Jefferson Morley

Jefferson Morley, editor, JFK Facts

Jefferson Morley, professor, History of the CIA, 1947 to Today


  1. Jeff Meek says:

    Mr. Morley, can you supply me with contact information for Howard Willens? I’m trying to interview him about comments made by secret service Agent Mike Howard.

    Jeff Meek

  2. Mark Hansen says:

    Do you know of any original Zapruder films on the net? I was watching a series of Zapruder films on youtube, when I came upon one unlike any that I’ve ever seen! I saw a film in which what appeared to be a nefarious latino man approached the motorcade and seemingly halted it as he shook his fist towards the driver. I saw Mary Anne Mooreman in the red raincoat approaching the car more towards the rear. The car came to a complete stop and that’s when the fatal shot struck the president’s head. Was I watching a different phony? If that was the real film, I certainly know why they had to alter it! I have studied this case for a long time, I promise I am not insane or fabricating any of this! I have not been able to track this film down, and I wish I could say I was with a witness. Just thought I should tell likeminded individuals what I saw.

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