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JFK Most Wanted: Three Key CIA Files That Need to Be Declassified

After I read Robert Reynold’s piece in Washington Decoded, I wrote him a note in our JFK researchers list serve.

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Why Won’t Max Boot Talk About the Substance of ‘JFK Revisited’?

Like many other proponents of the official lone-nut theory of the assassination, Boot doesn’t address any of the main features of the autopsy fraud in his rant against Stone. Source: Max Boot’s Rant Against Oliver Stone – CounterPunch.org

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Declassification of the CIA’s Oswald File Took 58 Years

“On December 15, came yet another revelation. Under an October 22 order from President Biden, the CIA released 953 documents in their entirety for the first time, including two cables about Oswald written six weeks before Kennedy was killed. For the first time in 58 years, these two messages were completely declassified.” Source: JFK Revisited: Oliver Stone and the New JFK Fact Pattern – CounterPunch.org

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