White House asked about JFK Facts report on secret JFK files

Last May JFK Facts broke the story that the CIA retains 1,100 secret documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy, including files on seven key personalities in the JFK story.

Yesterday, questions about those records reached the White House, according to McClatchy DC.

“‘I haven’t had a discussion with the president about Kennedy’s assassination — President Kennedy’s assassination,’ Press Secretary Jay Carney said. He said he’s also not talked with Obama about whether classified files that have not yet been released in the case should be released.”

The story is making news all over.

On Monday, the CIA responded to questions from CNN about the May 14 JFK Facts report. The agency’s spokesman did not mention how many files are still secret or that the1,100 files may contain as much as 15-50,000 pages of material.

“CIA has followed the provisions of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, and the National Archives has all of the agency’s documents and files on the Kennedy assassination,” said CIA spokesman Edward Price. “The classified information contained in the files remains subject to the declassification provisions of the Act.”

The classified information includes the files of CIA officials active in covert operations in 1963 including William K. Harvey, David Phillips, David Morales, Anne Goodpasture, Howard Hunt, and George Joannides.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Secretary of State John Kerry said “the time may well have passed” for continuing secrecy around the files.

The existence of the secret files were first disclosed in a CIA court filing in the lawsuit Morley v. CIA.

Here’s an excerpt from the CIA court filing in which the existence of the documents was disclosed.

Excerpt from a sworn statement by CIA Information Coordinator Delores Nelson on how many JFK assassination records the CIA is withholding from public view.




26 thoughts on “White House asked about JFK Facts report on secret JFK files”

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  2. El material presentado por Zapruder es muy obvio son varios tiradores de diferentes angulos.

    Por respeto a los ciudadanos deben abrirse los archivos secretos.

  3. I agree with Phil. I really doubt that if there’s information/evidence that the government doesn’t want us to know, we will never see it. No matter what they “have” to release, do you honestly think it will all be there? They may release the “file,” but it will be a fabrication of what we are “allowed” to know. Just to shut people up.

  4. I researched the JFK assassination ten years ago in school and still believe the CIA is covering this up. They hold 1,100 files this is correct, what’s to say there are more files which have been or will be incinerated before they are lawfully due for release? Government agency’s are always covering things up, over here (England) we have an ongoing case of a British mi5 spy who was found dead zipped in a sports bag in his flat, the original verdict that he was unlawfully killed has miraculously overturned and how police ‘evidence’ says he was alone when he died. But zipped himself inside a sports bag.

  5. I was 14 when this terrible event happened. I did then and still believe now, 50 years later that this has been a huge coverup. CIA, Cuba, Secret Servive, The Mob getting back at Robert Kennedy…any of the previous mentioned, but NOT Lee Harvey Oswald alone.

    1. James Howells

      Don’t forget the main beneficiary of this terrible act, Lyndon Baines Johnson! he told his mistress that “they”(The Irish Mob)as he referred to them, “would never embarrass him again after tomorrow” after he had left a meeting with,J. Edgar Hoover, Nixon,some wealthy Texas oil men, Geoge Bush, among others the night before the assassination. He(JFK) had recently said he wanted to break up the CIA into a 1000 pieces & had issued an Exectutive Order to pull all advisors(troops) out of Viet Nam ONE WEEK before he was killed! Also, LBJ was just about to be put on trial for corruption, murder, etc the same day this atrocity took place! It was hushed up, of course.

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  7. Wow, just noticed the CIA statement on the 1100 files reads as if that THOSE 1100 FILES ARE PHYSICALLY IN CIA POSSESSION and are IN ADDITION to other files already “released in full or in part” to physical NARA custody. Am I reading this correctly?

  8. I have a question for Mr. Morley. Thanks to this article, I just learned the source of the 1,100 figure, but what about the other numbers such as:

    • William King Harvey: 123 pages
    • Anne Goodpasture: 286 pages
    • David Sanchez Morales: 61 pages
    • etc.

    Were those numbers provided by The Agency as well or can they be determined with an on-line search by any of us?

      1. Well, the idea/inspiration didn’t really arrive until the days leading up to the Wecht Institute conference in Pittsburg, mid-October. Content of the “Q&A” part of attached document was typed at 3am the night #1 after day #1 of that conference, distributed among the 500 in attendance, I believe the next day. Letter to Pres. Obama wasn’t prepared until 11/12. My experience so far is that the media will not guide public interest/ attraction to an idea, only in response to “reportable activity.” The vigil concept needs to be focused, not diffuse, in order to work. The Kennedy Center is the only and best focal point for an ongoing, growing rally, as it highlights the disconnect between the records of JFK’s murder continuing to be secret while thousands are entertained each day in a “Memorial” performing arts center, operation of which should HONOR him. It is a purely Kennedy-specific venue. The vigil wouldn’t work even a few blocks away at the Lincoln Memorial. So, as the numbers in attendance begin to grow in the days, weeks, months ahead, hope to meet you there!

        1. Thank you for your effort Sir. It’s more than I’ve done, just reading, reasoning, visiting the site(s). I actually like your idea.

          1. You are most welcome, but I think we’ve followed exactly the same path, reading, reasoning, trying to solve the case. It’s a recent revelation that massive, peaceful, Civil Obedience is the only thing that will deliver victory, defined as prompt release, in full, of ALL the withheld files.

  9. The blatant disregard for US law demonstrated by an Agency that declares ‘postponement in full’ to avoid releasing the JFK files & gets away from it month after month, year after year is no different that klansmen erecting burning crosses in the night; they both send the same message: we run YOU, you don’t run US.

    I’m sure President Obama wants to live to see his beautiful daughters grow to his age; something stolen from John Kennedy after tangling with the Agency.

  10. President Obama needs to order up immediate processing for release of all withheld JFK assassination records. This is the kind of open and transparent action that could begin to reverse the cynicism and distrust so prevalent in our society about the actions of government. I hope reporters at the White House will keep asking about the classified records.

    1. “I hope reporters at the White House will keep asking about the classified records.”

      Keep in mind that we have the right to ask (1st Amendment, etc.) but at some point it becomes harassment.

      1. Ramon

        More than ask, the Constitution guarantees our right to peacefully assemble and petition for a redress of grievances. That doesn’t mean asking once or twice, or deliver a stack of written petitions, then go home and watch the news hoping to find we were paid attention to. Rather, per link in my prior comment, think of citizens from all over the country making their way to D.C. and peacefully assembling in a strategic location (i.e., meaning by WHERE we assemble there’s no easily ignoring the grievance, or means of redress). Just showing up,assembling peacefully and gradually but in ultimately impressive, not easily ignored numbers, ensures victory in this just cause. Seeking the truth shall set us and the records free, reclaiming our authority over our own government, especially the parts that have evolved to operate in excessive secrecy and by practicing “the arts of deception.” Transparency must be restored, even the assurance that matters necessarily conducted behind the scenes cannot be perpetually and unaccountably buried in darkness. Let there be light:)

        1. Forget the Constitution. Republicans and Democrats do not adhere to the constitution any more. Just look at the 4th amendment right now. Big brother is sleeping with you, and spying on you. Obama, in 2008, said the Patriot Act was wrong. Then he renewed it and expanded on it.
          JFK documents will probably never be fully revealed. The 2 party dictatorship that rule us, won’t allow it.
          But, you get what you voted for.

      2. Not so- asking peaceably is not harassment, it is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

        Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press or the right of the people peaceably to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

        1. Karl & Dan:

          I do agree with both of you.

          That said…

          Remember the Westboro Baptist Church (“God Hates Fags”)? The ones who demonstrated and celebrated in funerals of our troops?

          They are allowed to exercise their 1st Amendment Rights PROVIDED that they keep at least 300 feet away.


          The case that I had in mind was a journalist(s) incessantly badgering Jay Carney in every press briefing.

          1. The White House has not answered the questions put to it. Jay Carney’s response that he hasn’t spoken to the President is the standard response to buy time. What is supposed to happen next is for Mr. Carney to speak to the President and relay his thoughts. It is entirely appropriate for the press to follow up as to whether those responses are forthcoming.

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