JFK on KMUD’s Heroes and Patriots

I recently spoke about the latest in JFK news with John Sakowicz and Mary Massey, hosts of Heroes and Patriots, a biweekly show about politics and policy, broadcast on KMUD Radio in northern California.

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JFK Is Not a Culture War

One thing I like about the JFK assassination story: it’s a place where left and right (and center) can all agree. My friend James Rosen and I have very different politics and we still have illuminating conversations about JFK. For example:

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A Documentary Does Justice to Tink Thompson, the First Scholar of JFK’s Assassination

Don’t let the dumb subtitle put you off. This is not a documentary about “conspiracy.” ” Produced by the ABC News affiliate in the Bay Area, JFK Unsolved is a quality production that explores and explains Last Second in Dallas, the new book by Josiah (“Tink”) Thompson that sums up his 50 years of investigation of the death of John F. Kennedy. Thompson’s work is, in a word, rigorous.

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JFK Redacted: Operation Northwoods Was Approved and Never Cancelled

In a thoughtful interview on the David Pakman Show, the host and I differed on the last of the JFK assassination files to be released in the next year by order of President Biden.

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Rex Bradford, Electronic Archivist, on Biden and the Last of the JFK Files

Rex Bradford, founder of the Mary Ferrell Foundation explains how he built built the largest online archive of JFK files.

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JFK Redacted: CIA Counterintelligence and the Failure of Dallas

The CIA now has until December 15, 2021 to produce the last of its JFK assassination files. As I told the Washington Post, I suspect this second delay in the legally-mandated release of the files is a “ruse.” I hope the CIA proves me wrong. In any case, we will learn more about the Agency’s intentions in six weeks. Meanwhile, although BIden’s JFK records embargo is an important development, what we have learned in recent years is just as important as what we might learn. Case in point: this new video from Vince Palamara, the JFK research community’s leading expert on the Secret Service. The video illuminates one aspect of the JFK story that the CIA is still hiding 58 years after the fact.

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RIP Mort Sahl: Comedian and Warren Commission Critic Ahead of its Time

John Simkin writes: Mort Sahl died yesterday aged 94. Younger people might be unaware of Sahl’s connection with the JFK assassination.

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Geraldo Rivera on the historic first broadcast of the Zapruder film

This excellent video comes from the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. Rivera, a veteran TV correspondent, made history when he broadcast Abraham Zapruder’s home movie of JFK’s assassination on national television for the first time in March 1975. Rivera reveals he took a big risk personally.

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