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JFK doctor explains: ‘It was not just a single shooter’

Dr. Robert McClelland speaks in McKinney, Texas in January. 2012 (Photo credit: Chris Beattie

Dr. Robert McClelland, one of the senior doctors who attended President Kennedy as he fought for his life on November 22, 1963, spoke to the Rotary Club in McKinney, Texas, in January 2012.

From reporter Chris Beattie’s riveting account, “Surgeon recounts JFK operation,” in the McKinney Courier Gazette:

“His story dropped jaws and drew curious silence.”

“He reignited the wonder of any listeners who’d pushed the conspiracy theories away, out of mind. That’s what McClelland said he tried to do, but the mysterious pieces always found him.”

JFK doctor’s views may stir ‘Parkland’ debate

This should be fascinating event.

On Tuesday, the Sixth Floor Museum will hosting “Parkland Hospital: Trauma Room One Reunion,” featuring appearances by two doctors who treated President Kennedy after he was fatally wounded on November 22, 1963.

They are Dr. Ronald C. Jones and Dr. Robert N. McClelland.

With the Oct. 4 release of Tom Hanks’ “Parkland,” a motion picture about the hospital where President Kennedy died, the debate about the causes of JFK’s death will be revisited again.

The movie, starring Paul Giamatti, Billy Bob Thornton, and Zac Efron depicts JFK’s death as the work of a lone assassin.

Dr. McClelland disagrees. He has said publicly that his observations of JFK’s wounds convinced him that the president was shot from two different directions and thus was the victim of a conspiracy.

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