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Fact check: Oswald’s ‘girlfriend.’ Is she for real?

Her name is Judyth Vary Baker. She says she had a romance with Lee Harvey Oswald and they worked on a secret bio-weapons program in New Orleans in 1963. As the 50th anniversary of the assassination approached, her flair for self-dramatization was getting some attention.

Jesse Ventura has endorsed her story. She’s gotten respectful treatment in Pittsburgh. A San Francisco newspaper columnist reported her story uncritically.

There is little evidence that her story is true.  Read more

Fact Check: Jesse Ventura on JFK

Jesse Ventura, your friendly neighborhood soldier of fortune, proves to be a well-informed, if over-the-top, student of the JFK case in this video.

The host of “Conspiracy Theory” show, Ventura sometimes goes beyond what is in the historical record. He also has a strong factual foundation for key allegations.

Ventura’s bottom line: JFK was killed by “the same old military industrial complex.”

How do Ventura’s claims and sources stack up?

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