White House petition seeks release of all JFK files

JFK author Lamar Waldron renews the call:

“It’s time to release ALL of the JFK assassination files. Congress passed the 1992 JFK Act to declassify them, but the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, and other agencies continue to withhold important files,” Waldron’s petition reads. “The National Archives won’t even say how many pages of files remain unreleased.”

via White House petition seeks release of all JFK files.

5 thoughts on “White House petition seeks release of all JFK files”

  1. Has anyone here read or heard about the book, “Assignment Oswald”, by James P Hosty Jr. With Thomas Hosty ? Says it includes top secret material released under the JFK Recorded Act. And talks about the suppression of a documented Oswald – Soviet – Castro connection. Tells that there were rivalries in and among the various intelligence and law enforcement agencies. I’m sure this is all old and not surprising news but I’m wondering if anyone had any ideas about this, thought it not credible for some reason, etc. Also wondering about the Jack Revill mentioned, in charge of the Dallas intelligence Unit. He claimed and stuck to the story that Hosty told him on Nov. 22 at 3pm that the FBI had Oswald under surveillance and knew he was capable of killing Kennedy. Does anyone on this site find Hosty credible?

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