‘History’s ship is adrift on this issue’

Reader Brad Milch writes:

“It’s heartbreaking to realize Americans still do not the know the full story of the murder of President Kennedy after 50 years. Each missing or withheld record is a piece of this country’s history educators cannot teach the young about events that happened prior to their arrival in this world & it leaves the older population that lived through the traumatic drama with the quagmire of questions that have yet to be satisfactorily answered. Clearly wandering the ocean aimlessly while the crew apathetically ignores the issues it pretends to not see.

“Perhaps the unified voice of educators is what is needed to free the withheld history. Educators should be able predict in advance all possible repercussions & backlash for standing up to the power elite (such as Willie Nelson’s infamous IRS audit & seizure of his property & possessions after he helped organize Farm Aid) and demanding that the history of this nation be freed to its people. What Jeff Morley is valiantly accomplishing here at his website educators nationwide need to enlighten their students that his crusade for JFK transparency may bear fruit that will enrich their knowledge of America’s turbulent history.”



2 thoughts on “‘History’s ship is adrift on this issue’”

  1. It is a very sad thing that after all these years, the truth is still being suppressed in this situation. It is interesting that the Deep State/Power Elite have so much power, that they can continue to do so after 50 years! I APPLAUD YOU, jEFF. i WOULD HAVE GIVEN UP long AGO.

  2. By ‘educators’ I assume Brad is including gifted entertainment educators & artists such as Bob Dylan, the remaining Beatles & Stevie Wonder among others. I do hope they and their peers will gallantly join Jeff Morley’s crusade for JFK transparency & apply their individual genius & gifts for words & music & help him finish the work he has courageously began.

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