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MDG – July 26

The CIA is an unreliable source.

Novel was CIA and part of the N Orleans cast of characters in 63.

Did Novel know LHO through the CIA.

I am quoting the 1968 Garrison interview.

This at this point is all about the facts & documents.

We need a Kennedy Commission to lay out everything in the Kennedy Mystery in 26 volumes.

It is a Crime that needs to be solved.

This doesnt mean Novel or Cruz were involved in the Assassination but they were part of the New Orleans 63 part of the story.

Tannenbaum was part of the HSCA part of the story. Let’s not be afraid of it.

A Kennedy Commission would bring all the evidence together in one large set of books with 26+ Volumes.

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  1. Tom – I know you’ve worked hard on your research and believe you bring up some interesting points, such as why Garrison ignored Ed Butler of INCA who got the TV and radio tapes from New Orleans to Washington DC for message control before JFK’s body returned.

    It’s just going to take a lot to convince me that Garrison was in any way in cahoots with the CIA. He staked his entire career, family and reputation on this case, and while he may have gone way off target at times he was absolutely right about one thing:

    CIA assets were involved with Oswald in NO during the summer before the assassination.

    And what is more important to me about that fact than anything Garrison did or didn’t do is that Dulles, Helms, Angleton, Shackley and the lot had to have known this fact but kept silent.

  2. The Catholic Charities were supported by the CIA backed Catherwood Foundation of Philadelphia because of the church’s support of refugees, specifically Cuban refugees. The Catherwood’s Cuban Aid Relief gave money to the Catholic Charities to operate a series of medical clinics in Florida, New Orleans, Dallas and other Cuban refugee points. One of the priests who was involved in this work – Father Walter McChann in Dallas, was Sylvia Odio’s priest and confessor and a good friend of John Martino, sharing a stage with Martino when he gave a book tour.

    1. Thank you Bill Kelly. I never thought about the CIA using religion for their purposes but I guess it’s a natural even if sacrilegious in and of itself. The link of Odio to Martino through Father McChann is very intriguing in relation to the “Odio Incident” and in turn Martino’s being Castro’s prisoner/the book, and his 11/22/63 story.

    1. Thanks Ray. Now I am even more confused (some might say easily done).
      First, if this van was also used in the Houma raid I guess there’s a story from somebody with close knowledge about the assassination of it being used in N O and Dallas?
      My confusion is this, From the Presidential Flag on the limo in the picture, the One Way sign, the building in the background, it looks like this is on the N. E. corner of Elm and Houston in front of the Dal-Tex building.
      Trouble is, for me, I read a undocumented story as far as I know years ago that differs a bit. It involved a larger Box Truck at this location. The story, wherever I read it, speculated on it being a mobile command/communications center for a military operation. I’ve never seen pictures of IT.
      What I find interesting in this picture are two men.
      Virtually everyone in the picture is looking at the limo.
      The man in the black suit wearing sun glasses a few feet out from the drivers side door is not. He is staring intently further down into Dealy Plaza. To his right, under the CL is another man doing the same thing. If they came to see the President, why aren’t they looking at him?

      1. I’ve always wondered what kind of a shot a prone sniper concealed under the laundry bags would have at JFK.

        1. One not too removed from that of a shooter from the open second floor staircase window of the Dal-Tex building in “the” Altegens photograph.
          I’ve long wondered if this as I read somewhere long ago “broom closet” was not an elevated, enclosed (from sight, and at lest reduced sound) site for a shooter to JFK’s back, the back of his head, and/or Connally (a JFK miss?) (the Teague “wound”?).

  3. Gordon Novel was a participant in the Houma Bunker raid that included an ex-Marine who dry fired a rifle on the way and threw lit sticks of dynamite out the window on the way back to Bannister’s offices where the reportedly stolen arms were kept. They used a laundry truck supplied by Catholic Charities – that was also reported to be at Dealey Plaza and took the weapons and explosives from the Schulmberger Wells company bunker – a Texas company run by Frenchman Jean DeMeniel, who later knew Oswald through deMohrenschiltz. Novel’s wife, a New Orleans beauty Queen also accompanied them. While a study of such operations that dove tail with the Dealey Plaza operation can give insight into what they were up to, Novel and the Houma Bunker raid indicate to me that the Crescent City Bozos were not responsible for what happened at Dealey Plaza, a well planned and successfully executed military style ambush that included the Northwoods like disinformation ploy to blame the assassination on Oswald and Castro Cuban Commies, something the Yahoos of Houma were in able of.

    1. Schlumberger board included Leon Jaworski, lead partner of Houston-based law firm Fulbright Jaworski, legal counsel for Schlumberger. Jaworski is most famous for replacing Archibald Cox as special prosecutor in the Watergate scandal, ultimately responsible for the presidential pardon of Richard Nixon by President Gerald Ford who was a member of the Warren Commission.

      “A day came in early September when Nixon’s new ace attorney, Herbert J. “Jack” Miller, met secretly with Jaworski in the restaurant of the Jefferson Hotel and asked the special prosecutor if he would challenge a presidential pardon or in any way attack it on the airwaves. Miller walked out of the Jefferson that afternoon with the definite sense, he now says, “that if a pardon were granted, Jaworski would consider that the prerogative of the president.” Thus was Nixon bestowed executive clemency by President Gerald Ford on September 8, 1974. The press release issued by Jim Doyle the following morning declared that “the special prosecutor will not discuss the subject of the pardon granted former president Nixon.”

    2. I’ve never read about the Catholic laundry truck before Mr. Kelly. It’s interesting to me. Can you or maybe someone else tell me where to find more information about it?

    3. I am extremely reluctant to believe Gordon Novel about anything uncorroborated by uninvolved, reliable third parties.,4996771
      TV REVIEWS : ‘J. Edgar Hoover’: Dirt Shown Out of Context
      February 09, 1993|ROBERT KOEHLER
      Gordon Novel, an apparent confidant of no less than the CIA’s top Cold War spy, James Angleton, stating that he saw photos of Hoover and Tolson engaged in oral sex,…

      Does this actually make any sense to its author, Joan Mellen? I submit it was not intended by Robertson and Garrison to make sense, but intended to seem ridiculous!

      Joan Mellen wrote that Novel is directed by Sheridan, but it is Garrison’s most powerful and influential political sponsor who is behind Gordon Novel’s “infiltration” of Garrison’s office. I think the research I have presented since January supports a reasonable argument that Garrison presented a contrivance represented to be an investigation.

  4. Jesse Hemingway

    If the CIA is in on the execution of JFK, then WTF is Allan Dulles doing on the Warren Commission. Can you hear the other shoes drooping? Like LBJ, J.Edgar Hoover, and John J McCloy.

  5. For the record I was not mocking. I read the Torbitt document not long ago. It describes an assassination theory that involves Nazi secret weapons, Naz scientists, NASA, Area 51, UFOs, etc. I would think that if that theory were true, it would be a good reason to keep records secret. No criticism of you was implied or intended.

  6. Six days have passed. What impression can be drawn by a response consisting of one mocking comment, except of course reinforcement for the observation that everyone already knows what they know?

    In Jan.,1971, Willard Robertson is described in this testimony transcript excerpt, as living in New Haven, CT some fifteen years before.-
    Willard Robertson, Sr. married Sally Moss (Moskowitz) Robertson in 1935 and lived with her in Connecticut. They had two children, ……, the plaintiffs in this case. In 1947, the family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where Robertson opened a dealership dealing in imported automobiles. Robertson divorced Sally in 1950….

    So, what was Willard’s background and did he bring his political and financial influence with him from New Haven to New Orleans? I find no comprehensive research on his background. Neither Robertson nor Garrison was a native of New Orleans.

    In 1944, the New Haven city directory describes Willard as a wood worker at a plant with defense contracts. In 1938 he was a salesman in a clothing store, and in 1942 he was manager at Gilbert’s Restaurant in a space occupied today by Patricia’s Restaurant, 18 Whalley Ave., bordering Yale’s campus. In 1948, Willard was described as superintendent at the former New Haven area defense plant, city directory page, 1944-–FQP4ACCo/s512/Willard1944Woodworker37Water.jpg and
    “..In June of 1945 we completed all but one contract for the government and this order was experimental and is still a secret as to its nature….”

    …..and in 1949 he appears at a booth at the Nola Trade Mart.
    JFK in NOLA: Kennedy seen but not heard, thanks to City Hall glitch …

    Considering the info in the page linked above, and the history, can anyone explain the basis for Garrison charging Gordon Novel with theft?

    May 4, 1962 :

  7. Prior Cotw –

    MDG, I wince, reading your comment because I would not write similarly unless I really had a strong command of the details, the evidence, and I do not think you do. Like many others do, I think you write about what impresses you, vs. what you actually can support with actual evidence.

    Certainly, there are many sites to present what you have presented in your comment above but should this site be one of them? I think it should be, if the presenter is prepared to support the claims and conclusions presented.

    It has been 49 years and yet it does not seem a settled matter that Gordon Novel was employed by CIA in 1967, or even who Mr. Weiss actually was, or whether Novel actually wrote to him. Garrison quoted Plotkin in his Playboy Magazine interview, but who did Plotkin quote, aside from Gordon Novel?

    Link to page 2 of the article above,

    Image of last paragraph of page 2 of Novel letter article, at link above,

    Joan Mellen and AJ Weberman have described Mr. Weiss as Seymour Weiss of the Department of State –

    Seymour Weiss – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Seymour Weiss (September 13, 1896 – September 17, 1969 was a prominent New Orleans hotel executive and civic leader who was a close confidante of the …
    ‎The Roosevelt Hotel · ‎Loyal to Huey Long · ‎Weiss imprisoned for tax evasion
    Seymour Weiss (diplomat) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For the associate of Huey Long, see Seymour Weiss. Seymour Weiss (May 15, 1925 – September 23, 1992) was a United States diplomat and a high-ranking …

    Speculation in these two brief threads displaying interesting and detailed
    information is that Mr. Weiss was the former Gov. Huey Long assistant.:
    Dirty Deeds: Huey Long’s FBI files
    Written by: Lee Zurik, Chief Investigative Reporter

    The Torbitt document describes Mr. Weiss as a third individual of a third background.:

    Gordon Novel, a Double-Chek employee and Bannister agent,
    when called before a New Orleans Grand Jury in 1967, decided to
    write the man who succeeded Guy Bannister after his death in
    1964, Seymour Weiss. Novel told Weiss of Division Five of the FBI
    that Garrison was on to Double-Chek’s involvement, warned
    Division Five not to kill him and suggested the DIA be used to
    subdue Garrison.155

    The suggestion in Gordon Novel’s letter to Seymour Weiss of
    the FBI Division Five that the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)
    be used to stop Garrison;’s investigation was immediately
    followed by furious activity on the part of a former .i.DIA
    liaison man in the Attorney General’s Office.

    Walter Sheridan, who had served the DIA as liaison man in
    the Attorney General’s Office, immediately contacted Novel and
    took him to a Division Five, FBI polygraph operator in McLean,
    Virginia, and Sheridan prepared news releases to the effect that
    Novel had passed the lie detector test. The gist of the Sheridan
    news releases were that Jim Garrison’s investigation in New
    Orleans was a fraud and amounted to nothing.156….

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