Best of JFK on the Web

While misinformation and disinformation are too common in the JFK story, the number of high-quality Web sites that provide useful information and perspectives about the assassination story is increasing.

Here are some of the best. Please note that just because I list a’ site does not mean I endorse any or all of the content of that site.

This list is regularly updated and reader recommendations are welcome.

  1. Mary Ferrell Foundation: The largest online repository of JFK assassination records from the FBI, CIA and other government agencies and from the five official investigations. The first stop for anyone doing JFK research online. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  2. JFKLancer: The online home of the largest network on independent JFK researchers who built and expanded the historical record of the assassination.
  3. Kennedys and King (Formerly CTKA): A hub for conspiracy-minded researchers that is strong on reviews of recent JFK books and obituaries of people involved in the JFK story.
  4. For beginners, I recommend 22 November 1963, a British Web site, provides a lucid and fair-minded overview of the JFK assassination and the many controversies about it.
  5. The National Archives JFK Assassination Record Collection: a complete guide to information and records that the U.S. government has made public. Not much background information. (NOT FOR BEGINNERS)
  6. Black Op Radio: Len Osanic’s video series “50 Reasons for 50 Years” is an excellent investigative introduction to the problems of the official JFK story.
  7.  The JFK  Forum Index has capsule biographies of many personalities involved in the  JFK story. Lots of useful information about people involved in the JFK story, along with some claims that cannot be confirmed. (HANDLE WITH CARE)
  8. JFK Countercoup. Bill Kelly’s blog provides running commentary on new evidence related to the assassination with an emphasis on what can be done about it.
  9. The Grassy Knoll Witnesses: This Facebook page focuses on the witnesses who said that gunshots came from in front of the motorcade, testimony that any account of the assassination must explain.
  10.  JFK Assassination Home Page: The best anti-conspiracy Web site, created by former Marquette University professor John McAdams, defends the official story of a lone gunman while presenting a variety of evidence. If you disagree with his anti-conspiratorial conclusions, these are the arguments you have to understand. (HANDLE WITH CARE)

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  1. There used to be a recommended site on your ‘Best of the Web’ section that gave a basic breakdown of the events around the JFK assassination. It gave different possibilities of what happened and I’d like to point it out to my brother & nephew as my nephew is a smart 12 year old who would have interest in learning & while my thoughts are pretty clear on what happened, my brother will want both sides of the story presented so If you remember that site or have a recommendation for kids who’d like to begin learning this subject it would be much appreciated and hopefully inspire young people

  2. I found that Leonard di Caprio and Robert DeNiro were to do a movie based on book “Legacy of Secrecy” Was that ever made and or released?

    I am intrigued by the Carlos Marcello theory.

  3. Cecilia V. G. B.

    Do you have a list of “Best Books”? I have read a few dozen, since JFK was killed when I was 12. Your extensive representation of experts in this field should have plenty of suggestions. Hope to see some when I check back. Thanks

    1. Try the recently deceased Jim Marrs’ seminal book “Crossfire”, David Lifton’s “Best Evidence” and Josiah Thompson’s “Six Seconds in Dallas.”

  4. Colonel Prouty and General Krulak have said that it was General Lansdale walking past the 3 tramps in the famous photo. His back is to us though. Does anyone know if Gen Lansdale wore glasses? The person’s reflection on the sign on the fence, clearly shows he’s wearing them. If you zoom in, you can them from the side of his face. Maybe it’s nothing, he’s possibly disguised.
    Another thing about the tramps, is that in a seperate picture, I think in front of the TSBD, both younger tramps have several large white spots visible on their trousers. In custody, Oswald was tested for gunpowder residue by the police. In 1963, was it believed that bleach would remove gunpowder residue, thus maybe resulting in the spots on the tramps?

  5. Jim Fetzer USED to be excellent on all things JFK. I listened to his various JFK guests because they offered riveting details on overlooked witnesses at Parkland Hospital, the drivers, funeral homes, Tippet, the Book Depository, Judith Vary Baker, New Orleans connections, Walter Reed, Air Force One, body switching, corpse makeover artists, the airports, and OTHER SIMILAR THWARTED assassination attempts on JFK in other cities, etc. Then Fetzer got crazy and attacked many great people for crazy reasons. Somewhere along the way, LBJ’s strange behavior got explained by a guest whose name I don’t remember: Whatever LBJ’s assassination involvement sins may be, he realized that his overriding debt/role to human civilization was to prevent Gen. Curtis LeMay from starting World War III. LBJ gave LeMay Vietnam in exchange for WWIII. Maybe we are all still here because LBJ let JFK’s fascist killers go free.

  6. Surely your colleague Rex Bradford’s own site counts as one of if not the best site. As a welcome balanced introduction to all the relatively new evidence in the case, it does what few if any other sites do: make that evidence accessible to new generations of those interested in the implications of the assassination for today.

  7. Also at Has red mark notations. There is really weird stuff in this photo. The Dal Tex is loaded with gunman on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Real??? Hard to believe.

  8. I don’t have a comment but, rather questions. How authenic is the high res Algens photo 6 from

    If this photo is authenic and not manipulated how can you reconcile the photo relating to Zapruder frame 255 or say 260. If this Altgens 6 photo is authentic then the reflections on the side of the presidential limo should reflect the grass and people in the area between Elm and Main St. After all this is 45 frames past the Stemmons freeway sign.

    What I see is a reflection of vehicles on Houston St. There are two convertibles and a bus reflected. There is wavy lines suggesting thin black paint or ink covering the reflection of one of the motorcycle cops or whatever is there. Where the limo is positioned nothing on Houston street should be reflected. In over 50 years of jfk research I can’t believe someone hasn’t see this. I cant find any info on this by researching the net.

    If anyone can help it would be appreciated. There are other things in this photo such as bullet holes near 3rd floor windows on the Dal Tex building plus more.

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  10. I would start with NARA and the JFK Records collections. If you survive that, The best site for in comprehensive and up to date information is CTKA.
    JFK Primary Sources is the best site for a plethora of information.
    Without a doubt McAdams sites are the worst of the web.
    Second attempt to comment here, hopefully it will get posted.

  11. We have all seen the LHO did it theory and have found it to be unacceptable and misleading to an extreme that causes very troubling conclusions about the sanctity and validity of our constitutional republic, not to mention the ‘secret’ activities of our own covert ‘murder incorporated’ – therefore this issue is way beyond the murder of a man, a husband, a father, a President even… its about deception and unaccountable disrespect for the truth and the American people. I for one am personally offended at this whole thing. Those involved ranging from the insiders secret service, FBI, CIA, for gods sake, and who knows who or what else. It must be a pretty horrific truth to be covered up so massively and unrelenting up until this very day. What disturbs me also is the MEDIA complicity and complacency in this whole thing – THAT is very troubling for they were and are supposed to be our voice for questioning those put and kept in power and without a direct representative in the personage of the “press” we have no direct advocate for us as a GROUP mind for asking and getting answers with questioning the heart and soul of our government, media, which adversely affects our nation and national psyche. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT WE ARE THE STATE WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HAVE BEEN HIRING OTHERS TO RUN GOVERNMENT FOR – all this is for US NOT “THEM”!


    Oswald didn’t fire a shot and the zapruder film has been highly modified to hide the blowout in the rear of the head.

    Doug Horne has done awesome work.

    Mark Lane was another brave person who helped expose the truth.

    The biggest question is what are the citizens going to do about it and are we going to continue the path our country is taking.

    Are we going to put our leaders accountable? Our elections are a joke as they just reinforce our corrupted so called best and brightest leaders.

    The motorcade stopped and SS officers were left at the airport that were suppose to be on the back of JFK’s limo.

    Oswald didn’t fire a shot.

  13. Has anyone ever asked the question why did the motorcade not just go down Main Street and then onto the Stemmons Freeway. I am not sure what the map looked like in 1963 but in google maps today it looks like it would have been possible (no traffic as it would have been shut down). He was coming down Main street … why not continue down the road versus being required to slow down the vehicle with the tight turns and bring it much closer to buildings and the grassy knoll?? Not to mention with parkland on both sides of Main Street (as you go through Dealey Plaza) you’d have lots of room for people to have stood to see him! Whoever planned that motorcade route is hopelessly inept or it was done purposely. What am I missing?

    1. I think you are missing the fact that one could not drive onto Stemmons Freeway from Main St. There wzs (is) a concrete barrier there.

  14. Thank goodness there are still so many people and their websites still trying to find and reveal the truth about who was responsible for the death of JFK on 11,22,1963.

    If I was very wealthy I would pay to create a physical “JFK TRUTH” research Hall Of Fame where we could honor all those who have dedicated so much of their lives to this endeavor. They truly deserve this recognition.

    With that said, in the 51 years since 11,22,1963, there is now so much information to immerse oneself into regarding this subject that for me at times it becomes simply overwhelming.

    And over the years I must admit, I feel more despair regarding seeing and understanding the true depths of the dark side of our society and it’s real power control leadership, not just back in JFK’s days but even now…and what that means for us all- especially our children, grandchildren, etc.

    I will always be extremely interested in the JFK assass. ( as well as RFK’s and MLK’s ) but I find myself confining my reading and contemplations to much smaller and simpler doses.

    I do still check in several times a week to the “JFK Education & Debate forum” website. I find many of their member entries thought provoking and enlightening.

  15. We have a facebook page dedicated to JFK called

    John F Kennedy Europe.

    We are trying to generate interest in Europe to put more pressure on the US government to release records. Please join and help us and give your support and solve the riddle .

  16. In Response to Mr. Heidenheimer’s post. I agree that Douglass’ book gives the best insight as to why JFK was assassinated. On the other hand Douglass gives credence to a few witnesses that, in my opinion, are not credible. The first of these is Robert Vinson. The very premise of his story is laughable.

    He claims he went to Washington D.C. , the Capitol Building no less, to find out why he wasn’t promoted from E-5 to E-6. This would be comparable to a floor sweeper at a G.M. assembly plant in Dallas Texas, travelling to the Detroit headquarter of G.M. to see why he didn’t get a pay raise. As an Air Force veteran, I can assure you that if at anytime I showed up at Capitol Building for the same reason, I know I’d get hospitalized for a mental evaluation, before being being medically discharged.

    Vinson’s next claim is equally ludicrous. He claims to have been put aboard an unmarked cargo plane, that supposedly landed along the banks of the Trinity River, south of Dallas, on a secret mission to whisk a Lee Harvey Oswald lookalike out of Dallas.

    Vinson would have us believe the CIA would let aboard a plane, on the most covert operation of the century, a peon Staff Sergeant, who just wants a military hop flight back to Colorado Springs? Please !!.

    Oh, and the plane doesn’t land on a runway near Dallas, no it lands on a riverbank. within 5 miles of downtown Dallas. I’m sure no one would notice such an unusual occurrence in broad daylight.

    How Douglass was able to believe Vinson’s hallucination is beyond me. It calls into question Douglass’ ability to vet his witnesses. Just because someone says something that we want to be true, that doesn’t make it true. Some people will say anything to get their 15 minutes of notoriety, especially those who have difficulty discerning reality.

  17. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    I have a question re The Best Of threads on JFKfacts.

    Why do you not post your own poll on the best JFK books? At the top of the list you have best JFK websights, best JFK photos but DO NOT FEATURE YOUR OWN JFKFACTS POLL ON BEST BOOKS.

    Lower down,and much less likely to be seen you post the GoodReads list that is meaningless because the first listed is a fiction book by S. King.

    As we know the #1 rated book is JFK and the Unspeakable. When one compares the media coverage of this book to ALL the others, no matter how bad, when one compares the endorsements and considers the background of the endorsers,….When one considers how Charlie Rose covered up the RFK Jr. endorsement of the Unspeakable in early 2013… it is impossible to conclude that JFK and the Unspeakable is one of the most censored books in US history in terms of the MSM.

    And now, EVEN HERE we see that it is denied even a shred of visibility. And furthermore, whenever JFK facts DOES mention Unspeakable, the word THEOLOGIAN is in the headline, which is profoundly misleading, as readers of this book know. Compare the footnoting of Douglass to any other historian writing on either JFK’s policies or his assassination. Robert Dallek by comparison, has is the scholarly equivalent of Wonderbread. No wonder all his books are licked by our Court Historians.

    All I am saying is give democracy– very small d– a fraction of a chance. You feature and Upper Peninsula historian who is given instant access of millions of readers and viewers via Time Magazine, NBC, whenever he wants it. And you won’t even give Doulass a slingshot on a source that will reach perhaps 1 thousandth of the number of viewers? You know what? Capitalism is deathly frightened of competition.

  18. Put away all information you have acquired through the years.
    Watch the Z film in slowmo. Follow Jackie’s face at 1frame before the head shot.
    The book warehouse was not shooters nest. Records building maybe, but not the book warehouse. Watch the slowmo Z over and over. Her face was in front of K. At the very least – she would need to clear her eyes just to see, and that’s giving she would not be hit from the head shot.

  19. S.R."Dusty" Rohde

    I think the list needs an update. The Portal to Texas History has recently made all of the Dallas police records available online. (Related to the assassination, Tippit murder, General Walker, etc.)

  20. I would like for you to take a look at my website (
    and consider this story for the news. Endorsements, President George H.W. Bush,
    Dr. Howard, Jones professor at the University of Alabama, George Wallace,and country
    legend George Jones. Please visit my website for the full story.
    2nd edition Hardback was published 2/25/2013, and the 2nd. edition paper back was published 11/29/2012.
    You can order through my website, or through my publisher Governor John Malcom Patterson of Alabama
    wrote the foreword . I was in Dallas when Lee Harvey Oswald murdered officer J.D Tippet,and witnessed
    Lee Harvey leaving the Murder seine.

    Thank you
    Frank Griffin

  21. Well, at least one North American mainstream media network is providing some time to non-Warren Commission explanations: our Canadian public broadcaster, CBC. Their current affairs program The Fifth Estate has been around for decades and just aired a one hour show on JFK and 9/11 conspiracies. For the JFK part, they spoke to Philip Shenon first and then went back and updated their 1983 interview with David Lipton on his “Best Evidence”. Their website has more in-depth interviews and info as well.

  22. Can someone please explain if head entrance wound was 6.0 mm in diameter –how Carcano rifle that used 6.5 diameter ammunition could have been the alleged ‘kill’ weapon?

  23. My nominee for Best category is Pat Speer’s site:

    The amount of research, analysis, and just plain writing (the chapters combined must beat Bugliosi for sheer length and certainly wisdom) is mind-blowing. The photos and exhibits buried within are beautifully presented.

    While blasting the LoneNut fantasy, some of Speer’s conclusions are hard to take. (No gunman in front, no autopsy photo manipulation, debunks the dictabelt.) Well, with over a 1,000 pages, you can’t have everything.

  24. As a long time listener to Len Osanic’s “BlackOp Radio,” and someone who’s been reading Jefferson Morely since the “What Jane Roman Said” articles, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see my two favorite media come together, print journalism and talk radio. And, to see where all these Old Gaurd JFK researchers get on here and post is almost too cool. Anyway, to get off my iPad after listening to Len and Jim DiEugenio and go right to and read their comments is blowing my mind right now!

    There’s even the arch villian, the dreaded McAdams, lol Sorry, I had to throw that in there. Plus, on top of all of that I might actually get to be in Dallas for the 50th Wow, quite a morning for JFK Assassination research enthusiast.

  25. I was amazed to see the McAdams site on this list. The author(s) of this list seem to be committed to keeping it “fair and balanced”, and so include McAdams’ site. But we all know how well that works.

    In one regard, McAdams’ site is quite masterful. It projects a kind of even-handed skepticism about facts related to the assassination. The problem, however, is that this is just a veneer. McAdams is not devoted to empiricism in any serious way. He is instead committed to plausible-sounding explanations that refute anything having to do with conspiracy. Thus, his presentation of issue after issue is a collection of feints, sophisms, and misconstruals. It is remarkable to watch unfold — like the old saying ‘The Devil quotes scripture’, McAdams uses empirical evidence in a way that denies the basic meaning of empiricism. I agree with the warning ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’. His site is one giant attempt to convince, as was done to Winston Smith, that ‘2 + 2 = 5’. No doubt in some cases he succeeds.

  26. I was very surprised to see McAdams’web site in anyone’s top 12. As Bob Harris once wrote, that is one of the largest collections of disinformation on the JFK case.

    After finishing my two part article on McAdams, and looking through that site, I have come to agree with Bob. I don’t know who votes for these things here, but the only way one can explain that site being there is the troll factor.

    1. Bob Harris is putting it mildly.

      I’ve heard other descriptions which I won’t express (not profane ones but with reference to a certain government agency).

  27. For anyone to list macadam’s web site in a “best” list reveals how out of touch they are with serious research in the year 2013

    Here is what is written about him at

    mcAdams commits daily academic fraud.
    mcAdams has neither the educational preparation nor the ability for such a position — his language skills are abysmal; his analytical skills non-existent. Not only has he done no research whatsoever on the historical question he pretends to study, he has no knowledge of even the basics of a research methodology. Thus, McAdams himself argues against long established historical facts; on the other hand, he is incapable of doing the research necessary to either confirm or dispute such facts. – Debra Hartman

    The previous “bought and paid for” comments may refer to ads for CIA recrutement on his radio show. Further is an insult to serious researchers who, disagree from time to time, to lump mcadams in the same list as a CTKA or COPA. Jim DiEugenio’s new book on just who mcadams really is, will help level the playing field to reveal how honest or trusted, work from a john mcadams should be taken or promoted. But until then there is
    If you actually have to warn someone about a link, (handle with care)
    maybe that link shouldn’t be there at all. And it also implies that JFK Facts approve of that kind of westboro baptist propaganda
    tactic where mcadams slanders other researchers without regard for the actual facts, waving the warren report around like a flag as if it has stood the test of time with critics. It has not by any stretch of the imagination. At least not by any serious researchers I have interviewed over the last 13 years hosting Black Op Radio

    1. Leaving Black Op Radio’s website and podcast off your list of your “best websites” is I hope an oversight. Len’s show is one of the linchpins of assassination research. The years of interviews with everyone in the research community is unrivaled – please correct this mistake.

    2. I agree with Len totally. John McAdams is useful in knocking off kook crap like JVB, Ricky White, Maddie Brown and other gibberish. However, his misrepresentations of Prouty not to mention other researchers is truly hideous. To have his website up there is akin to putting Jim Fetzer’s crud radio show on a best of list!

  28. Leave aside “offensive.” If you say someone is “bought and paid for” that surely means that you are saying they were “paid” something by somebody. That’s different than saying someone is a “sell out” or shows no balance. I don’t mean to be pedantic, just accurate.

  29. I disagree with some of the people you reference but I know nothing to substantiate your allegation that they are “bought and paid for.”

    1. “Bought and paid for” as in “sold out.” Simply identifies them as without balance and in complete accordance with the “non-conspiracy theory” of the Warren Commission. Sorry you found that offensive. But if there has been any serious (and I stress “serious”) attempt at balance on the part of any of this group I’m not aware of it.

  30. Just a quicky on Perry, McAdams, et al. Have followed them for years. They play a shell game — ie, they try to draw you in with a show of “honesty and openness” and then drop their twisted “logic” on you. Your “HANDLE WITH CARE” disclaimer should be at the start of your intro, and much bolder. In all my years, I’ve not seen one legitimate contribution from them, not one. So, my question, why even bother with them. I’ve just spent more time writing this short piece than they warrant. They are disinformation and misinformation specialists, bought and paid for.

    1. I’ve corresponded with Dave Perry (he does private tours I believe) who seems like a logical guy.

      Dr. McAdams is a sharp guy too.

      The site is not my best because I feel there’s a lot of spin there but it does contain some decent articles or information.

      Like Jeff Morley says, it’s a good place to learn about some of the stronger lone assassin arguments if you want to challenge them.

      1. Annette Villarreal

        Gerry Simone,
        I’ve been doing research and looking for contact info for Dave Perry. Can you share?

  31. I agree with SM Cooogan on Larry Hancock. I consider him to be one of the best researchers – his stuff is solid, and always backed up with documented evidence. What I think is valuable about Larry’s approach is that he will not toss wild theories about if he has nothing to back it up. I think Someone would have talked does a remarkable job in explaining the role of the Cuban exiles and also how the plot and the cover up might have two separate plots. He now has a blog which he regularly updates. I also admire Larry as he does not get involved in the frequent mud-slinging and ego battles that many other authors/researchers do. It is part of the reason why I do not participate in the forums anymore. I got so tired of it. I think its about time we all stopped acting like children and try to discuss the case like reasonable adults.

  32. I agree with the comments about Bill Kelly. Wonderful committed man we don’t see eye to eye on everything (Doug Horne), nonetheless I see eye to eye with him most of the time, he’s a wonderful source of knowledge definitely in my top ten. Larry Hancock is also pretty damn good. He’s helped me out with so many articles (Oh why did he have to do that MLK book?). Definitely in Bill’s league can’t tell em apart. No 1 of course is CTKA but you all knew I’d say that didn’t you. Mary Ferrell site is very good and I really like Rex. However, some of the articles on the website are a little to eclectic. I enjoy Lancer there are some great people. However, I find the mods are far to tolerant of certain fools and over zealous on others. Thus the DPF is an amazing forum, Magda and Jan are exceptional mods and CD is hilarious, insightful and rather brilliant (when he’s not being a git-he’ll understand). Seriously good stuff on the DPF, the JFK thread is by the far the biggest one. It has some some excellent people. It should also be rated far higher than it is and it is an invaluable precious resource.

    Jeff you should start looking at the best JFK Blogs George Bailey has a bloody good one.

  33. IMHO The problem lies with presenting any list as a Best of /Worst of scenario. All web media has value in that it has allowed the textual data to be uploaded and preserved for future generations to research and find the answers that have been sought for 50 years related to this case.
    I have learned much from every website even those that promote anti conspiracy though I wholeheartedly believe there was a conspiracy in this murder and that was obvious 35 years ago when I first took up active study.
    What needs done at this point in research is a simplifying of the massive amount of material.
    An immediate identification of what the ultimate views are on all the various sites and what that implies about that sites agenda.
    No website at this point in time can claim to be neutral .
    There are basic facts that are known and unimpeachable .
    Those need listed along with the material from the official documents that verify those known facts.
    Known facts need to be separated from opinions, conjecture, conclusions or analysis of those facts.
    The facts need to stand on their own and there is no need for multiple explanations. It is in the endless analysis that the confusion begins and continues. It is in the endless discussion and debate that essential truth lies hidden.
    It is time for the debate to end and the truth to be seen.

  34. Release ALL of the documents sill locked up.

    Truth/Justice would go a long way in restoring Belif/Respect in Politicaal Leadership/Law Enforcement/nional Media that hey once EARNED ! ! !

  35. Not sure if they’d need to ‘disguise’ that goal to be honest.

    The Education Forum and Deep Politics Forum are valuable but you need to filter the trolls and occasional idiots at the former – there is still much valuable stuff there though. The latter has some solid JFK discussion but isn’t solely about JFK so I understand if it gets omitted through category. I generally agree with the list of 10. The final site I’d personally recommend (not so much for the list, but just for people interested in the case) is Amazon, where browsing the JFK books and accompanying reviews can be quite educational. For starters I’d suggest people read the ‘most helpful’ reviews (and ideally purchase the books) for JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE, THE LAST INVESTIGATION, BREACH OF TRUST, DEADLY SECRETS and DESTINY BETRAYED (Second Edition). There are a variety of detailed comments from readers that collectively offer much useful info, and each of those books is supportive of and works in parallel with the others.

  36. Michael Schweitzer

    You lost me at Lancer. Their mission, disguised by other topics, is to defend the Zapruder film as authentic.

  37. I have learned a great deal from the Weisberg Digital Archives.
    Rich material about Harold Weisberg’s thoughts on the JFK case and his original research into the Warren Commission files.
    Also included are videos from the 1976 National Symposium on the Kennedy and King Assassinations with appearances by Weisberg, James Lesar, Howard Roffman and Professor David R. Wrone.
    Weisberg’s correspondence with many of the leading critics is illuminating as our his many book length critiques of pro-Warren Commission and pro-conspiracy books.
    Weisberg’s criticisms of the Jim Garrison case and the Oliver Stone movie are strongly presented and factually significant.

  38. The comments on the McAdams crew being composed of many half truths and misleading is on the Mark. The Education Forum by John Simkin is also composed of truth and misleading information. It appears their intention is to slow down the truth finding on JFK.

    They share in their attacks on the Judyth Baker story, which I have studied and talked about with her for a decade now.

    My careful looking at the validity for the Judyth Baker story finds it true, and these attacks from the McAdams and Education Forum’s Simpkin, Jack White, Bill Kelly and others as mean spirited and totally off base.

    In my opinion it is time to call a spade a spade and those avoiding the facts are highly concentrated with McAdams and Simkin’s UK based group. Lets hope the same lame research and misinformation gang doesn’t take over this area!

    Anyone that has taken the time to know Judyth Baker finds she is on the level and she kept almost everything from this special period in her life and there one finds an abundance of proof that she is what she claims. She doesn’t show these things to the hostile McAdams and the John Simkin types that lead off with attack games, but non the less the information exists in much abundance.

    One course, those who insist upon never meeting her, being polite, and taking the time to verify her information just don’t know anything and speak only from hear say and hand waving opinion based upon nothing but thin air.

    Let hope the lessons learned from the McAdams followers and the Simkin followers doesn’t turn this area into a misleading information site that is intent upon not turning up all the information for the JFK hit and that for Lee Oswald.

    Jim Phelps

    1. Mark Robinowitz

      Ms. Baker? Maybe, maybe not. It seems tertiary at best.

      The best efforts point out the policy shifts that JFK was trying to enact, not the microanalysis of details that are unlikely to be verified at this late date. JFK and the Unspeakable shines brilliantly as a guide. I also like the “Mr. X” dialogue in Oliver Stone’s JFK, warning that the stories of Oswald, Ruby, Cubans, the Mafia are distractions in a parlor game that keep everyone from focusing on the core issues: who benefitted and who had the power to cover it up?

      “The tyranny of power is here. Current events tell us that those who killed Kennedy can only perpetuate their power by promoting social upheaval both at home and abroad. And that will lead not to revolution but to repression. I suggest to you, my friend, that the interests of those who killed Kennedy now transcend national boundaries and national priorities. No doubt we are dealing now with an international conspiracy. We must face that fact – and not waste any more time microanalyzing the evidence. That’s exactly what they want us to do. They have kept us busy for so long. And I will bet, buddy, that is what will happen to you. They’ll keep you very, very busy and, eventually, they’ll wear you down. The truth was easily ascertainable. I feel that my work on the assassination is an accomplishment which required little intelligence, minimal analytic ability, and no special talents. Rather, it reflected a willingness to bear witness to the truth irrespective of the consequences. In my responsibility to adhering to the truth as I saw it, I have been and will continue to be, oblivious to all the consequences of its expression.”
      — Vincent Salandria

      1. Mr. Salandria, you are the unsung hero of all researchers to me. I read your brilliant book, False Mystery last late summer and Correspondence With Vincent Salandria with Michael Morrissey. After James Douglas’s masterpiece and Doug Horne’s five book Inside The Assassination Review Board, it finally hit me after almost 18 years of reading. This was a state sponsored execution ordered at the highest levels of government and business/corporate interests. Your contributions Sir have validated my own conclusion reached five or so years ago. It is interesting that after a back and forth with some “intelligence” prostitute, a gentleman came to my defense and said I was in good company with your position. I had never up to that point read anything about your thoughts, but immediately got False Mystery and Correspondence With Vincent Saldandria, and I am so glad I did. You are so right and how it took me so long to discover you is embarrassing to me. Thank you Sir for all of your contributions to this sad chapter in our history. You are to be commended and honored for all you have done. Thank you, Stephen Courts

    1. Thanks, we’re always looking for recommendations for best JFK web sites. Deep Politics Forum has a different focus so it doesn’t fit our category.

      1. Another interesting source is the researcher Robert Harris. He places most emphasis on proving that there were two headshots to JFK, not just the one that killed him. For instance, in discussing the fact that there were two shots within 1.5 seconds of each other, he says that Oswald could have fired the first or second, but not both. He discusses the DalTex Bldg. as a possible sniper location. It’s good research.

        1. Not Paul Nolan or Paul May? Never read about Harris (how naive am I). Interesting discussion on a tangent. I’ve considered the possibility of a shot from D-Tex a real possibility for many years. Lots of speculation and statements, Braden/Brading taken in to custody there. Altegens picture of the SECOND floor Fire Escape window or possible broom closet. But I’ve never read about the 3rd floor broken window with a sniper breaking it out to make the quick shot kill.
          Still the video in post 409 on pg 28 is some of the best zoomed/clearest footage I’ve seen of the throat shot/back shot/Connally shot.

  39. The best account is in James Douglass, “JFK and the Unspeakable.” The WHY is more important than the HOW. I’ve read maybe 30 books on the topic and this is by far the best.

    It is also the best book I’ve read about the US Presidency and also about the nuclear arms race.

    Mr. McAdams doesn’t belong on a list of “best sites,” since he is pushing the Warren Commission hoax. One can be sincere on this (or not), but alleged sincerity doesn’t make it correct or otherwise worthy of a “best” JFK site list. Perhaps it is the best defense of the Warren coverup, but surely we’re long past that nonsense, now.

    Also recommended:
    Coalition on Political Assassinations
    Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination

    My modest effort is at

    1. Hi Mark, I don’t know Dave Perry. I looked at his Web site and I see a guy who hasn’t made up his mind yet. That’s hardly offensive. As for McAdams, he can be abrasive but I try not to get offended by strong arguments. JFK is a story we feel strongly about. Why do you?

      1. I am glad to see your web site here. I am glad there are more folks taking a look at the JFK assassination. There are truth and lies everywhere. No one has a monopoly on the truth.

        Re: Dave Perry. He believes that a lone nutter Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK… except that he implied to me that he thought the Russians told Oswald to do it. I assess that probability at 1 in 100,000,000.

        Dave Perry also gives us a very dishonest and one-sided look at Madeleine Brown. Absolutely, Madeleine was one of LBJ’s top inner circle mistresses of LBJ. I know many reputatable, serious JFK researchers that knew her well and believe her accounts of what LBJ told her.

        I – for one – do not believe the account of the Murchison Party. Having said that Lyndon Johnson’s schedule for 12/31/63 is CONFIRMED that he was at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX where he kept a room #254 on retainer. It is still there today located on the mezzanine level. It was on that night that Lyndon Johnson told Madeleine Brown that Texas oil executives in Dallas and “renegade intelligence bastards” murdered John Kennedy. I agree. Just add in LBJ himself (and Hoover, perhaps Allen Dulles) and you have the core of the JFK assassination.

        Military intelligence did it. But Lyndon Johnson was at the epicenter of the plot.

        1. Robert, I was skeptical of it. But when you consider that LBJ could have traveled to Dallas with ease; that he reportedly arrived late; that there are witnesses of this…including Johnson’s mistress! Think there is a lot of evidence this meeting did take place and LBJ had a part. I don’t like thinking that way. I grew up a Cowboy fan–and that means that if this is indeed true, as I believe, I unwittingly once stood in the presence of one of the men who took JFK’s life.

          1. Mark, It sometimes appears as though a large part of the govt. was present in Dallas that day, problem is that he has also been accused of being a very large part of this so why would he expose himself and let it be known that he was there?
            The list just keeps getting longer with no mention of him. Just wondering because it makes no sense.Lots of both govt. and CIA were there as well. Nixon being one of the many.

            There was also either an ex-military or active duty military man was standing in the front of the fence where the shots came from. I used to have his name but that was so long ago I don’t remember it. BUT, I do remember a comment he made. He was standing in front of the wooden fence, when a white male got his attention from the other side of the fence requesting him to move a few feet to his right. Are you or anyone else aware of this? Being military he certainly would recognize the sound/sounds of gunfire. His story has never been publicized except for that single comment in one of many JFK ASSASSINATION BOOKS. Unfortunately, I do not remember which book!

        2. Robert,…would you be the same R.Morrow associated with Marshall Diggs and Mario Kohly? If so, I would be greatly interested in conversing with you.

        3. In the case of John McAdams, the ‘Paul Nolan’ incident and the smears on Gary Aguilar should be sufficient to disqualify McAdams from any list of respectable arbiters in this case.

        4. Hi robert, i was just browsing and i read your comments on the murchison party. i would like to know your thoughts on the mac wallace fingerprint in the sniper’s nest…because that for me ties lbj to the whole thing. dz

          1. dz, thanks for bringing up the Mac Wallace factor in this. I agree with Robert that this was an LBJ plot(him being the “epicenter”-to quote Robert). Wallace was LBJ’s hitman, with a history of murders of people who were on the road to causing trouble for LBJ politically. I know you wanted to hear Robert’s view, as I do, but I just wanted to jump in, because we do need to focus this thing(the asassination)on Wallace. His fingerprint on the 6th floor settles the conspiracy issue for all.

      2. John Simkin’s Spartacus Index makes both lists on the basis of having some “useful information” as well as “a fair amount of information that is false, misleading, or cannot be confirmed.” He adds in caps “HANDLE WITH CARE”. I happen to agree with you on that. John’s failure to act on my recommendation to present a more balanced view of certain individuals, is one of the reasons I left that site. However, you also list McAdams’ “JFK Assassination Home Page” in your “Best Of” – without a hint of any warning that it also contains a mix of “useful information” and “a fair amount of information that is false, misleading, or cannot be confirmed.” Moreover, McAdams once admitted to me he was a propagandist – and it’s hard to disagree with him about that – his website is full of loaded language, misrepresentations, omissions and half-truths – all aimed at knocking down the easy conspiracy stuff… the stuff on the extreme that my 8 year old twins could poke holes in. He will not touch anything he cannot counter. He doesn’t have to – not when he uses such a broad brush. All hallmarks of a propagandist.

          1. Howsabout that , McAdams referring to someone “you took something out of context and interpreted it in a twisted way.” Having listened to McAdams debate , that is EXACTLY his whole demeanor. I guess McAdams should know about this subject …

      3. I would add in Deep Politics Forum. Glad to see you joined us Jeff. I welcomed you Friday but have not seen you online. Look forward to your contributions. Any word back on the case?

        Dave Perry, Mc Adams….ah….I guess for those who want to support the Warren Commission lie, but who has time for lies?
        Attorney Dawn Meredith
        Austin, Tx.
        JKF assassination researcher since 11/22/63, at age 14.

        1. you are so right. it is historical denial to dismiss the fact that LBJ fronted for a very corrupt texas political machine. The fix was in down in good ole boy Texas as the saying goes. to buy the lone nut theory reflects such a shallow perception of what power and threats to that power are capable of. The fact that the cia- and organized crime formed an alliance that the Warren commish never investigated because Allen Dulles the cia director fired by JFK help cover up that investigative thread. Even LBJ himself who picked 7 cronies doubted his own commish. He was still pawning it off on Castro 6 years later to Walter Cronkite.

      4. Jeff,

        I’m originally a DC Native, and have witnessed the inaccurate and irresponsible reporting that the Washington Post has written throughout the years, so I’m not a big fan, nor do I usually agree with anyone who writes or has written for that paper. I must say however, you should be applauded for your stalwart pursuit of the truth! Thank you for what you are doing with regards towards this Website, it is a great service to our country and her Citizens. I truly hope you are successful in your endeavors!

        It seems to me that you are ignoring the representations of an expert Ballistics Expert in, Howard Donahue? I find the book that Menninger wrote, along with eye witness testimony, and the Zapruder films, shows that there should be more attention paid to that theory. Why are you not focusing any of your attention towards that?

        Warm Regards,


        1. Hi Adam,

          I’ve written about Meninger’s baseless “theory” before. Like here:

          I don’t pay attention to it because it doesn’t deserve attention. There is no photographic or forensic or eyewitness testimony and much that refutes it. In other words, there’s nothing to pay attention to.
          JFK Facts is about JFK Facts. Theories are a bore and stupid theories the most boring of all

      5. My dad was involved in the jfk investigation from the military side. He testified and was call basically a lier please feel free to drop me an e-mail. My father was involved in more than jfk. Help contrad of gems to help buy weapons and also drugs. We weee bombing load and Cambodia and Nixon told the Americans we weren’t

      1. Read what I said. If you want to espouse one point of view about the assassination, you should know what the other side is saying. It will help you make a stronger case.

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