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Who was Rose Cherami? 

The story of Rose Cherami is one of the enigmatic stories that abound in the JFK story: somone who talked about what they knew, only to be scorned by investigators.

Then her son investigated and wrote a book, published by JFK Lancer.

Michael Marcades talks to Black Op Radio about what he found.

Source: Amazon.com: Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals eBook: Michael Marcades, Norma Kirkpatrick, J. Gary Shaw: Kindle Store

Breaking news: a JFK assassination book that is short

JFK witness

When taking on the JFK assassination story many authors inflict massive tomes on the reading public. These epic volumes often come with majestic names (“Breach of Faith” and “Reclaiming History”) that explicate complex forensic theories (“Crossfire” and “Best Evidence”) and pronounce definitive judgments (“Case Closed” and “High Treason”) that beget equally confident rejoinders (“Final Disclosure” and “The Last Investigation”).

Some of these books are good and others bad. But they are all B-I-G. Nothing wrong with that. Its a big story. Maybe too big.

Todd C. Elliott, an investigative journalist with The Eunice News in Louisiana, has chosen a humbler JFK topic: a woman who was a known prostitute and drug courier.

Her name was Rose Cherami, and in his mercifully short book (93 pages),  “A Rose by Many Other Names,” Elliott seeks to tell her story.

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