‘Where the hell is the moderation???’

I hear the reader’s plaintive cry. After several years of heroic duty as JFK Facts Comment editor, Peter Voskamp is moving on to new responsibilities at the Web site. What does that mean?

That means the site does not have a comments editor to do the essential task of moderation. Which means your comment will not be approved on a daily basis, and may not be approved at all.

If you comment does not appear, that does not mean you are being censored for your deeply courageous and utterly original JFK arguments.. It means you are being neglected compared to past treatment.

I do not have the time to review comments on daily basis for free I am looking for a new comments editor to help me with this important chore.

If you want the job, send me an email now explaining why. WordPress experience is mandatory.

Meanwhile, some posts are being approved. i have a bias for comments that include a link to a source of information.

Consistent with site policy. I do not consider comments that USE ALL CAPS TO MAKE A POINT.  Why do I discriminate against those who dare to speak in ALL CAPS?

Because it makes the site look like the home of cranky people who think capital letters make their argument more convincing. They don’t.


2 thoughts on “‘Where the hell is the moderation???’”

  1. Craig McKee, the owner and moderator of Truth & Shadows was facing a similar situation on his blog site as is faced here. As a journalist with paying jobs, he had fallen behind in moderation.

    Rather than let all of his work to build a viable and lively forum style blog, Mr McKee chose to allow the commentary to be automatically published without moderation.

    The site has been working on these auspices for months now, perhaps more than a year. And you know what? The world did not end, the site has not been swarmed by inarticulate trolls and total assholes.

    There have been a few, but very few infractions that needed to be dealt with. Only a very few comments have had to be removed. And the site has become as lively as it ever was.

    Of course Craig McKee has always been open minded and tolerant of disparate views, and prefers to let the argument sort themselves out with rational argumentation. He is no afraid of some EDGE to the debates.

    One of many example pages can be found at this link:


  2. Thanks for explaining Jeff. A really big thanks to Peter for all he’s had to consider the the last couple of years (my comments included). Congrat’s to him on getting a promotion on the site.
    I’d love to apply for the position but don’t have the WordPress qualification. Besides, I’m prejudiced. I don’t believe the Warren Commission Oswald did it alone lone nut theory.
    Maybe we’re not being neglected but we’ve spoiled. Compared to the MSM absolutely. The articles are excellent (IMHO). The feature of a reader of books on the subject being able to discuss such with others, including at times the authors is precious.

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