oswald’s having fired a rifle on 11/22; as well as those showing that the brown paper wrapping in which he stashed his Mannlicher never held a rifle. Disregard that this Marine sharpshooter passed up ideal opportunities to shoot while his prey was approaching him head-on and again when his quarry was directly below him, awkwardly turning onto Elm St; Omit Officer Marion Baker’s account that he “pulled his motorcycle over in front of the Book Depository at the first rifle crack, pushed through the front door and ran up a single flight of stairs to find Oswald calmly drinking a soda in the lunchroom” – exactly where secretary Carolyn Arnold had seen him eating just 5 minutes earlier. Ignore Oswald’s absolute lack of motive, his vehement denial of the act and his odd but compelling assertion that he was “just a Patsy”. Disregard his repeated requests for legal representation which were all denied. Don’t create embarrassment for the three Deputy Sheriffs, Roger Craig, Eugene Boone and Seymour Weitzman who all positively identified the rifle they found on the 6th floor of the book depository as a 7.65 Mauser; Not the Mannlicher with the paper trail. Don’t ask how three bullets accounted for one shot that caused 7 separate wounds in Kennedy and Connolly, a shot that missed, one that went straight through the windshield, another that created a deep dent in the windshield frame, a shot that hit the curb, one that cut the cheek of bystander James Tague, a slug that Deputy Buddy Walthers picked up and handed to an FBI agent and a shot that hit and killed the President; Forget about the cleaning that Secret Service agents gave the Presidential Limo after it arrived at Parkland and don’t mention LBJ’s ordering the vehicle out of Dallas’ Police jurisdiction and off to Detroit to be dismantled and rebuilt. A lost crime scene full of prima facie evidence could create problems for the Secret Service when they were simply tidying up the limo’s interior. Forget the Zfilm too; It shows the kill shot hitting the President in the right front temple and pushing him up, back and to his left. For a bullet from behind to create that reaction it would have to defy Newton’s third law of Motion. Let’s agree that a neurospasm pre-empted classical physics and caused Kennedy’s reaction. Put aside other curiosities as well: Folks on the knoll who heard and felt bullets whizzing over and alongside their heads: Railroad worker Lee Bower’s who heard gunfire and saw and smelled gunsmoke as two men behind the fence on the knoll fired at Kennedy’s car when it slowed down in front of them; And don’t ask why the Limo slowed soooo much that Agent Cliff Hill was able to jump off his follow car and catch JFK’s limo on foot. Ignore Jackie’s recollection of Lyndon’s tantrum in the President’s hotel room the morning of 11/22 because Jack wouldn’t honor Johnson’s insistence that his friend John Connolly be omitted from JFK’s car; And for Heaven’s sake, don’t mention Lyndon’s dropping to the floor of his limo as it entered Dealey Plaza – where he stayed for the duration “tuning the radio”. There’s much more of course but be kind. The unenlightened have suckled all their knowledge of the crime from the udder of the ruling class that killed their President. The truth would devastate them.

    1. Bruce…. I commend you. Every word typed I know to be the truth. It’s infuriating that after so long we are still having this ridiculous debate and the likes of LBJ has a Presidential museum! It’s the crime of the century and a stinking disgrace that it’s still covered up today. I hope every single person involved then and still today rot in hell and their families for they must pay for what they did to the world on 22/11/63.

  39. What you need to know about the Warren Commission is that all of it’s members were hand picked by the only person on the planet who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to both greenlight the Kennedy assassination and cover it up afterwards. Whatsmore, the only evidence considered by the Commission was gathered, examined, censored and approved in advance by J. Edgar Hoover, the underling and long time crony of the main suspect in the crime. Finally, understand that the commission’s members well understood that their reputations, careers and very lives depended on them reaching one conclusion; That a lone nut had killed the President and that no one else – specifically the new President, the most powerful man in the free world, had a damn thing to do with it

  40. The “who and why” of the Kennedy assassination is crystal clear to anyone who knows and understands post WWII US history and has researched and studied the crime to any degree. For those with common sense and a logical mind it’s foolish and counterproductive to even engage in arguments with the “lone nut” fringe. You’ll accomplish just as much by debating extraterrestrials with your 95 year old Uncle Lou. More important, at this point, is to determine the who and the why of those who continue to believe the “two lone nuts” conspiracy that the Warren Commission fabricated. These are the same folks who had “Our Country, Right or Wrong” bumper sticker on their car during the Viet Nam War. People who simply refuse to accept that their Country has flaws. They ignore and denigrate an Ed Snowdens rather that give even a minute of their time to listening. When the CIA was caught red-handed just a few months ago eavesdropping on a Senate Sub-Committee hearing, they and our own news media treated it as if the nice boy next door had broken a window with his slingshot – boys will be boys, a prank,not a big deal. Statistics about the USA’s infant mortality rate or our last place ranking in student’s math and science scores are tsk tsk’d at and dis-regarded. You can predict with 100% accuracy the conclusions that any assassination book or documentary is going to reach by reading the first few sentences on the dust cover or listening to the introduction. Let’s stop casting our pearls before swine and instead determine how to prevent another Lyndon Johnson from launching another coup d’ etat in our Country or it may happen again within the next 50 years.

  41. If Jfk murder in plain daylight hasn’t been solved, it likely will not be solved.

    But, if anyone is likely to know who, or have bits of relevant information, corraborated, or not, time is running out for those you may wish to reveal any data, however small, or insignificant, in this epic whodoneit, that it seems illogical 50 years hence to keep a lid on it, in the hope that someone near death would want to disclose what may have been kept secret for far too long.

    Any chance to uncover the relevant pieces of this jigsaw puzzle may already be past, but if not, why not invite anyone to contribute, anonymously, or not?

    Surely, someone must know something that has not yet been revealed, or it would not still be a mystery of speculation.

  42. Chris Kanyane

    Listen, Mr Heymann gave the best of the backside of the Kennedys. Your schizophrenic attacks on Mr Heymann amounts to nothing. The world out there dont care about your bean counting criticism on his golden works. If by this time you have not figured it out that Mr Heymann was writing grey (not black and white, but a mixture of both) then you are not a good literary expert as you position yourself.

    Kind regards

  43. Fifty years on, most of the key intimate friends/witnesses to Oswald’s life are gone. Over those years there has been much speculation as to the Warren Commission testimony and statements of Marina Oswald, and whether she was coerced/intimidated/befriended into saying what the FBI and others around her wanted (that LHO likely did it); and how her view of her late husband’s character and life has evolved since then (that he was innocent).
    It would be fascinating for JFK Facts to interview Marina on the key areas which have dogged researchers about Oswald’s life. And will she ever write a candid book laying bare the truth, unlike CIA asset Priscilla Johnson’s “Marina & Lee”? Marina may now have the maturity, confidence and perspective to put aside ego, fear and self-doubt, and pen the definitive record for herself, her daughters, their families, for Lee, and for history.

    1. Dave that’s a great point I will say that with the web and especially YouTube it is very likely that most of the information needed to make a solid determination on the assassination of JFK is available and more and more is being posted all the time.
      Further I believe we are better served not having to deal with half truths speculation and hidden agendas by those who knew LHO i.e. Robert Oswald.
      There is more than enough evidence available to draw a solid conclusion keep plugging away Dave!

  44. Stephen M. Maurer

    The statistical argument for the Grassy Knoll depends on the assumption that each observer reports what s/he heard in complete isolation from every other witness and also everything the society has written and said about the assassination ever since. Everything we know about the psychology of crowds and also memory says that this assumption is completely wrong.

    Suppose that the acoustics of Dealey Plaza focused the echoes at the knoll. Then the observations would be correct, but the inference that there was a conspiracy would still be wrong.

    Suppose instead that one policeman made an error and started running to the grassy knoll as soon as the shots rang out. Then other people followed him. Then a lot of witnesses took the rush as a cue that “yes, that’s where the sound came from.”

    Suppose instead that memories have been bombarded with grassy knoll journalism for the past fifty years to the point where they have been rewritten.

    In all of these cases there would be a weak original observation — the mistake — amplified by 50 additional observations that are not independent at all.

    My point is not to disprove the grassy knoll hypothesis — though I have to admit that the idea of two shooters seems very hard to implement — so much as to say that statistics don’t enter into it. The 51 observations are so tangled together that there is really only one event to study. So we can study the one event and argue what did or didn’t happen. But without independent observations, we really have no business invoking statistics.

    Stephen M. Maurer
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Goldman School of Public Policy
    Berkeley, California

    1. Witnesses would be more likely to state they heard shots from the TSBD because within hours of the assassination that is what was broadcast to the public via radio and TV. If there is any crowd bias it would have been toward the TSBD, and not toward the Knoll.

      In fact, the ear witnesses who were most likely to be confused were the ones who singled out the TSBD. It would have been much more difficult to discriminate between the TSBD and say the DalTex or Criminal Records Building.

      Here is a good example.

      James Altgens was an AP Photographer on the south side of Elm street across from the Knoll.

      On the day of the assassination, in an Associated Press dispatch Mr. Algens said the following…

      “At first I thought the shots came from the opposite side of the street. I ran over there to see if I could get some pictures

      However, several days later he said that he now knows the shots came from the TSBD.

      1. The FBI, to whom Johnson gave complete jurisdiction for the case (through Hoover) convinced a lot of people that they were mistaken in their belief that the shots came from behind the fence on top of the grassy knoll. You’ve managed to uncover the reason this case is still being hotly debated 51 years later. Conicidentally, people who were unable to be convinced that the shots came from the TSBD and spoke publicly about what they had witnessed met early deaths under a wide variety of peculiar circumstances. As Yogi might say; “you could look it up.”

    2. Suppose instead that one policeman made an error and started running to the grassy knoll as soon as the shots rang out.

      Actually, that’s what Clyde Haygood, a motorcycle officer, did.

      It was not “as soon as the shots rang out,” but perhaps a minute later. But nobody was running up to the Knoll before Haygood did, and when he did, a whole crowd followed him.

      1. He was not the only officer who ran up the knoll or heard shots from there, see Jeff’s thread on 21 cops who heard a shot from the grassy knoll. Let’s just ignore the people on that side of the street who heard shots over their shoulder or head, some who ducked or dove for the ground. Just like the Warren Fairy Tale did.

        1. He was not the only officer who ran up the knoll or heard shots from there,

          He was the first.

          Jeff’s supposed 21 officers include many (a majority of them, apparently) who did not hear shots from the Knoll, but rushed into the Plaza after the shooting.

          Some were told by witnesses that the shots came “from the bushes” (or such) and some were probably just following Haygood or other people who were following Haygood.

          1. Pat,

            He didn’t really “rush up the Knoll.” He got off his motor, and went over to the north side of Elm Street, but didn’t run up the slope.

      2. Haygood’s actions can be interpreted different ways. If I were one of the civilians present that day near the picket fence (grassy knoll), my first reaction would NOT be to run up and take a look if I thought shots came from there, particularly if I were unarmed. My first reaction would be to hit the deck! Running up towards a shooter could be extremely dangerous. But if a cop ran up there, perhaps that would give the curious bystanders some sense of safety and follow him.

      3. Actually, an officer responsible for holding up traffic as the motorcade rounded Elm Street, said a woman came running up to him shouting, “They are shooting the President from the bushes.” The officer said he too thought the shots were being fired from the bushes down by the overpass and he ran to the spot hopping over the fence. He encountered a man who identified himself as “Secret Service.

  45. I would like to contribute however the indiegogo website must not be set up right – I can’t find out how to contribute.

  46. LOCATION OF LHO PASSPORT Do you know if all the pages of his passport are posted on-line? Do you know where the diary is now located?

    Not always but customarily Mexican immigration will stamp the date on the passport when a person enters and/or leaves the country. When re-entering the u.s. the stamp is usually made only on request.

    The stamp is not always on a sequential page so to find whether or not the Mexican or U.S. authorities stamped the LHO passport it would be necessary to see all pages.

  47. In BEST EVIDENCE, David Lifton reproduces a schematic of Air Force One that had previously been included in Manchester’s DEATH OF A PRESIDENT. Lifton’s scenario has conspirators removing JFK’s body from the Dallas casket, to be subjected to post-mortem surgery in order to alter the wounds.
    The schematic/floorplan of AF1 shows only the main level, and I’ve had a devil of a time finding any more in-depth ‘maps’ of the airplane, especially as to its configuration during the events of 22 November 1963.
    How would people on the ‘main’ deck gain access to the cargo deck below? The Manchester/Lifton map doesn’t show any stairwells up/down. Do the forward- and aft-galleys have elevator access to the lower deck?
    As important as it is to know exactly how Oswald is presumed to have gotten from the 6th floor sniper’s nest down to the 2nd floor lunchroom in 90 seconds — the exact route that he must have taken in order to do the murder and then be seen by the Officer Baker and Roy Truly a minute and a half later — it is equally important to know the exact possible layout of that other probable crime scene: for, surely, sneaking the “best evidence” — the yet-to-be-autopsied corpse of the murdered President — out of his casket in order to tamper with that evidence, makes Air Force One itself a crime scene.
    There are different theories floated about by those who believe, as I do, that the post-mortem “surgery” did in fact happen, as to exactly HOW and WHEN the traitors removed the body from the casket, and WHERE they maneuvered it. I suspect that the aft galley (in the Secret Service area, where the casket had been placed) had some means of accessing the lower cargo deck, enabling them to smuggle the body down to the “basement” of the plane, where the conspirator traitors in the Secret Service could then sneak the “luggage” towards the forward part of the plane… where, after landing at Andrews AFB, it could be brought back up to the main deck via the forward galley and off-loaded from the right/front exit to that mysterious awaiting Army helicopter mentioned by Lifton.
    Exactly how many people were on AF1 during the Dallas-to-Washington flight? How many of them were Secret Service? If Charles Colson, during the Nixon presidency, could speak of CIA infiltration of the White House Secret Service detail (mentioned in COUP D’ETAT IN AMERICA), isn’t it probable that the CIA had agents in Kennedy’s detail a decade earlier?
    To sum up: A more-detailed schematic of Kennedy’s AF1 should be added to any JFK website, since Dealey Plaza wasn’t the only crime scene on 22 November 1963.

    Let Justice be done, though the heavens fall…

  48. Why after fifty years no one has pressed for the truth. The American people must demand the answers, the presidents that have followed either have covered it up or not have to perseverance for the truth. Those presidents who have not pressed for the truth were democrats, and those who covered it up were republicans, thus those who conspired the assassination are still at the control of the presidents elected , thats bullshit.

  49. I have never believed that OSwald could have carried out the assassination of a U.S. President without any other help in high places. While your theory about the CIA may not be accurate, nevertheless, I beleive the murder of President Kennedy was orchestrated by those from within the U.S. Gov’t, perhaps aided by others. I further believe that if the truth about President Kennedy’s death, along with those of Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and even Malcom X was revealed it would usher in anarchy and the total dismantling of the fabric of this country.

  50. Remington fireball xp-100 shot kennedy
    the guy that claimed to be shoter wasn’t
    shotter died in wa on valientnes day no I wont tell you the year
    his friend fbi agent gave him a 357 mag to protect him self
    fbi agent will call bill and yes he was his good friend
    the guy with umberall was in it he didn’t even bother to change color of suit
    they shot a doe in texas 2 weeks before to see what the bullit would do
    Oswald tried to stop it but could not find shotter
    the man that made ammo is dead
    depudie sheriff in elcampo tx new what was going on Mitchell
    never give a kid a round of ammo if you don’t want it to bite you in the ass

  51. It is pretty impossible for one English observer to track through the Augean flood of conspiracy theories, and so I have tried to focus on the minor-quantity issue of the cons and pros of direct Kremlin involvement. I understand that alleged disinformation and/or commercial fiction from Hugh McDonald, naming KGB officials Semichastny and Rogov/Tsymbal, included a photostat in Russian of a written admission alleged by the retired Semichastny of a Soviet connection. Has anyone seen this and any comment to make other than outright dismissal of its autthenticity?

  52. I was 11 years old when JFK was murdered. There is one thing that I know for a fact,two rifles were found at the Texas School Book Depository. The first rifle was supposedly Oswald,s . The rifle was old and worn. It did not have a clip and the scope was off. A day or two later, a high powered German mauser was found on the roof. I asked my Uncle when he came home from work,How many rifles do you need to kill one man ? Two rifles were found at the Texas School Book Depository. He said Charlie, You’re an amazing boy. There was either two shooters or Oswald set up.

  53. This is just my personal opinion, but I think LBJ was the mastermind behind the assassination, because he had the most to gain. He went from being an unwanted part of the Kennedy Administration, to being the president. He also was at risk of being sent to prison, because of the Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes scandals, since he was receiving kickbacks. The assassination more or less ended those investigations. I think LBJ was assisted by wealthy Texas oilmen, mafia bosses like Carlos Marcello, who was particularly angry with Bobby Kennedy for deporting him. The CIA was infuriated with JFK for leaving the Bay of Pigs invaders, in a situation where they would be executed by Castro. J. Edgar Hoover just plain didn’t like the Kennedys and it was a no-brainer that he would be involved. LBJ and the other organizations all had motive, so it makes sense that those mentioned were all involved in the assassination. Jack Ruby was probably ordered to kill Oswald, so Oswald would keep his mouth shut. A couple more days alive and Oswald may have blown the conspiracy wide open.

  54. Has anyone look at angle from the 6th floor to where JFK was shoot. I haven’t seen anything on it. Have looked at lots of pictures and to me the angle don’t lineup with everything we have been told for 50 yrs. Would like to see pictures from the window he shot from and where the car would have been. Cause the shot to head doesn’t lineup with it to me. Could just be me but haven’t see a thing about this line of sight shot.

    1. Had a chance to visit the Dallas School Book Depository in 1973. The media was focused on Watergate in those days so folks were still being allowed to visit the 6th floor sniper’s perch, unimpeded. The Warren Commission tells us that was where the shot that killed Jack Kennedy originated; A premise that TSBD visitors recognized immediately as absurd. The window sill starts about a foot from the floor, it’s blocked by a big, vertical heat pipe which runs floor to ceiling and the window itself allows only limited opening space. Moreover, the view down Elm Street is significantly obstructed by foliage and a large highway sign. A rifleman would have been required to assume a very unorthodox firing position in order to take just one shot with the rifle he was accused of using in the crime. The lone gunman in the Depository story could be plausible however under one circumstance; That’s if the President had been standing right next to the gunman when he made the shot. On the other hand, if the President was in the motorcade which had just driven past the Depository and was now coming to a stop behind the highway sign and large tree in front of the grassy knoll, then someone else had just taken care of the grisly murder of President Kennedy. The octagon was in place.

    1. [Joan Riverstein:]

      “Why is this still news?”


      Dear daughter Joan:

      The fight for our rights does not have an expiration Date.

      -Sincerely: Jimmy Madison and His Gang of Founders

  55. I have a question ===having watched the Max Holland “missing Bullet” film,it occurred to me that both the young black gentleman as well as the 13 yr old girl who was filming the limo as it made the turn both recalled hearing the 3 shots.Both claimed that the timing of the shots was =bang==then a pause==then bang bang in quick succession.If Oswald was the only shooter,how could the last two shots have been spaced so close together?.This was not addressed in the film,nor have I heard it explained elsewhere.Could you enlighten me on this subject,I find it very strange that two witnesses could have the exact same description of the sounds of the shots.

    1. MANY people heard the last two shots right on top of each other and I do think that presents a problem for the single assassin interpretation.

      The young man (Amos Euins, I think) told the Warren Commission he thought it was 4 shots that he heard. 40+ years later, he remembers 3.

      Put him on a list of witnesses who have been tainted by media. Only this time, it isn’t the fault of the pro conspiracy camp.

  56. my final theory is mac wallace fired the fatal shot through the overpass, the fingerprint at the book building was a plant to divert attention from him if it got that far, the rest was a planned smokescreen around that

    1. Hadn’t thought about the Mac Wallace fingerprint in the book building being a diversionary tactic. Seems like the conspirators would not allow someone like Oswald to even take a shot and wonder how he could be on second floor of lunchroom with a Coke in his hand and not be perspiring or out of breath, if he had to run down four flights of stairs in 75-90 seconds and for policeman to say he didn’t appear out of breath. I am now wondering if Oswald was only allowed to be seen in the window, before the shooting, then told to leave, so shooter would be alone. I think Oswald was in the window to be seen and naturally his fingerprint would be on the rifle, but doesn’t necessarily mean he fired the shot or shots that hit the president.

    2. One thing that makes me question Mac Wallace being in the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building, on the day of the assassination is that as far as I know he was never sighted that day inside the building, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in Dealey Plaza that day. With policemen going over the building with a tooth and comb he surely wouldn’t have been able to escape.

      1. AG: a Mac Wallace-looking dude was seen all around TBD, Dealey, even Record St. Heavyset, horn-rimmed glasses, even the tweedy professor sportcoat. And these several witnesses came forward long before B McClellan’s book. One construction worker at the new courthouse, with binoculars, even saw MW in the “sniper nest” with a dark-complected man right before shooting started. Then saw him again walking away from TBD. Mac probably had phony SS credentials, as so many did in Dealey. MW lookalike also seen in infamous station wagon picking up one of the Oswald lookalikes running from tbd after ear-splitting whistle that attracted lots of attention, including DPD Roger Craig.

  57. Larry Sabato tells us “Oswald was a life-time failure of a person. He accomplished nothing in his life and failed at everything.”
    Gee Larry, I don’t you are talking about the same Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe you can be more specific in Lee’s failures. But in the mean time, let’s count his successes.
    1) Oswald could speak 3 languages fluently, English, Russian, and Spanish. With a little Japanese with his Japanese girlfriend from Astugi.
    Oswald was one of only five men in his Marine Corp Unit holding Crypto. the highest code of security clearance. At Air Tech, Lee tested high enough to be trained as a Radar Controller. He got more traning in Air Control. He was an air traffic controller. Not exactly a failure of a job . At Astugi, Japan Lee worked on the most highly classified secret operation the U.S. military was working on. He was controlling the flights of the U2 spyplanes in their flights over Russia. As you should know, the U2 flights were run by the CIA. In his capacity, Oswald was working for the CIA.
    Tell me, Larry. Do “losers” work for the CIA?
    Nelson Delgado, a fellow marine in Oswald unit testified to the FBI of Oswalds foreign language skills. The FBI felt he also had Government intellegence contacts. Oswald got tired of the military and requested an early discharge. He returned to his mother’s home in Fort Worth, Texas.
    Six months later Oswald was on a ship headed to Russia. This is the start of Oswalds’ undercover spy activity. The CIA sent him to Russia to be a spy. A double agent. The story was he would try to defect and offer up the U2 secret information. The Russians bought it! And Lee worked as a spy. As a note, Oswald did not defect. He did not give up his U.S. citizenship. He told the Russians he would pledge allligience to Russia, even though he never actually did.
    Larry. Is this the story of a “born loser?’
    After Oswald met Marina Prfuskova, he wanted to return the the U.S. with Marina. He wanted to start a new chapter in his life.
    When Oswald returned to the U.Sl. he got a job at Jaggers-Chilies Stovall. This is the same company that analizes the photographs taken by out U2 spy planes. What a conincidence!

    Does this sound like the life of a loser? Or does it sound like you don’t have the slighted idea what you’re talking about? You should be ashamed of yourself!

  58. I’ve always felt the evidence that Oswald was a pawn and/or participant in U.S. gov’t intel shenanigans was fairly persuasive, especially having to take into account the hall of mirrors those agencies are trained to create to protect themselves.

    However, when you look at the logistics of actually framing Oswald or least partnering with him in Dealey, tough questions come to mind that I’ve never seen a conspiracy theorist answer to my satisfaction, like:

    o How did anyone place Oswald on the parade route two months prior to the assassination? I’ve never seen an argument that contradicts Ruth Paine getting him the job.

    o What else could’ve been in the package Oswald brought to work that day but the rifle?

    o Oswald left his ring with his wife, so it appears some decision was made prior to leaving for work that day.

    Interested in hearing anyone’s evidence or theories.

    1. the route was well nown well before hand
      the cia and fbi and texas citsen in on it and Oswald left his ring in case he faled to get the job donedid you know Oswald had a motor cycle and a conveterbile
      loved to go fishing in galvaston
      he tried to stop it

      1. Ruth Paine’s connections to the CIA are discussed at length in many places, I.e. her family had intimate ties with Allen Dulles back east. She also later worked on Nicargua, ostensibly for a humanitarian agency. A simple google search will reve much food for thought about her roll in the Kennedy assination.

    2. steve kasarsky

      Why is there no definitive proof LHO visited Mexico City? Some say Yes, some say No! My theory is that CIA knew LHO had a duplicate and they could not allow any surveillence photos of him become public because they did not know which Oswald was there. There could be photo evidence that the other Oswald was in USA. Also, I have done research into the identity of the Dark-Complexioned Man who sat on curb with Umbrella Man. The guy was never questioned and gave no account but my research shows a right wing radical past and spent 3 years in Ft. Meade in late 40’s. Contact me if interested. SJK

  59. For Barry Krusch or anyone. Volume 3 Impossible: The Case Against
    LHOswald, pages 218-19-20 pictures show the fraud of Arlen Specter.
    Who is the man with a hat and what is his role?

  60. I sent this in a separate email but thought I would post here as well.

    My name is John Ballantyne and I just came across your site. Don’t know why it took me so long. I have researched the assassination since the mid 1980s. Being in the entertainment business, I wrote a play about the JFK assassination that premiered in 1996. Titled “Specter of Treason-The Oswald Trial, the play is a “what-if” based on the idea that Oswald survived being shot by Ruby and he goes on trial. It is comprised of a cast of 54 actors and it goes through the prosecution and defense segments of his trial. The audience acts as the jury and renders the verdict at each performance. When we did it in 1996 we got some real interesting reactions and verdicts. We even did it for school kids who were enthralled by it. We also did a JFK Assassination Seminar titled “Who Shot JFK” and it was attended by Debra Conway from JFK Lancer, John Judge from COPA, Ed Hoffman, Barbara LaMonica, Steve Jones, and Jerry Policoff. It was a one day event which was very well received.
    Well, we are repeating the show this year and we open on Friday, November 22 (as we did before) and we will run through December 8. You can check out our website at http://www.specteroftreason.com. We will also be doing another seminar called JFK & Dallas. We are in the process of lining up participants to do presentations and to take part in a forum discussion regarding the assassination. The seminar will take place on Saturday, December 7 at Youngstown State University. Cyril Wecht will be present to do a presentation and be part of the forum. He saw the production in 1996 and has been a big supporter of it. I was hoping that someone from your organization might be available to join us. This will all be held in Youngstown, Ohio. Also, anyone else out there that might have an area of information to offer at the event should contact us. Specter of Treason will also be done at a theater in Valparaiso, Indiana around the same time as ours. Interest is already building here as we are now in rehearsal for another play I wrote concerning the assassination. Titled, Sparky…from Chicago it centers on Jack Ruby and his activities prior to the assassination and during the weekend of the assassination.

  61. re: G. Robert Blakey
    It seemed odd that Blakey’s statement was not accompanied with more detail including the fact that he had indeed signed the letter to the CIA insisting on release of documents still being withheld. Of course it’s my responsibility to get up to speed, but it is also important that when threads are opened there is some sense of collegiality and full disclosure. To that end, I would be interested in the most up to date information available to the general public as to Blakey’s current activity in support of the legal case, if anyone has access to it?

  62. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXZfsbpa2kI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    Just another interesting blast from the past: Rare recording of Jim Garrison appearing on “The Steve Allen Show” with Mort Sahl and Robert K. “B1-Bob” Dornan. Who knew Dornan was a former “TV personality?” Sounds like Steve, Jim and Mort pretty much wipe the floor with Dornan. Dornan is down right obsequious towards Allen. At least Allen gives Garrison a far fairer hearing than did Johnny Carson.

    It’s absolutely amazing how “in the bag” some of these major personalities were for the institutional elite!

  63. Peter R. Whitmey

    Are you familiar with the Soviet exit visa error made by Oswald in listing his birthplace as “New Orleans, Texas, USA”? I discuss it in my article written back in the early 1990s, “Did Oswald Come Back?”, available at http://www.jfk-info.com/whitmey8.htm. All other documents filled out by Oswald while in Russia listed his birthplace as “New Orleans, La.”, as well as all others filled out after returning to the U.S.

    According to Priscilla Johnson McMillan, as told to her by Marina, Oswald brought home extra copies of the exit visa form, in case he made a mistake. PJM wasn’t aware of the error when I contacted her in the late 1980s, but Marina was (although she had no idea why Oswald made such an amazing error). – Peter R. Whitmey

    1. I’m not familiar with that. But it seems like it my be an honest mistake someone might make when filling out repetitive information. My working assumption is that what it is. Is there any reason to think differently?

  64. I am always fascinated by whom the Warren Commissioners refused to interview: How About Senator Ralph Yarborough, who was riding in the Dallas Motorcade on Nov.22, 1963, in the same limo as VP and Mrs. Johnson. (He even contacted the Warren Commission, offering to be interviewed, but they never responded).

    Yarborough was interviewed extensively by Robert Grele in 1966 (this interview is filed with the rest of Yarborough’s papers at the University of Texas Briscoe Center Archives). Yarborough’s version of events given in this 1966 interview directly conflicts with LBJ’s version (for example: Yarborough states that Rufus Youngblood never climbed over the seat to protect LBJ. In fact, neither man reacted much at all to the shots, Yarborough claims.) Even when interviewed in his 90’s by Patrick Cox, Yarborough still insists that he heard (and even smelled the gunpowder) of shots coming from the 5th Floor of the office building that is more or less across the street from the Texas Book Depository Building.

    The Warren commission managed to take 21 pages of evidence from Kenneth O’donnell, Kennedy White House Aid, who was much farther back in the motorcade. But they accepted not one page of evidence from US Senator Ralph Yarborough even though he was sitting next to the soon-to-be-president, in the limo that was separated from the Kennedy limo only by one secret service vehicle.

    This is just one of many inexplicable omissions by the Warren Commission – which clearly had no interests in discovering “truth”. But there is one explanation that does some to fit: If the evidence did not support the “lone Gunman in the TBD building” it was ignored and refused by the Warren Commission.

    1. LBJ had an intense dislike for Sen. Yarborough, so he probably made sure that Yarborough wasn’t allowed to testify much about the assassination.

      I have heard that LBJ ducked, when his limousine got into the killing zone, while he let his wife and Sen. Yarborough sit upright in the limousine, but he knew he couldn’t tell them, because it would let the world know he was in on the assassination.

      I have a feeling LBJ was given day by day reports of what testimony was being included in the Warren Report. LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover teamed up to make sure nothing, that pointed to a conspiracy was published in the Warren Report.

      Gerald Posner may think he closed the case in 1993, with his book, but I think this case is not anywhere close to being closed. Just hope too many witnesses haven’t died mysterious deaths and too many crucial documents have not been destroyed.

      1. Andrew, Gerald Ford was doing just that to Hoover as the WC was doing its work. Ford was like a liaison between the Warren Commission and the Federal Government(Hoover and LBJ).

      2. steve kasarsky

        I have done much research into the Dark-Complexioned Mystery Man. If interested in my research please contact me. Regards SJK

    2. bba, you’re right overall with your post. I’d just make the correction that Ken O’Donnell was only 2 cars away from JFK. He and Dave Powers(another JFK aide)clearly saw what was happening to their boss, the POTUS.

    1. I agree Joseph. John Newman’s book “Oswald and the CIA,” and his explication of his findings in the link you sent,are critical to understanding the role of the CIA in the events that led to the assassination. We will be highlighting the importance of his work on this site.

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