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Moments after JFK was shot, bystanders were still waving at him not knowing what happened. (Jack W. Daniel photo/Robin Unger gallery)

Robin Unger’s JFK Assassination Research Photo Galleries is the most extensive collection of still photos related to JFK’s trip to Dallas, his death and its immediate aftermath. The site includes many rare photos along with an interesting collection of newspaper front pages. JFK photo research starts here.

Randy Owen’s “JFK Assassination Photo Chronology” assembles all the known photography from the Dealey Plaza crime scene in a well-annotated second-by-second visual chronology, an invaluable tool for understanding the exact circumstances of the assassination.

The White House Photographs found on the JFK Library and Museum and Web site document the Kennedy presidency on almost daily basis from January 1961 through November 22, 1963 with behind-the-scenes imagery from his inauguration, the Cuban missile crisis, family life, and the final trip to Dallas.

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  1. Another November Another Theory

    Jackie Kennedy calls George DeMohrnschild Unncle George as a child. It is uncle George that gets Oswald his job a school book depository. Oswald hired by Kennedy family to protect the President.

    Shot one: fired at Secret Service Man Hickey who is seen reaching for rifle in car behind Presidents limo.

    Shoot two: Hits Gov Connolly one of the best gunmen in TX who bradnishes pistol and in position to deliver fatal shot.

    Shot three: Shot at the manhole cover ahead of the limo.

    Limo slows down and then speeds up creating backward whiplash effect.At the time of the 3rd shot President deploys a device that he was wrestling with to simulate fatal blow faking his assassination because he wanted out because of Marilyn Monroe.

  2. It is an invaluable archive of photo’s, however, I would like to see a comprehensive record of press film footage free and available for the wider public to see.
    It is possible that some of the intelligence-gathered photographic evidence relating to JFK’s assassination is classified. Given the track record of destruction and contamination of physical evidence (by the intelligence organisations) in this case, we can can only hope there is more important photographic evidence to see.
    The actual photographic record is far greater than the sum total of this record, but thanks to this website the photographic record is more accessible to those interested in this subject.
    Is it not strange that DCM (a casually-dressed man who appeared to make a political protest statement within paces of the presidential limousine as shots were fired, carrying and using a walkie talkie in addition to perhaps concealing the walkie talkie in his back trousers) would not be questioned by any of the many policemen/intelligence personnel who appeared to be present in Dealey Plaza at the time.

  3. It has been scientifically-determined that the “3 tramps” pictures were taken at approximately 2:15 PM CST, and no earlier.

    Through a still-existing oddity of the TSBD building wall that the tramps were marching next to (a part that stuck out away from its wall, and therefore was casting the oddity’s shadow onto a nearby specific brick/brick mortar interface, the 2:15 PM CST was confirmed when the oddity’s shadow was tracked and recorded on a 1990s Nov 22nd anniversary. (It is in my notes who performed this shadow tracking match, and OTTOMH, I think it was GREG JAYNES)

    The oddity is located among the multitude of pushed-outward squares still present on a TSBD wall. One specific outward square, near a corner edifice on the building cast a distinct and noticeably different squared shadow. This shadow was tracked on a Nov 22nd some years later, and compared to the shadow in the tramp pictures from 11-22-63 to when this same square oddity shadow reached the exact same point on the building wall as the picture taken of the tramps. It was determined to be at approximately 2:15 PM CST.

    It is not logical that anyone involved in the assassination would remain in or near the kill zone for 105 minutes after the successful attack.

  4. My compliments to the author of the website lots of fotos at the scene of the crime , very interesting to see alot of strange figures wandering around .
    My question is where their pictures taken at the bethesda naval hospital where the botched autopsy of president kennedy took place?
    Reason for asking this I am reading the book who killed kennedy , and it states that their were 2 or even possible 3 caskets wheeled in at the hospital , a grey military traveling casket , the bronze casket from parkland

  5. Alex Hidell was an alias which was given to Oswald.


    This was Issued by the FBI Agent James Hosty



  6. Lee Harvey Oswald was an undercover agent working with the FBI and had Infiltrated a group that was planning to assassinate the President.

    Oswald was submitting information in regards to the plan to agent Hosty whenever he could and was told to go along with the plan up to the point of actually shooting.

    There were several people involved in the assassination plot up to and including Lyndon Johnson.
    It was found out by members of the assassination team that Oswald was a double agent but instead of killing him, they decided to use him as a patsy, (unknown to him).

    Time was running out and Oswald had already informed the FBI that an assassination team was about to shoot Kennedy but took no action.
    As the motorcade turned into the killing zone, Oswald fired a shot and deliberately missed hoping the cars would speed up and drive away but this did not happen and a shooter from another location shot and hit the President in the throat.
    Oswald then fired another shot deliberately missing, this shot hit the curb, and then another shooter opened fire and hit Connoly in the back.

    Oswald fired again deliberatly missing and hitting the curb whereby fragments hit James Teague hoping that the motorcade would speed off but again it did not happen.

    THe final shot came from behind the Picket Fence (Grassy Knoll) from a shooter dressed in a police uniform and hit the President in the head where upon he escaped through the storm drain, and the spotter team mingled with the crowds and escaped.

    The Umbrella man can be seen walking towards the storm drain after the shooting and had contact with the shooter and other members of the team through walkie talkies.

    A green pickup was involved with the escape and also two white cadillacs.
    Roscoe White and JD Tippet also part of the group were informed to try to get Oswald and kill him before he could talk, and they drove to his address in a police vehicle and beeped for him to come out.
    He knew his life was in danger but went out to meet them and White turned and shot Tippet in order to frame Oswald,…… Oswald ran away and Roscoe White reloaded and ran off in another direction.
    The rest is history
    Oswald having now escaped was a threat and Jack Ruby was informed to kill Oswald so he couldn’t talk and was told that the New President, Lyndon Johnson would pardon him after a short while and he would be classed as a hero, being the man who shot the man that shot the president.
    Ruby shot Oswald to silence him but Jack Ruby didn’t live long enough to be released, He wanted to be moved to Washington but the conspirators wouldn’t let him.

    1. With all due respect Simon, science has proven the single bullet theory and Oswald as lone gunman was at least plausible. The biggest mistake that conspiracy-mongers make is that they fail to recognize that JFK & JBC were seated in such a position relative to each other that the straight-line trajectory of the first hit lines up perfectly with the wounds in the victims. Therefore no ‘magic bullet’ was not needed at all.

      There are plenty of photos taken during the parade by dozens if not hundreds of bystanders. I searched Google Images and have found many examples of JBC seated more inboard and lower than JFK. It seems that many conspiracy-mongers think that the two victims were seated in an ordinary way, as in a civilian automobile.

      I have found an image of the limo clearly showing this arrangement regarding the two victims, just a moment before the first hit:

      I also have a simulated image showing how the victims would appear to Oswald in the 6th floor nest. You can see that the bullet would penetrate through the back, exit just below the Adams apple, and enter JBC’s back just below the level of the armpit. Researchers have tested extensively, using ballistics gel, replicating the bullet path through both bodies exactly the same every time. That’s the gold standard for scientific fact; the same test is proven repeatedly, time after time.

      1. Oops, grammar:

        ‘Therefore, no magic bullet was needed.’

        I would add that if there was a need for a magic bullet, it would of had to come from the Grassy Knoll, sewer, triple overpass, or any number of locations described by the numerous theories still floating around after 50 years. Well, at least in order to produce the wounds found in the victims… you know, the real ones from the rear.

        In fact, if all the theories were combined, the shooters would be standing knee deep in shell casings and shoulder-to-shoulder on the grassy knoll, and the limo would be peppered with rounds à la Bonnie & Clyde.

        @mods: Hopefully, a little humor is allowed hereabouts.

        JFK slain by CIA, Mafia, Castro, LBJ, Teamsters, Freemasons,10584/


          1. I believe he is responding to ‘Morley Upright’.

            We know your cool Jeff. 🙂

        2. The head shot came from the front right because not only was JFK thrown back and to the left, the motorcycle cop to his left rear was splattered with blood, bone, and brain with such force that he thought that HE was shot. Then there are the witnesses and photografic evidence supporting a frontal shot.
          And don’t forget the last two discernable shots came two close together to have come from the same rifle (even a semi-automatic couldn’t have done it that quick if reaquiring the sight picture is considered).

      2. Not sure which science you’re talking about. The only real science that’s been honestly applied to this case doesn’t support the single bullet theory as the most likely to have happened. The idea that if it’s plausible means that’s what happened isn’t valid. The whole body of evidence casts serious doubt on that theory, and indicates multiple shooters, whoever they were.

      3. Morely, your points are invalid. Oswald had no nitrates on his cheek, so he didn’t fire a rifle that day. He may have fired a pistol because he had nitrates on his hands, though that could’ve come about by exposure to items he used in TBD. Also, he couldn’t have made it to the lunchroom after the shooting in the time alloted. Consider also the fact that the reputed rifle needed several shims under the scope for the experts to test it.
        Now, the doctors at Parkland all agreed that the throat wound was one of entrance. The back wound was to the right of that, six inches below the shoulder, and was said at autopsy to terminate an inch deep. The rest of what you offer as science is actually speculation.
        Connally himself said he was hit after JFK. His hat was still held in his hand after he was hit, which supposedly, at that time, shattered his wrist; 2 bullets, my friend, neither of which passed through JFK.
        Don’t be so quick to believe, especially where Dealey Plaza is concerned.

  7. Hi guys!! Seems we have some great stuff ging here !!Read some very enlightening posts. I have only recently, being Canadian, taken a keen intrest in JFK’s assassination. I remember watching it all unfold on our tv 50 years ago. I remember crying at the death of a president that wasn’t even mine. I have read stuff from what appears to be two to three camps of thought. Those who agree essentially( but no nssicarily with the particulars) with the findings of the Warren Commission, those. See things ,more or less as Jim Garrison did, and those that are stuck in the middle ( I often seem to find myself in that possition).
    The Warren Commission to me ignored a lot of testimony that didn’t line itself up with where they WANTED IT TO GO. I think some of the criticisms made by Jim Garrison are quite valid. There are also the Select House Commity athat echoes some of that. The Church commity also turned up a lot of evidence that the CIA was illegally running opperations within the US. All this seems to suggest all is muddy in politics.
    I want to ask if any work has been done it thinking that killing JFK was only phase 1… the second phase being the killing of RFK. If you wanted to get at RFK it seems reasonable to me that JFK being President would be a BIG obsacle. Get JFK out of the way and you take the claws that RFK had as Attorney General. Now all that is left is getting rid of RFK. Does that make sence to you guys??
    One other thing seems to strike a cord with me. In 1901 a President had a war of sorts over Cuba… William Henry McKinley ( Spanish American War ). The next President to deal militarily with Cuba was Ike… who just after the Bay of Pigs ended his term as President. It was JFK that had to stare down the Russians in the Cuban missile crissis. I am just curious if Ike was still President in 63 if he would have been assassinated. What do you guys think??? Very curious and interested in what you guys think!!!

    1. “…my answer would be a definitive “no!” As “time” goes by and as the truth(or, at least some of it) trickles out, i think we might find that the military establishment was at the heart of the murder. the JCS…at least most of them, had little or no respect for the president, because they viewed him as a “subordinate mustang”; but Ike was not seen in this lite, among other things…and many of the JCS owed their careers to him.”-DM

    2. RFK was killed in ’68 because he was a threat to the power structure that killed his brother. He was a on the fast track to the WH, against the Vietnam war, and would push to find the truth behind JFKs’ murder.

  8. Hi Robin —

    you might recall that two years ago I alerted you to

    Jim Murray’s shot number 17,
    a B&W photo he shot of film cameraman A.J. L’Hoste interviewing Sheriff Bill Decker in front of the TSBD circa 1 p.m.

    the photo can be found on page 428 of Richard Trask’s book, Pictures of the Pain.

    in December 2011, you addeed Murray 17 to the Jim Murray gallery on your website,,,


    what happened?

    Liverpool, NY
    (315) 308-5641

    P.S. do you plan to be in Dallas next month?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Robin Unger
    To: russtarby
    Sent: Thu, Dec 15, 2011 7:46 am
    Subject: Murray Gallery

    I have just scanned it and placed it in the Murray gallery !

    The Murray gallery is missing the photo he shot of film cameraman A.J. L’Hoste interviewing Sheriff Bill Decker in front of the TSBD circa 1 p.m.

    the photo can be found on page 428 of ‘Pictures of the Pain.’

    why is it not included in the Murray gallery here?

  9. If you click on this link, you should be taken directly to the download of the ARRB/HSCA audio recordings that I created for Doug Horne. There are about 50 recordings in the collection. I sincerely appreciate the trust that Doug Horne extended to me in making the ARRB and HSCA recordings available. He asked in his five volume ARRB series if anyone might be able to digitize the recordings, and I volunteered because I have a small recording studio. It turned out to be a daunting task because of the awful quality of several of the recordings. It was obvious that the quality and preservation of the recordings was not a significant concern for most of the other ARRB staff, with the exception of Doug. Thanks, Doug.

    This one links to the download of the Dallas photo log from my 10/24/12 trip to Dallas. I took lots of pictures from various locations and they may be useful to the research community. One thing is clear to me: the throat shot came from a location below and to the left of the President if it created a hole in the windshield and struck only him. I’ve included three documents in this collection that annotate stills from the video collection described at the bottom of this post.

    This one links to the download of the Dallas video log from my 10/24/12 trip to Dallas. I drove the limo route through DP several times to simulate the movement of the car through the killing zone. I tried to position the camera “where the President would have been” so that researchers can view the terrain as it may have looked from the President’s viewpoint.

    It is my hope that the distribution of these documents will assist the research community in its effort to understand what happened on 11/22/63, and that this will preserve the record in a more viable state than it has been. The video record is intended to give people who don’t have the opportunity to visit Dallas the chance to see how it looked (I shot some video from the Zapruder pedestal) in October of last year. Dealey Plaza is a bowl where truth doesn’t exist. I will never go back to Dallas.


    1. What do you mean by saying Dealey “is a bowl where truth doesn’t exist?” Why would you physically avoid DP?

  10. These web sites are all very important. One learns a lot from the photographs related to the JFK assassination. I think that the photograph of Gen. Edward Lansdale at TSBD is one of the biggest breaks ever in the JFK assassination. There is no reason that guy would have been there except to supervise the JFK assassination and it puts military intelligence at the core of the JFK assassination. In Lansdale’s private papers there is proof he was staying at a hotel in Fort Worth on 11/22/63 (ask DiEugenio that). Forth Worth was the hometown of CIA’s David Atlee Phillips, someone who, like Lansdale, was deep into anti-Castro operations.

    And there is the photo of “Dark Complected Man” – the man with the walkie talkie standing next to Umbrella Man. That guy was most likely a Cuban/CIA anti-Castro operative, probably acting as a spotter for a shooter(s) on the Grassy Knoll. I think DCM is far, far more important then Umbrella man. Note almost every other person near JFK in Dealey Plaza has been identified – “Dark Complected Man” has never stepped forward or been identified. He sticks out like a sore red thumb.

    1. Mr. Morrow,

      Why has “Dark Complected Man” never been identified? It’s possible that some of the 3,600 files, to be released by October 2017, and greater transparency expected from Cuba will shed further light on this key witness.

      1. Check photos of Cuban exile leaders, especially those who met with JFK personally. This, I believe, is why DCM stepped into the street with a raised fist. He wanted JFK to know this was payback for Bay of Pigs.

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