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My day in court with Judge Kavanaugh: the subject was JFK files

On March 19 the DC Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in my FOIA lawsuit, Morley v CIA. In the absence of Senior Judge Karen Henderson, Judge Brett Kavanaugh presided. Now Kavanaugh has been nominated for the Supreme Court, and his every word is being parsed. The question before the court that day: Was the CIA obligated to pay my court costs for a long-running lawsuit about certain JFK assassination files held by the agency. Click for the audio recording of the hearing. Kavanaugh is the first speaker you will hear, followed by my attorney Jim Lesar, a veteran FOIA litigator.

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A promise broken on JFK files release 

President Trump broke his tweeted promise to release “ALL JFK files,” notes James Kelleher. While an additional 19,000 documents were released, some 15,834 documents contained redactions, and another five hundred or more were withheld from the release. The president bought into the national security argument and again extended the time for the removal of all the redactions and final document release to October 2021. Source: A promise broken on JFK files release | News & Views | Irish Echo

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Is the CIA’s chief historian obstructing justice in the JFK case?

President Trump will soon announce his decision on whether the last of the U.S. government’s JFK files will be fully released or not. April 26 will be a moment to assess what we know about JFK’s assassination that we didn’t know before, and specifically, what have we learned about the CIA’s role in the events of November 1963. Among those vouching for the probity of the CIA in the JFK assassination story is the agency’s chief historian David Robarge.

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