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My JFK debate with CIA historian David Robarge

“ If Angleton was using Oswald for the limited purpose of helping him conduct the molehunt….

The long running debate over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has moved into a new phase. In a piece for the Washington Decoded blog, the chief historian of the CIA, David Robarge, has joined the discussion of the causes of the assassination with JFK researchers. Along the way, he acknowledges what I reported in The Ghost: counterintelligence chief James Angleton used Lee Harvey Oswald for intelligence purposes before November 22, 1963.

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Morley responds to CIA historian David Robarge

In a great compliment to me, personally and professionally, CIA historian David Robarge has attacked my new biography of James Angleton, THE GHOST. Read more

The CIA’s JFK assassination story is ‘evolving’

CIA: There Was a JFK Assassination Cover-Up | Maxim

Robarge’s account may give credence to some of the conspiracy theories that have long swirled around JFK’s death:

Let’s say we leave the conspiracy theories out of it for now and stick to the facts, ma’am.

CIA historian David Robarge now speaks of a “benign JFK cover-up” after JFK was killed. The CIA, in this account, wasn’t really sure that the communist Oswald killed the liberal president. They just decided that was the “best truth” they could find at the time. Not the whole truth, mind you, just the best truth.

With some artful spin, the Agency spokesmen are now conceding an important point first made by CIA critics: Read more

The CIA’s new JFK story: ‘the benign coverup’

Charles Pierce at Esquire has an apt observation about Politico’s revelation this week that CIA director John McCone, as part of a “benign coverup,” hid relevant information from investigators of the assassination of President Kennedy.

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