What’s the status of the lawsuit against the CIA for JFK records?

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon,
Judge Richard Leon

Judge Richard Leon, now famous for ruling that the NSA’s mass surveillance program is probably unconstitutional, is now considering the final issue in the Morley v. CIA: whether the government has to pay my court costs for 10 years of litigation.

A three-judge panel on the DC Court of Appeals ruled last June that Leon had erred in his September 2012 decision that the government did not have to pay court costs. The appellate court remanded the case to Leon and instructed him to apply a four-part test of the “public benefit” of the material released.

The court reminded Leon that previous cases have established that information about JFK’s assassination has “public benefit.”

Both Leon’s show of independence in the Klayman v. Obama case and the appellate court ruling make me cautiously optimistic about a favorable ruling.


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3 thoughts on “What’s the status of the lawsuit against the CIA for JFK records?”

  1. The final issue relates only to attorney fees! His ruling will have absolutely zero impact on his children and their children. It matters most to Mr. Morley and his attorney who surely deserves to be paid for his ten year investment of his time!!

  2. I sincerely hope Judge Leon takes into consideration that his ruling will affect people all over the world, including his children & their children. What history is being withheld cannot be taught to any of them, nor us.

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