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15) What’s the most important piece of new JFK assassination evidence?

I nominate a forgotten tape recording that surfaced in 2011. The unedited Air Force One tapes from the afternoon of November 22, 1963 could be a reveleatory–if it ever surfaces.

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Did the Koch family have anything to do with JFK’s assassination?

No. No. No.

That false and libelous claim, “KOCH FAMILY Had Role In JFK Assassination,” popped up in my Twitter feed today.

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Geraldo Rivera changed America


Last year, Chris Vogner, movie critic for the Dallas Morning News, reminded us how the first broadcast of Abraham Zapruder’s film of JFK’s assassination on ABC TV in March 1975 changed American popular culture.

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Crowdsourcing JFK: Fake Secret Service agents on the grassy knoll?

“Was there a fake Secret Service agent on the grassy knoll?” a reader inquires
This headline from the Dallas Morning News in 1978 provides one answer.

A tough question for Oliver Stone

Rolling Stone asked: “Will the government ever release all of the [JFK] assassination records?”

Oiiver Stone, director of “JFK,” the movie, replied:  “That’s a tough question.”

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‘Uplifting’ the spirit in Dealey Plaza

Grassy knoll aftermath

The spirit of Dallas: Let’s plant an ‘uplifting’ message near the spot where JFK was killed.

The city of fathers of Dallas plan to plant a memorial plaque to President John F. Kennedy near the spot where he was shot dead 50 years ago, reports the Dallas Morning News.

This foolhardly but revealing proposal captures Dallas civic culture at is most clueless. Whatever its intentions, the idea of an “uplifting” plaque in the place where John F. Kennedy — a man, a husband, a father, a veteran of war, a visionary liberal, and a leader — died in a hail of bullets is not only in supremely bad taste. It also may also violate  National Park Service regulations requiring that the area be preserved as it appeared 50 years ago.

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Legal battle likely over JFK 50th anniversary in Dallas

Robert Groden, veteran JFK researcher, tells Dallas Morning News editorial writer Rodger Jones that he is likely to challenge the city’s plans to restrict access to Dealey Plaza on November 22, 2013. Read more