Wounded in JFK attack, bystander to history revisits the crime

James Tague was wounded in the attack that killed President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. One of the bullets that missed the presidential limousine struck a curb and a fragment of cement hit Tague who was watching the approach of the presidential motorcade.

He’s written a book blaming President Johnson for the gunfire. I’m not endorsing his allegations about the identity of multiple gunmen. I am saying that his interpretation of November 22 is more important than, say, Tom Hanks’s upcoming “Parkland.” He’s not a Hollywood mythmaker. He’s an eyewitness to history.

Here’ what Tague has to say in a recent promotional message about his book:

“This book started by me being in Dealey Plaza that day, November 22, 1963. It was an accident I was there, it was un-planned, I just happened to get stopped in traffic. Being injured in the shooting was minor, a sting on the cheek from the debris from a missed shot that had hit the street in front of me.

“I am proud that I spoke up 6 months after the assassination when it appeared the Warren Commission was about to make a total cover-up on the assassination of President Kennedy. My Warren Commission testimony was important, it changed history.”

Tague, now 77 years old, blames the crime on President Lyndon Johnson.

“Once you understand that Lyndon Johnson and his cronies were behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy and that J. Edgar Hoover was in charge of the cover-up, the questions you have had start giving you answers.

“The Warren Commission did not stand a chance of presenting the truth. The 7 men appointed by President Johnson contributed little to finding the truth, Commission staff lawyer Wesley Liebeler probably said it best, and that was that ‘the 7 men we know as the Warren Commission were a joke.’ The staff lawyers complained that these commissioners were absent most of the time, and while a staff lawyer was taking a deposition from a witness they would ‘step in for a few moments, ask a question and leave.’ This would blow the staff lawyers line of questioning.

“The Warren Commission had 14 staff lawyers, to start with, hired to do the majority of witness questioning and take statements/depositions from the witnesses. When one of these staff lawyers ran into something that needed farther investigation, he would go to J. Lee Rankin, who was chief Counsel for these lawyers. Rankin would turn down their request with the statement, ‘we are here to close doors not open new ones.’

“It is evident that when one of these staff lawyers stumbled onto the truth of who was behind the assassination and was controlling the investigation, they quit the Warren Commission. When they quit the Commission, they were were warned that whatever they had learned on the Commission, was considered to be lawyer client information and not to be discussed with anyone or they could face disbarment. The fact that several of the Commission lawyers quit the Commission was not made public, the lawyers that quit the investigation were still listed as staff lawyers in the Warren Report.

“Through the years if someone discovered something important that differed from the Warren Commission, not only would that person’s discovery be attacked as false but he would be attacked personally. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison is a good example of these attacks.

“One problem is that there have been too many crazy theories advanced in the 2,000 books written in the last 50 years. That 2,000 books could probably be reduced to 25 reliable books that have been printed. The misleading conspiracy books have been a big contributor to the attacks, and they well deserved to be attacked for the misinformation they contained.

“That leaves the 25 or so good honest books that did not deserve to be attacked. But some of these honest books have been attacked. To understand why a well documented book can be attacked, a book that names two of our country’s most honored men as being part of a murder plot puts our country in the same category as a ‘Banana Republic.’ Some people simply want our country’s dirt swept under the rug.

“It has been 50 years and it is time for the truth, at least what we know of it, to be told. The attacks on the facts has to stop.”


9 thoughts on “Wounded in JFK attack, bystander to history revisits the crime”

  1. Colleen McGuire

    LBJ and Hoover were enablers only. They did not have the power or the means to carry out this massive mission, the kill and the cover-up. The only entity that did and still does have the means to carry out the kill and cover up is the CIA.

    As John Armstrong astutely notes, LBJ is dead. Hoover is dead. They cannot continue the cover-up. So who has been paying for the CURRENT continuing cover-up — all the continued lies planted in and on corporate media. The CIA continues to have an unbelievable black budget that is unaccountable to congress.

    Elements within the CIA project managed the kill and cover-up and continue to do so. And as agents (Central Intelligence AGENCY) they do so on behalf of their principals, the 1% of the 1% — the financial, military, oil interests that profited once they got JFK’s peace agenda off the table. For them there is no money in peace.

    1. Very good point. This conspiracy stuff is nonsense, there is no proof of any conspiracy. No matter what any CTs says trying to raise reasonable doubt. It’s just a hobby for armchair detectives.

      1. Depends on what you accept as constituting proof. There is no proof that Oswald acted alone. On the other hand, there is overwhelming evidence that he did not.

        Conspiracies are a fact of life, and LBJ might be considered a prime suspect in such a conspiracy.

        The mistake conspiracy theorists make is oversimplification. There is “the” CIA, and there others who are assets, associates, etc. Whether the perpetrators were “the” CIA or accessories known to the CIA and/or LBJ is a moot point.

      2. Well, of course! A mafia numbers runner (Oswald) from the French Quarter who joins the USMC, reads Pravda in the Barracks, renounces his citizenship to move to the USSR, comes back on a US Nay (Naval Intelligence) ticket, without a passport, who says, before being shot by a mafia club owner and bagman (Ruby) that he’s a patsy, who has no powder residue from firing a rifle, is the one and only shooter. Wraps it up for me.

  2. The section of curb, from where the missing chip that hit James Tague came from, was cut out and replaced,according to media reports.

    1. Fredrick Burlakoff

      If you get hold of “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” by the History Channel they show that section of the curb being cut out

  3. James Tague is spot on! Anyone who REALLY studies the FACTS of the assassination will come to the same conclusion…LBJ arranged to have Kennedy killed, straight and simple.

    1. Tague’s book is excellent, and I call him a hero for forcing the Warren Commission(and Hoover at FBI)to change their strategy after he(Tague)got his chance to testify. Hoover didn’t want any missed shots, but thanks to Tague there WAS one. See ya later, “3 shots, all from the TSBD”. Rest in peace James Tague, you faught back a little against the cover-uppers.

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