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Gerry Campeau – December 28, 2015

Tom S
It’s quite obvious that your news paper story on Col Robert E Jones is cover story to cover up Truth about Col Jones its a charade

to think there is more then one Col Robert E Jones at Fort Campbell KY
According to Larry Hancock’s research on the 112th, Jones was lying. He was never the 112th’s operations officer. And the committee didn’t know this? How did Jones know it would be safe to lie about it? And if he lied under oath about something as basic as his own position with the 112th, why should we believe anything else that he said?


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  1. If we make mistakes we should be willing to correct them, and we all can make mistakes. We’re entitled to our personal opinions, not our own standards of evidence. It can be a reasonable conversation so long as those in the conversation can be reasonable. Verifiable facts are more important than our feelings.

  2. Should we be content to attempt to get along instead of comparing facts as we see them, or presenting new ones?

    I will have none of “getting along instead” if the truth is unclear.

  3. gerry campeau

    Tom S I do appreciate any kind of criticism as it adds to my field of research and i stand by the fact there is only one Col Robert E(Elis}JONES IN Fort CAMPBELL AREA If you can show me your Col Robert Jones with his middle name i will have one more look at it.

    1. Gerry, Col. Robert E.Jones of the 112th MI was Robert Edward Jones.:
      (I also presented this link in last December’s thread.:)

      Photo of tombstone associated with entry at link above, can be viewed here.:
      Robert Edward Jones,5550698&hl=en
      Kentucky New Era – Dec 15, 1977
      City Man Linked With JFK Probe

      ….(fifth column, right side, ) Jones and his family, which includes two daughters, Melinda…. and Jennifer….
      Oct 2, 2000
      Col. Robert E. Jones, 79, Remington Road, died Saturday morning, Sept. 30, 2000, at St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tenn., following a brief illness.

      Services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Hughart and Beard Funeral Home, Hopkinsville, with the Rev. Ralph McConnell officiating. Burial will be in New Salem Cemetery. Visitation will be from 5 until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

      A native of Kenton, Tenn., he was born Nov. 6, 1920, the son of the late William Arthur and Jane Thompson Jones. He was a retired Army officer with 30 years service and was a member of the First Baptist Church.

      Survivors include his wife, Geneva (Jenny) Wright Jones; two daughters, Melinda Jones Mays, Beavercreek, Ohio, Jennifer Jones Keith, Gambrills, Md.;

      1. gerry campeau

        Tom it looks like you have all your Ducks in row and i have only a suspicion based on my research 2 years ago when i could not find obituary, Funny thing i saw obits 2 month ago without 79 street # now clearly stating 79 Remington.

      2. gerry campeau

        Tom it looks like you have all your Ducks in row. i have only my suspicions based on my research two years ago and could only locate one Obituary on Col Robert E Jones. Funny thing 3 month ago i saw your Col Jones Obits and noted the Street Remington without 79. Why i was curios, i found a Geneva Jones at 113 Remington not your Geneva because her Husband died in 80’s,small world.

  4. Your last question is a potent one, Tom. I’ve been trying to figure that out for awhile. It’s one thing when someone from the other “side” refuses to acknowledge something you think you’ve discovered, but it’s undoubtedly disappointing when those on the same “side” share their reluctance to accept something new. It feels personal.

    I just put it out there and hope people catch on. But there’s got to be a better way.

  5. Link to prior Cotw –

    Mid-year reflections….
    Six months ago, Gerry Campeau was a frequent submitter to
    Since the comment above, Gerry has commented only three times.
    My concern is that readers who feel they have something to say are not all that agreeable to being presented (confronted) with new or contrary evidence, especially if they’re already invested in a particular set of facts.

    It would be interesting to read opinions of expectations of visitors to and regulars of . Was Gerry treated too brusqely, or did he give what he got, or more than he got. It is an old case, now. Should we be content to attempt to get along instead of comparing facts as we see them, or presenting new ones?

    Is there a way to inform if information is obviously unappreciated?

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