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Anticipation is high for Lou Berney’s novel ‘November Road’ 

November RoadI mentioned Lou Berney’s JFK novel November Road the other day, not knowing that this is a Big Book, at least in the publishing world.

It tells of an Oklahoma woman on the run from her husband, an underling to New Orleans-based mobster Carlos Marcello, who is trying to make himself vanish in the wake of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They’re both heading West, and encounter each other in Las Vegas, where JFK was known to spend some free time.

Source: Anticipation is high for Lou Berney’s novel ‘November Road’ – The Washington Post

JFK fictionalized: ‘November Road’ goes through New Orleans

November RoadI like fictionalizations of the JFK story, not because they confirm (or refute) my own views but because they illuminate how November 22 has refracted through American culture and thinking. For example: November Road (Audiobook) by Lou Berney.

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