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CIA conceals files on wiretapped newsman who broke a big JFK story

Paul Scott
Paul Scott, investigative reporter (Credit: Jim Scott)

In this Washington Post piece, Jim Scott tells the story of how the CIA wiretapped his father, news reporter Paul Scott, for decades. In the 1960s, Paul Scott and his partner Robert Allen wrote a syndicated column on Washington politics that was driven, not by punditry, but by investigations.

One reason Scott was targeted: his JFK reporting.

WaPo asks: Why did CIA wiretap a reporter in the 1960s? Answer: Because of his JFK reporting

The Washington Post‘s Ian Shapira had a fascinating piece over the weekend about a son pursuing his father’s journalistic legacy.

Jim Scott, 64, a retired Navy public relations officer who lives in Maryland, wants to know why the CIA wiretapped his father, Paul Scott, a syndicated columnist and investigative reporter in Washington in the 1960s. Scott was half of “The Allen-Scott Report,” a popular syndicated column that ran in some 300 papers nationwide.

One reason why Scott was bugged by the CIA: his JFK reporting.

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