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CIA Continues to Conceal JFK Assassination Files. But Here’s What We Do Know

As I wrote in today’s Miami Herald….. But when the Biden White House announced late in the evening of Oct. 22 that the last of the JFK documents would not be released until December 2022 at the earliest, I began to rethink my caution Source: Biden delays release of Kennedy assassination files until 2022 | Miami Herald

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Four Points About Biden’s Decision on the JFK Files

Peter writes: Thanks for making yourself accessible.  I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on Biden following Trump and continuing to withhold classification?  Stay well and all the best. Thanks Peter. The only good news in President Biden’s October 22 letter is the announcement that the National Archives plans to digitize the entire JFK collection, which is welcome and overdue. In the digital age, the Mary Ferrell Foundation says the full record of JFK’s assassination should be available to anybody anywhere. Otherwise, I have four observations for the press and the interested public on the 58th anniversary of JFK’s death.

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The Heroism of the Miami Herald

  This is an apt follow-up to James Galbraith’s “JFK Cover-Up Strikes Again “piece in Project Syndicate. Every government since Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, has had “good reasons” for hiding a truth that might, if revealed to the light of day, cause the nation’s citizens to lose faith in the integrity of its institutions and, more particularly, of its intelligence community. Source: The Heroism of the Miami Herald

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