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  1. Frankie Vegas says:

    There has been a massive whole right where this website should of been all along. Thank you!

  2. John Newman’s presentation on Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City at the JFK Lancer conference in 1999 is just about the best resource for what went on in Mexico City in late September, early October 1963. You should have a link to it. It’s backed up with lots of documentation. Here’s the link –

    Thank you,
    Joseph Backes

    • jeffmorley says:

      I agree Joseph. John Newman’s book “Oswald and the CIA,” and his explication of his findings in the link you sent,are critical to understanding the role of the CIA in the events that led to the assassination. We will be highlighting the importance of his work on this site.

  3. John Kirsch says:

    a couple things: how do i sign in? i already have a wordpress account for my foto blog but when i put in the username and password for your site, they didn’t work. do i have to come up with new usernames and passwords for your site? second, i have difficulty navigating your site. a couple days ago i posted a comment and now i am unable to find the page where it was posted.

  4. bba says:

    I am always fascinated by whom the Warren Commissioners refused to interview: How About Senator Ralph Yarborough, who was riding in the Dallas Motorcade on Nov.22, 1963, in the same limo as VP and Mrs. Johnson. (He even contacted the Warren Commission, offering to be interviewed, but they never responded).

    Yarborough was interviewed extensively by Robert Grele in 1966 (this interview is filed with the rest of Yarborough’s papers at the University of Texas Briscoe Center Archives). Yarborough’s version of events given in this 1966 interview directly conflicts with LBJ’s version (for example: Yarborough states that Rufus Youngblood never climbed over the seat to protect LBJ. In fact, neither man reacted much at all to the shots, Yarborough claims.) Even when interviewed in his 90’s by Patrick Cox, Yarborough still insists that he heard (and even smelled the gunpowder) of shots coming from the 5th Floor of the office building that is more or less across the street from the Texas Book Depository Building.

    The Warren commission managed to take 21 pages of evidence from Kenneth O’donnell, Kennedy White House Aid, who was much farther back in the motorcade. But they accepted not one page of evidence from US Senator Ralph Yarborough even though he was sitting next to the soon-to-be-president, in the limo that was separated from the Kennedy limo only by one secret service vehicle.

    This is just one of many inexplicable omissions by the Warren Commission – which clearly had no interests in discovering “truth”. But there is one explanation that does some to fit: If the evidence did not support the “lone Gunman in the TBD building” it was ignored and refused by the Warren Commission.

    • LBJ had an intense dislike for Sen. Yarborough, so he probably made sure that Yarborough wasn’t allowed to testify much about the assassination.

      I have heard that LBJ ducked, when his limousine got into the killing zone, while he let his wife and Sen. Yarborough sit upright in the limousine, but he knew he couldn’t tell them, because it would let the world know he was in on the assassination.

      I have a feeling LBJ was given day by day reports of what testimony was being included in the Warren Report. LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover teamed up to make sure nothing, that pointed to a conspiracy was published in the Warren Report.

      Gerald Posner may think he closed the case in 1993, with his book, but I think this case is not anywhere close to being closed. Just hope too many witnesses haven’t died mysterious deaths and too many crucial documents have not been destroyed.

  5. Peter R. Whitmey says:

    Are you familiar with the Soviet exit visa error made by Oswald in listing his birthplace as “New Orleans, Texas, USA”? I discuss it in my article written back in the early 1990s, “Did Oswald Come Back?”, available at All other documents filled out by Oswald while in Russia listed his birthplace as “New Orleans, La.”, as well as all others filled out after returning to the U.S.

    According to Priscilla Johnson McMillan, as told to her by Marina, Oswald brought home extra copies of the exit visa form, in case he made a mistake. PJM wasn’t aware of the error when I contacted her in the late 1980s, but Marina was (although she had no idea why Oswald made such an amazing error). – Peter R. Whitmey

    • jeffmorley says:

      I’m not familiar with that. But it seems like it my be an honest mistake someone might make when filling out repetitive information. My working assumption is that what it is. Is there any reason to think differently?

  6. Shane McBryde says:

    Just another interesting blast from the past: Rare recording of Jim Garrison appearing on “The Steve Allen Show” with Mort Sahl and Robert K. “B1-Bob” Dornan. Who knew Dornan was a former “TV personality?” Sounds like Steve, Jim and Mort pretty much wipe the floor with Dornan. Dornan is down right obsequious towards Allen. At least Allen gives Garrison a far fairer hearing than did Johnny Carson.

    It’s absolutely amazing how “in the bag” some of these major personalities were for the institutional elite!

  7. leslie sharp says:

    re: G. Robert Blakey
    It seemed odd that Blakey’s statement was not accompanied with more detail including the fact that he had indeed signed the letter to the CIA insisting on release of documents still being withheld. Of course it’s my responsibility to get up to speed, but it is also important that when threads are opened there is some sense of collegiality and full disclosure. To that end, I would be interested in the most up to date information available to the general public as to Blakey’s current activity in support of the legal case, if anyone has access to it?

  8. I sent this in a separate email but thought I would post here as well.

    My name is John Ballantyne and I just came across your site. Don’t know why it took me so long. I have researched the assassination since the mid 1980s. Being in the entertainment business, I wrote a play about the JFK assassination that premiered in 1996. Titled “Specter of Treason-The Oswald Trial, the play is a “what-if” based on the idea that Oswald survived being shot by Ruby and he goes on trial. It is comprised of a cast of 54 actors and it goes through the prosecution and defense segments of his trial. The audience acts as the jury and renders the verdict at each performance. When we did it in 1996 we got some real interesting reactions and verdicts. We even did it for school kids who were enthralled by it. We also did a JFK Assassination Seminar titled “Who Shot JFK” and it was attended by Debra Conway from JFK Lancer, John Judge from COPA, Ed Hoffman, Barbara LaMonica, Steve Jones, and Jerry Policoff. It was a one day event which was very well received.
    Well, we are repeating the show this year and we open on Friday, November 22 (as we did before) and we will run through December 8. You can check out our website at We will also be doing another seminar called JFK & Dallas. We are in the process of lining up participants to do presentations and to take part in a forum discussion regarding the assassination. The seminar will take place on Saturday, December 7 at Youngstown State University. Cyril Wecht will be present to do a presentation and be part of the forum. He saw the production in 1996 and has been a big supporter of it. I was hoping that someone from your organization might be available to join us. This will all be held in Youngstown, Ohio. Also, anyone else out there that might have an area of information to offer at the event should contact us. Specter of Treason will also be done at a theater in Valparaiso, Indiana around the same time as ours. Interest is already building here as we are now in rehearsal for another play I wrote concerning the assassination. Titled, Sparky…from Chicago it centers on Jack Ruby and his activities prior to the assassination and during the weekend of the assassination.

  9. Joe w. Heyer says:

    For Barry Krusch or anyone. Volume 3 Impossible: The Case Against
    LHOswald, pages 218-19-20 pictures show the fraud of Arlen Specter.
    Who is the man with a hat and what is his role?

  10. Bogman says:

    I’ve always felt the evidence that Oswald was a pawn and/or participant in U.S. gov’t intel shenanigans was fairly persuasive, especially having to take into account the hall of mirrors those agencies are trained to create to protect themselves.

    However, when you look at the logistics of actually framing Oswald or least partnering with him in Dealey, tough questions come to mind that I’ve never seen a conspiracy theorist answer to my satisfaction, like:

    o How did anyone place Oswald on the parade route two months prior to the assassination? I’ve never seen an argument that contradicts Ruth Paine getting him the job.

    o What else could’ve been in the package Oswald brought to work that day but the rifle?

    o Oswald left his ring with his wife, so it appears some decision was made prior to leaving for work that day.

    Interested in hearing anyone’s evidence or theories.

    • steven says:

      the route was well nown well before hand
      the cia and fbi and texas citsen in on it and Oswald left his ring in case he faled to get the job donedid you know Oswald had a motor cycle and a conveterbile
      loved to go fishing in galvaston
      he tried to stop it

  11. senja says:

    Larry Sabato tells us “Oswald was a life-time failure of a person. He accomplished nothing in his life and failed at everything.”
    Gee Larry, I don’t you are talking about the same Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe you can be more specific in Lee’s failures. But in the mean time, let’s count his successes.
    1) Oswald could speak 3 languages fluently, English, Russian, and Spanish. With a little Japanese with his Japanese girlfriend from Astugi.
    Oswald was one of only five men in his Marine Corp Unit holding Crypto. the highest code of security clearance. At Air Tech, Lee tested high enough to be trained as a Radar Controller. He got more traning in Air Control. He was an air traffic controller. Not exactly a failure of a job . At Astugi, Japan Lee worked on the most highly classified secret operation the U.S. military was working on. He was controlling the flights of the U2 spyplanes in their flights over Russia. As you should know, the U2 flights were run by the CIA. In his capacity, Oswald was working for the CIA.
    Tell me, Larry. Do “losers” work for the CIA?
    Nelson Delgado, a fellow marine in Oswald unit testified to the FBI of Oswalds foreign language skills. The FBI felt he also had Government intellegence contacts. Oswald got tired of the military and requested an early discharge. He returned to his mother’s home in Fort Worth, Texas.
    Six months later Oswald was on a ship headed to Russia. This is the start of Oswalds’ undercover spy activity. The CIA sent him to Russia to be a spy. A double agent. The story was he would try to defect and offer up the U2 secret information. The Russians bought it! And Lee worked as a spy. As a note, Oswald did not defect. He did not give up his U.S. citizenship. He told the Russians he would pledge allligience to Russia, even though he never actually did.
    Larry. Is this the story of a “born loser?’
    After Oswald met Marina Prfuskova, he wanted to return the the U.S. with Marina. He wanted to start a new chapter in his life.
    When Oswald returned to the U.Sl. he got a job at Jaggers-Chilies Stovall. This is the same company that analizes the photographs taken by out U2 spy planes. What a conincidence!

    Does this sound like the life of a loser? Or does it sound like you don’t have the slighted idea what you’re talking about? You should be ashamed of yourself!

  12. mike chambers says:

    my final theory is mac wallace fired the fatal shot through the overpass, the fingerprint at the book building was a plant to divert attention from him if it got that far, the rest was a planned smokescreen around that

    • Hadn’t thought about the Mac Wallace fingerprint in the book building being a diversionary tactic. Seems like the conspirators would not allow someone like Oswald to even take a shot and wonder how he could be on second floor of lunchroom with a Coke in his hand and not be perspiring or out of breath, if he had to run down four flights of stairs in 75-90 seconds and for policeman to say he didn’t appear out of breath. I am now wondering if Oswald was only allowed to be seen in the window, before the shooting, then told to leave, so shooter would be alone. I think Oswald was in the window to be seen and naturally his fingerprint would be on the rifle, but doesn’t necessarily mean he fired the shot or shots that hit the president.

    • One thing that makes me question Mac Wallace being in the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building, on the day of the assassination is that as far as I know he was never sighted that day inside the building, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in Dealey Plaza that day. With policemen going over the building with a tooth and comb he surely wouldn’t have been able to escape.

  13. Brian Ruhe says:

    HI, I’m trying to contact Len Osanic.
    I’m giving a talk on the 50th anniversary and wanted to let him know about it and invite him if he would like to be a guest speaker or publicize it. Jim Douglass introduced me to him when he was here in March. I do this every November but this is the big one. The link is below.
    Brian Ruhe

  14. Donald Thompson says:

    I have a question ===having watched the Max Holland “missing Bullet” film,it occurred to me that both the young black gentleman as well as the 13 yr old girl who was filming the limo as it made the turn both recalled hearing the 3 shots.Both claimed that the timing of the shots was =bang==then a pause==then bang bang in quick succession.If Oswald was the only shooter,how could the last two shots have been spaced so close together?.This was not addressed in the film,nor have I heard it explained elsewhere.Could you enlighten me on this subject,I find it very strange that two witnesses could have the exact same description of the sounds of the shots.

    • Mitch says:

      MANY people heard the last two shots right on top of each other and I do think that presents a problem for the single assassin interpretation.

      The young man (Amos Euins, I think) told the Warren Commission he thought it was 4 shots that he heard. 40+ years later, he remembers 3.

      Put him on a list of witnesses who have been tainted by media. Only this time, it isn’t the fault of the pro conspiracy camp.

  15. Why is this still news?

  16. D Roberts says:

    Has anyone look at angle from the 6th floor to where JFK was shoot. I haven’t seen anything on it. Have looked at lots of pictures and to me the angle don’t lineup with everything we have been told for 50 yrs. Would like to see pictures from the window he shot from and where the car would have been. Cause the shot to head doesn’t lineup with it to me. Could just be me but haven’t see a thing about this line of sight shot.

  17. This is just my personal opinion, but I think LBJ was the mastermind behind the assassination, because he had the most to gain. He went from being an unwanted part of the Kennedy Administration, to being the president. He also was at risk of being sent to prison, because of the Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes scandals, since he was receiving kickbacks. The assassination more or less ended those investigations. I think LBJ was assisted by wealthy Texas oilmen, mafia bosses like Carlos Marcello, who was particularly angry with Bobby Kennedy for deporting him. The CIA was infuriated with JFK for leaving the Bay of Pigs invaders, in a situation where they would be executed by Castro. J. Edgar Hoover just plain didn’t like the Kennedys and it was a no-brainer that he would be involved. LBJ and the other organizations all had motive, so it makes sense that those mentioned were all involved in the assassination. Jack Ruby was probably ordered to kill Oswald, so Oswald would keep his mouth shut. A couple more days alive and Oswald may have blown the conspiracy wide open.

  18. I was 11 years old when JFK was murdered. There is one thing that I know for a fact,two rifles were found at the Texas School Book Depository. The first rifle was supposedly Oswald,s . The rifle was old and worn. It did not have a clip and the scope was off. A day or two later, a high powered German mauser was found on the roof. I asked my Uncle when he came home from work,How many rifles do you need to kill one man ? Two rifles were found at the Texas School Book Depository. He said Charlie, You’re an amazing boy. There was either two shooters or Oswald set up.

  19. David Ashton says:

    It is pretty impossible for one English observer to track through the Augean flood of conspiracy theories, and so I have tried to focus on the minor-quantity issue of the cons and pros of direct Kremlin involvement. I understand that alleged disinformation and/or commercial fiction from Hugh McDonald, naming KGB officials Semichastny and Rogov/Tsymbal, included a photostat in Russian of a written admission alleged by the retired Semichastny of a Soviet connection. Has anyone seen this and any comment to make other than outright dismissal of its autthenticity?

  20. steven says:

    Remington fireball xp-100 shot kennedy
    the guy that claimed to be shoter wasn’t
    shotter died in wa on valientnes day no I wont tell you the year
    his friend fbi agent gave him a 357 mag to protect him self
    fbi agent will call bill and yes he was his good friend
    the guy with umberall was in it he didn’t even bother to change color of suit
    they shot a doe in texas 2 weeks before to see what the bullit would do
    Oswald tried to stop it but could not find shotter
    the man that made ammo is dead
    depudie sheriff in elcampo tx new what was going on Mitchell
    never give a kid a round of ammo if you don’t want it to bite you in the ass

  21. Evelyn Gardiner says:

    I have never believed that OSwald could have carried out the assassination of a U.S. President without any other help in high places. While your theory about the CIA may not be accurate, nevertheless, I beleive the murder of President Kennedy was orchestrated by those from within the U.S. Gov’t, perhaps aided by others. I further believe that if the truth about President Kennedy’s death, along with those of Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and even Malcom X was revealed it would usher in anarchy and the total dismantling of the fabric of this country.

  22. Perry says:

    Why after fifty years no one has pressed for the truth. The American people must demand the answers, the presidents that have followed either have covered it up or not have to perseverance for the truth. Those presidents who have not pressed for the truth were democrats, and those who covered it up were republicans, thus those who conspired the assassination are still at the control of the presidents elected , thats bullshit.

  23. Patrick Tilton says:

    In BEST EVIDENCE, David Lifton reproduces a schematic of Air Force One that had previously been included in Manchester’s DEATH OF A PRESIDENT. Lifton’s scenario has conspirators removing JFK’s body from the Dallas casket, to be subjected to post-mortem surgery in order to alter the wounds.
    The schematic/floorplan of AF1 shows only the main level, and I’ve had a devil of a time finding any more in-depth ‘maps’ of the airplane, especially as to its configuration during the events of 22 November 1963.
    How would people on the ‘main’ deck gain access to the cargo deck below? The Manchester/Lifton map doesn’t show any stairwells up/down. Do the forward- and aft-galleys have elevator access to the lower deck?
    As important as it is to know exactly how Oswald is presumed to have gotten from the 6th floor sniper’s nest down to the 2nd floor lunchroom in 90 seconds — the exact route that he must have taken in order to do the murder and then be seen by the Officer Baker and Roy Truly a minute and a half later — it is equally important to know the exact possible layout of that other probable crime scene: for, surely, sneaking the “best evidence” — the yet-to-be-autopsied corpse of the murdered President — out of his casket in order to tamper with that evidence, makes Air Force One itself a crime scene.
    There are different theories floated about by those who believe, as I do, that the post-mortem “surgery” did in fact happen, as to exactly HOW and WHEN the traitors removed the body from the casket, and WHERE they maneuvered it. I suspect that the aft galley (in the Secret Service area, where the casket had been placed) had some means of accessing the lower cargo deck, enabling them to smuggle the body down to the “basement” of the plane, where the conspirator traitors in the Secret Service could then sneak the “luggage” towards the forward part of the plane… where, after landing at Andrews AFB, it could be brought back up to the main deck via the forward galley and off-loaded from the right/front exit to that mysterious awaiting Army helicopter mentioned by Lifton.
    Exactly how many people were on AF1 during the Dallas-to-Washington flight? How many of them were Secret Service? If Charles Colson, during the Nixon presidency, could speak of CIA infiltration of the White House Secret Service detail (mentioned in COUP D’ETAT IN AMERICA), isn’t it probable that the CIA had agents in Kennedy’s detail a decade earlier?
    To sum up: A more-detailed schematic of Kennedy’s AF1 should be added to any JFK website, since Dealey Plaza wasn’t the only crime scene on 22 November 1963.

    Let Justice be done, though the heavens fall…

  24. LOCATION OF LHO PASSPORT Do you know if all the pages of his passport are posted on-line? Do you know where the diary is now located?

    Not always but customarily Mexican immigration will stamp the date on the passport when a person enters and/or leaves the country. When re-entering the u.s. the stamp is usually made only on request.

    The stamp is not always on a sequential page so to find whether or not the Mexican or U.S. authorities stamped the LHO passport it would be necessary to see all pages.

  25. Mike Chesser says:

    I would like to contribute however the indiegogo website must not be set up right – I can’t find out how to contribute.

  26. Stephen M. Maurer says:

    The statistical argument for the Grassy Knoll depends on the assumption that each observer reports what s/he heard in complete isolation from every other witness and also everything the society has written and said about the assassination ever since. Everything we know about the psychology of crowds and also memory says that this assumption is completely wrong.

    Suppose that the acoustics of Dealey Plaza focused the echoes at the knoll. Then the observations would be correct, but the inference that there was a conspiracy would still be wrong.

    Suppose instead that one policeman made an error and started running to the grassy knoll as soon as the shots rang out. Then other people followed him. Then a lot of witnesses took the rush as a cue that “yes, that’s where the sound came from.”

    Suppose instead that memories have been bombarded with grassy knoll journalism for the past fifty years to the point where they have been rewritten.

    In all of these cases there would be a weak original observation — the mistake — amplified by 50 additional observations that are not independent at all.

    My point is not to disprove the grassy knoll hypothesis — though I have to admit that the idea of two shooters seems very hard to implement — so much as to say that statistics don’t enter into it. The 51 observations are so tangled together that there is really only one event to study. So we can study the one event and argue what did or didn’t happen. But without independent observations, we really have no business invoking statistics.

    Stephen M. Maurer
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Goldman School of Public Policy
    Berkeley, California

    • Mike Rago says:

      Witnesses would be more likely to state they heard shots from the TSBD because within hours of the assassination that is what was broadcast to the public via radio and TV. If there is any crowd bias it would have been toward the TSBD, and not toward the Knoll.

      In fact, the ear witnesses who were most likely to be confused were the ones who singled out the TSBD. It would have been much more difficult to discriminate between the TSBD and say the DalTex or Criminal Records Building.

      Here is a good example.

      James Altgens was an AP Photographer on the south side of Elm street across from the Knoll.

      On the day of the assassination, in an Associated Press dispatch Mr. Algens said the following…

      “At first I thought the shots came from the opposite side of the street. I ran over there to see if I could get some pictures

      However, several days later he said that he now knows the shots came from the TSBD.

      • The FBI, to whom Johnson gave complete jurisdiction for the case (through Hoover) convinced a lot of people that they were mistaken in their belief that the shots came from behind the fence on top of the grassy knoll. You’ve managed to uncover the reason this case is still being hotly debated 51 years later. Conicidentally, people who were unable to be convinced that the shots came from the TSBD and spoke publicly about what they had witnessed met early deaths under a wide variety of peculiar circumstances. As Yogi might say; “you could look it up.”

    • John McAdams says:

      Suppose instead that one policeman made an error and started running to the grassy knoll as soon as the shots rang out.

      Actually, that’s what Clyde Haygood, a motorcycle officer, did.

      It was not “as soon as the shots rang out,” but perhaps a minute later. But nobody was running up to the Knoll before Haygood did, and when he did, a whole crowd followed him.

      • Ronnie Wayne says:

        He was not the only officer who ran up the knoll or heard shots from there, see Jeff’s thread on 21 cops who heard a shot from the grassy knoll. Let’s just ignore the people on that side of the street who heard shots over their shoulder or head, some who ducked or dove for the ground. Just like the Warren Fairy Tale did.

        • John McAdams says:

          He was not the only officer who ran up the knoll or heard shots from there,

          He was the first.

          Jeff’s supposed 21 officers include many (a majority of them, apparently) who did not hear shots from the Knoll, but rushed into the Plaza after the shooting.

          Some were told by witnesses that the shots came “from the bushes” (or such) and some were probably just following Haygood or other people who were following Haygood.

      • JSA says:

        Haygood’s actions can be interpreted different ways. If I were one of the civilians present that day near the picket fence (grassy knoll), my first reaction would NOT be to run up and take a look if I thought shots came from there, particularly if I were unarmed. My first reaction would be to hit the deck! Running up towards a shooter could be extremely dangerous. But if a cop ran up there, perhaps that would give the curious bystanders some sense of safety and follow him.

  27. Dave says:

    Fifty years on, most of the key intimate friends/witnesses to Oswald’s life are gone. Over those years there has been much speculation as to the Warren Commission testimony and statements of Marina Oswald, and whether she was coerced/intimidated/befriended into saying what the FBI and others around her wanted (that LHO likely did it); and how her view of her late husband’s character and life has evolved since then (that he was innocent).
    It would be fascinating for JFK Facts to interview Marina on the key areas which have dogged researchers about Oswald’s life. And will she ever write a candid book laying bare the truth, unlike CIA asset Priscilla Johnson’s “Marina & Lee”? Marina may now have the maturity, confidence and perspective to put aside ego, fear and self-doubt, and pen the definitive record for herself, her daughters, their families, for Lee, and for history.

    • Brian says:

      Dave that’s a great point I will say that with the web and especially YouTube it is very likely that most of the information needed to make a solid determination on the assassination of JFK is available and more and more is being posted all the time.
      Further I believe we are better served not having to deal with half truths speculation and hidden agendas by those who knew LHO i.e. Robert Oswald.
      There is more than enough evidence available to draw a solid conclusion keep plugging away Dave!

  28. Chris Kanyane says:

    Listen, Mr Heymann gave the best of the backside of the Kennedys. Your schizophrenic attacks on Mr Heymann amounts to nothing. The world out there dont care about your bean counting criticism on his golden works. If by this time you have not figured it out that Mr Heymann was writing grey (not black and white, but a mixture of both) then you are not a good literary expert as you position yourself.

    Kind regards

  29. Pat says:

    If Jfk murder in plain daylight hasn’t been solved, it likely will not be solved.

    But, if anyone is likely to know who, or have bits of relevant information, corraborated, or not, time is running out for those you may wish to reveal any data, however small, or insignificant, in this epic whodoneit, that it seems illogical 50 years hence to keep a lid on it, in the hope that someone near death would want to disclose what may have been kept secret for far too long.

    Any chance to uncover the relevant pieces of this jigsaw puzzle may already be past, but if not, why not invite anyone to contribute, anonymously, or not?

    Surely, someone must know something that has not yet been revealed, or it would not still be a mystery of speculation.

  30. Bruce Tallini says:

    The “who and why” of the Kennedy assassination is crystal clear to anyone who knows and understands post WWII US history and has researched and studied the crime to any degree. For those with common sense and a logical mind it’s foolish and counterproductive to even engage in arguments with the “lone nut” fringe. You’ll accomplish just as much by debating extraterrestrials with your 95 year old Uncle Lou. More important, at this point, is to determine the who and the why of those who continue to believe the “two lone nuts” conspiracy that the Warren Commission fabricated. These are the same folks who had “Our Country, Right or Wrong” bumper sticker on their car during the Viet Nam War. People who simply refuse to accept that their Country has flaws. They ignore and denigrate an Ed Snowdens rather that give even a minute of their time to listening. When the CIA was caught red-handed just a few months ago eavesdropping on a Senate Sub-Committee hearing, they and our own news media treated it as if the nice boy next door had broken a window with his slingshot – boys will be boys, a prank,not a big deal. Statistics about the USA’s infant mortality rate or our last place ranking in student’s math and science scores are tsk tsk’d at and dis-regarded. You can predict with 100% accuracy the conclusions that any assassination book or documentary is going to reach by reading the first few sentences on the dust cover or listening to the introduction. Let’s stop casting our pearls before swine and instead determine how to prevent another Lyndon Johnson from launching another coup d’ etat in our Country or it may happen again within the next 50 years.

  31. What you need to know about the Warren Commission is that all of it’s members were hand picked by the only person on the planet who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to both greenlight the Kennedy assassination and cover it up afterwards. Whatsmore, the only evidence considered by the Commission was gathered, examined, censored and approved in advance by J. Edgar Hoover, the underling and long time crony of the main suspect in the crime. Finally, understand that the commission’s members well understood that their reputations, careers and very lives depended on them reaching one conclusion; That a lone nut had killed the President and that no one else – specifically the new President, the most powerful man in the free world, had a damn thing to do with it

  32. ray williams says:

    Yes,in England at the present time. clue me in on your info. Ray

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