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I was a middle-aged JFK lone-nutter (briefly)

Honest recollections from Vince Palamara, the Secret Service researcher extraordinaire. He bought the official JFK story for a while. Nothing wrong with that.  Millions did. Then he took a closer look and changed his mind. I like his candor about how it happened. He writes:

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Is a ‘Coup in Camelot’ a good JFK documentary?

Vince Palamara writes:

“I know I am biased, as I appear in this program, but I honestly believe this is the very best JFK assassination documentary ever made. Clocking in at 1 hour and 40 minutes, it has a forensic angle to it, as well as some good historical context. “

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Rare photos of JFK’s limousine

Sometimes I am just so impressed with the original work that JFK researchers do. Read more

ISO missing JFK witnesses: flight crew for ‘death car’

Tireless JFK research Vince Palamara, who has done some of the best research into the Secret Service’s role in the events of November 1963, is looking for missing JFK witnesses: the men who accompanied the limousine in which President Kennedy was slain when it was flown back to Washington. Read more

Brent P. Lyons visits JFK’s grave site

Brent Lyons with JFK

Continuing the Vince Palamare tradition, my FB friend Brent P. Lyons recently went to Arlington Cemetery here in Washington where the 35th president is buried.

It is a moving place with s wonderful view of Washington. I confess I haven’t been there for too too many years, and I have no excuse. It is a 20 minute ride from my house.

Brent’s picture reminds me to go again soon.

Secret Service expert Vince Palamara visits the White House

Vince Palamara, who has to qualify as one of the world’s leading experts on the Secret Service and JFK’s assassination, recently posted a Facebook photo depicting a visit he paid a visit to the White House. Unfortunately, he didn’t get inside.

Send your pictures of yourself in a JFK setting and we’ll publish it here.

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JFK’s death haunted the Secret Service

Vincent Palamara tells the story in a new book, “Survivor’s Guilt,” about the Secret Service and the assassination of the man it was supposed to protect on November 22, 1963.

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A lawman’s view of JFK’s security–and his murder

Ed Martin, a Montana law enforcement officer in the 1960s and 1970s, had unique personal experience with security procedures around President Kennedy in 1963. His daughter, Deb Galatine, shares what her father’s perspective on the JFK story on Vince Palamara’s site about the Secret Service. Martin’s story provides Read more