Wikipedia blocks bogus anti-Castro JFK edits from U.S. Congress

via BBC News :

“One of the acts highlighted was an alteration to the page on the assassination of John F Kennedy, which was changed to say that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting “on behalf of the regime of Fidel Castro”.

Needless to say, the change is bogus. It is true that there is a “Castro did it” conspiracy theory that has been around along time. In fact, the first “Castro did it” conspiracy theory, published by the Cuban Student Directorate in Miami on November 24, 1963, was paid for by the CIA, via case officer George Joannides. Why he did this remains a fact that, thanks to a deferential federal court, remains off-limits to the American people.

In recent years, JFK author Gus Russo and retired CIA analyst Brian Lattell, have revived the theory, citing testimony of defectors from the Cuban intelligence service. But these defectors apparently did not give their testimony to the CIA–which is puzzling. If these statements are true, the U.S. government ought to act on them.

In fact, the CIA has shown absolutely no interest in these charges, even when made by Lattell, a highly regarded Cuba expert. Moreover, Russo and Latell’s sources have never been interviewed by anyone else. So their claims are impossible to corroborate.

Moreover, the CIA never gave the Warren Commission or the House Select Committee on Assassinations any evidence that Castro’s government was behind the assassination.

So whoever is editing Wikipedia from the Capitol Hill IP address  doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

via BBC News – Wikipedia blocks ‘disruptive’ page edits from US Congress.

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  1. They DO know what they are talking about – they are promoting the original cover story that was made part of the Dealey Plaza operation – that key aspect of the plot also helps us decipher it as those who continue to promote it are close to those who orchestrated the mmurder.

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