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Even though they had killed her husband

“Yesterday morning, at 11:15, Jacqueline Kennedy started toward the grave. She came out from under the north portico of the White House and slowly followed the body of her husband, which was in a flag-covered coffin that was strapped with two black leather belts to a black caisson that had polished brass axles. She walked straight and her head was high. She walked down the bluestone and …

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JFK memory: “We stood along the route between the White House and the Capitol”

I was eight years old and living in Wilmington, Delaware the day President Kennedy was assassinated. Our elementary school had a teacher work day which meant we were let out early at about 1:30 pm Eastern time. When we arrived home my mother was crying and very upset in reaction to the news on CBS television.

My father had taken us to see President Kennedy in May 1963 when the President visited Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. I remember JFK arriving in his gleeming limousine with the top off.

On Sunday after the assassination, my father drove my sister and me to Washington, D.C. where we stood along the route between the White House and the Capitol and watched as the President’s body was moved to the Capitol to lie in state. Although I wanted to see the dignitaries, now all the cars were closed and none of the occupants could be seen. As we stood in the crowd along Pennsylvania Avenue disturbing news travelled through the crowd that Oswald had been shot. “In the belly” a lady with a transistor radio shouted in a strong Southern accent.

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