Talking JFK in the desert

L to R: Mary Beth Long, Valerie Plame, Jonna Mendez, Lucy Kirk (Jeff Stein photo) This was an educational experience for me. I thought I was going into the proverbial lions’ den. I was wrong. The secret intelligence professionals in the room were quite open to the way Mowatt-Larssen and I described and explained the events of November 1963. Russia, Russia, Russia was on our minds, of course, but the talks also included a fascinating discussion on the activities of “rogue” CIA agents surrounding the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, presented jointly by investigative journalist Jefferson Morley and former senior CIA officer Rolf Mowatt- Larssen. The audience at the Hacienda del Sol, a hillside luxury resort that once hosted John Wayne, Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn and other Hollywood stars filming Westerns nearby, was also treated to presentations by former female CIA operatives Mary Beth Long, Plame, Jonna Mendez and Lucy Kirk (left to right, above). Source: A Gathering of Spies in the Desert – by Jeff Stein

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Abe Bolden speaks: they framed me for warning of a JFK plot

WhoWhatWhy has an exclusive interview with Abraham Bolden, the falsely convicted Secret Service agent who was pardoned by President Biden last week Bolden explains what most people don’t know–that it was his professional response to JFK’s assassination that got him fired, framed, and falsely imprisoned. “They don’t have the details of what occurred and what it had to do with the assassination of President Kennedy, how I was treated, the reason for my incarceration, the effort to declare me insane. Or the fact that I wrote a book that explained everything. That’s not before the public.” Source: Black Secret Service Agent, Jailed for JFK Plot Warning, Cleared: The Full Story – WhoWhatWhy

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Abe Bolden’s Long Wait for Justice 

From his longtime home in Auburn Gresham, Bolden released a statement through his caregiver. “We are grateful and happy that this day has come, but I just wish my children were alive on this occasion.” Source: Biden pardons Abraham Bolden after multiple Crusader articles – The Chicago Crusader

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Biden pardons Abraham Bolden, the only Secret Service agent who sought JFK accountability

The good news is that President Biden has pardoned Abraham Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent, who was falsely convicted on bribery charges in the 1960s. Abe Bolden, persecuted for doing his job and pardoned by President Biden. The bad news is that initial reports emphasize Bolden was persecuted for the color of his skin, which is true enough but not the whole story. Bolden was silenced because he raised questions about the causes of JFK’s assassination. For doing his job, he was targeted, defamed, and railroaded.

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What did Nixon mean by ‘the whole Bay of Pigs thing?’

The Spy Museum is hosting an online event for my new book, Scorpions’ Dance at noon on June 17th, the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in. The event is free. You can register here.

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