The Yuma Sun hearts O’Reilly’s JFK yarn

But editor John Vaughn says there’s nothing new in the TV talk show host’s “Killing Kennedy.”

Which is unfortunately true.

In the best-selling book O’Reilly basically retells the Warren Commission’s version of the story, which hold that one man alone (Oswald) killed Kennedy. While the Warren Commission could not determine Oswald’s motive, Reilly concludes that Oswald acted out of political opposition to JFK’s Cuba policy. But before the assassination, Oswald defended JFK’s Cuba policy from its critics on the right. And after the assassination, Oswald denied responsibility for killing the president.

O’Reily was once a JFK conspiracy theorist  before he became popular right-wing TV talk show host. Now he has changed his mind and endorsed the official story of a “lone nut.” Some say O’Reilly wised up. Salon’s David Talbot says O’Reilly “wimped out.”

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