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Photon – February 1

Tom S, please refer to the Washington Post article of Jan 31, 2016: “‘Eyewash’: How the CIA deceives its own workforce about operations”
Please note the following statements from the article: ” …eyewashing was a standard practice that had been in existence for decades.”

” The practice of sending false internal memos originated in a Cold War era marked by frequent ” mole hunts” for Soviet spies in the CIA workforce.”
If you accept the Washington Post as a credible source( and you already accept as a reliable source for information not concerning birth certificates, death certificates or census records) it becomes apparent that your blind acceptance of CIA memos without any written association with other CIA records may not be justified.
As such, any claim that you make that the CIA records support your interpretations (such as the claim that Baldwin was a covert agent) must be taken with a large dose of skepticism.

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