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  1. I have always been intrigued by the fact that Ms. Kennedy had no recollection of leaving her seat and scrambling on to the Limousines trunk before Hill pushed her back- Her situation was extreme, but it helps to explain how Humans in the face of a traumatic event can fail to properly process data- HOWEVER- We have film that depicts Ms. Kennedys poignant actions- We have a film showing a man clearly reacting to being shot in the throat- The film clearly shows a second victim reacting much later to a separate shot- The film shows a mans head explode and its contents violently propelled backwards- Parsing the words of witnesses like a cheap ambulance chasing lawyer is fairly futile when we have the proof in Zapruders film, don’t ya think?

  2. Richard Houchen

    Back in 1970 while stationed at Fort Bragg, NC a movie was out titled “THE FIFTH ESTATE” I was told about it from a couple of my team members and that I needed to see the movie.

    I went that night, the movie depicted a detail account of what the producer believed to have taken place prior to and up to the assassination of JFK,

    what I found interesting is the way the shooters practiced for that day in Dallas, while in Mexico they had a vehicle like JFK would be traveling in set up on a motorized pulley system and had 4 manikins inside the vehicle,

    it was a convertible and the car was pulled at a slow speed and 3 shooters took shots at the manikin sitting in the front passenger seat.

    This movie only played for a week in Fay,NC before being taken out of circulation.

    I have tried in earnest to find any reference of this movie but have had no luck,

    Are you aware of this 1970 movie titled “The Fifth Estate”? And what is your take on James Files?

  3. I am 52 years old. I have been studying the Kennedy assassination for 30 years. I have been to Dealey Plaza twice. I have visited the Texas Theatre. I have tried to gain as much information as I can to determine what really happened in 1963. There are two eye witnesses that I simply can’t dismiss if we are to believe the Warren Report. One is Dr. Robert McClelland and the other is FBI agent James Sibert. Both of these men had what could be called a bird’s eye view of JFK’s body and both men—from 1963 until the present have never changed their story. Both men have relayed information that is so far from the official report that something seems amiss to me. Both men’s testimony discredits the SBT theory and Sibert’s 302 was classified and hidden away until Paul Hoch found it years later. Sibert was never called before the Warren Commission. Can someone tell me what I am missing?

  4. I’m a newbie to JFK research but I was surprised to see that John Simkin’s Spartacus Educational didn’t make your list of best JFK websites. It certainly seems to include a lot of information.

    Jim DeBrosse

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