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Readers weigh in: JFK book you should read: ‘Dallas 1963’

Leslie writes; “I would recommend returning to the scene of the crime, vis a vis Dallas, and read “Dallas 1963” by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis. It is an apologia for the Warren Commission conclusion and has won awards – some of which may have been based on that rather than the detail it provides of the back drop – but regardless, read with discernment, it is an excellent resource toward understanding the dynamics and ethos of the city leading to 11.22.63 … and it names names.:

‘Dallas 1963:’ ripe for an assassination but not to blame

I always thought those liberal pundits who blamed the conservative city of Dallas for JFK’s assassination spoke too glibly. A recent review of Bill Minutaglio and Steven Davis’ book, Dallas 1963, in the Charleston Post and Courier got it right I think.

“While Dallas bore a large portion of the blame and backlash for Kennedy’s death, how much was the city to blame? If one believes Oswald to be the assassin, his ties to the city were not deep. If one embraces the idea of a conspiracy, it is generally considered to extend well beyond the borders of the city.”


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