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Steve Stirlen – February 29


There is a HUGE problem for the LN side with Mr. Gunn and his comments about the WC failing to do its job and it is now TOO late to know the truth. Allow me to help.

1. He is not a “kook” or a “buff.” He says so in the first sentence. He does not have an opinion. Oops, have to throw away your “hatred” or “ad hominem” quotes.

2. He is highly educated. Therefore, he is not a “wacko” or a “crazed theorist” or whatever else you will try to throw at him. I don’t know for sure, but I believe he was educated at Notre Dame. I believe that is a quality institution of higher learning. Wouldn’t you agree, John?

3. He has sought NO publicity or not written a book. Shhhhhh, don’t tell Photon, because Photon believes that the CT side exists “only to sell books and make money off of JFK’s death.” Oops, this Gunn guy is a sticky wicket, isn’t he?

The problem with Gunn, as with most people on this site, is the fact that we can see both sides of the coin, we can ask questions that your beloved WC did not ask, and we can dig a little deeper than what we were told by the same government that eventually gave us the Vietnam War. Tom S. is a perfect example. He gives all of us MORE info than the WC ever thought to, simply because he does a little research. You have been quoting Shenon lately. Well, Shenon talked to Slawson, and Slawson now believes the WC was not told the full truth (read lying) and that LHO was not a “lone wolf.”


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