1 thought on “Politico on the last of the JFK assassination files”

  1. Ramon F Herrera

    It is rather puzzling that despite the private and public prompting by Ms. Martha Murphy (see below) the clandestine agencies have refused to make their move.

    The obvious question is: What are they waiting for?

    Maybe they rather wait until the morning of Wednesday, November 9th., 2016, before deciding whether they are going to appeal?


    “Murphy, whose role is to get the 40,000 documents released, isn’t prepared to say that they won’t reveal new things about the assassination itself.

    “I’ll be honest,” she says. “I am hesitant to say you’re not going to find out anything about the assassination.”

    She clearly wants the secretive agencies now being consulted to decide what they want to do.

    “We want this to go as smoothly as possible,” she said. “We don’t want them to wait until the last minute. It is our interest to know the status of the records as soon as possible because we are going to begin scanning them.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/05/why-last-of-jfk-files-could-embarrass-cia-118233#ixzz3k9jFzqqE

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