Will the next POTUS insist on full JFK disclosure?

The question at the heart of this book concerns 2017 as much as 1963.

The answer is yours, when you buy the book.


  1. Jordan says:

    Only if it’s Bernie Sanders…Clinton is a tool and Trump is a fool.

  2. “Will the next POTUS insist on full JFK disclosure?”

    No. The next POTUS will be chosen by the Power Elite, just like they all have from the “Industrial Revolution”.

    Even Kennedy was a choice of the elite. They simply misjudged the man.

    • Ramon F Herrera says:

      Hi Willy:

      I am writing a computer program which automatically debates Conservatives (the ones of the Social persuasion, since Economic Conservatives are fine people who deserve respect), and Trump voters. Yes, they are that predictable.

      Since you have the exact same arguments as them, allow me to test my program with your posts.

      Thank you for being a good sport. See below the automatic replies to people who despise elitism.


      The Founders were Elitist Liberals, as we can clearly see:


      -Ramon The Elitist Liberal


      Elitism means that the medical school student who was the brightest and hardest working, is the one that gets to treat your sick child.

      Somehow, Social Conservatives (and Trump voters) seem to have a problem with that.

      -Signed: Ramon The Elitist Liberal


  3. Jordan says:

    I found Clinton’s comments today on the tragedy in Florida rather frightening. Given what she said, I would not expect her to rub the wrong folks the wrong way…

  4. Jim Gearhart says:

    What is going to stop them from releasing “non-sense” files & docs & getting rid of the REAL DEAL INFO ? When it happened they said because of national security reasons- like maybe a friggin revolution ?- they would have to withhold ost of the info ” for 50 years”. Hell that was years ago

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