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The Woodstein Tapes

Pakula had Goldman’s script in hand. But the obsessive filmmaker desperately wanted more detail and color about key events as well as a complete change of tone in the screenplay. So in February 1975, he sat down with Woodward (then 32 years old) and Bernstein (then 31) for the first of several sessions, taping their recollections for reference.

What Ben Bradlee taught me about Washington journalism

I was hired as a junior editor at the Washington Post in September 1992, one year after Ben Bradlee retired. The man still prowled the newsroom, and, as one one attendee (I won’t say mourner) at his R-rated funeral service in Washington yesterday said, “As an actor, he was straight out of Central Casting. He was obvious. But he had cast himself in a pretty good role.”

‘The power of this secret world’: Bob Woodward links JFK cover-up to NSA abuses

Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward

The discourse around the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination was disappointingly superficial, focusing on the credibility of conspiracy theories rather than on the heart of the issue: the failure of the national security agencies to protect President Kennedy and to tell the truth about the events leading to his death.

A notable exception came in October, when Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward spoke on Face the Nation. about the role of what he called “the secret world” in Washington.

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