What’s the best JFK song ever?

Nine out of ten experts agree its “Lee Harvey” by the Asylum Street Spankers.

(HT Howard from Marietta, Ga.)

The runner up is the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil,” mainly because Mick Jagger’s conspiracy theory about who killed the Kennedys (“You and me”) remains factually unproven.

15 thoughts on “What’s the best JFK song ever?”

  1. There’s also:
    “The American in Me” by the Avengers
    “Dallas 1PM” by Saxon
    “JFK (Coup D’Etat)” by Boston punk band Last Stand.

  2. I mentioned this subject to my heavy metal loving neighbor & was severely chastised for failing to offer ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath for consideration as best JFK assassination song. Sorry about that, Ozzy.

  3. I think “Bullet” by The Misfits captures the rage, shock and horror of Dallas in a raw, visceral way, better than any song.

    Please note that the lyrics to “Bullet” veer into very explicit, disturbing (and unnecessary) territory reflecting the punk mindset of the late 1970’s.

    Before they do, lines like “Texas is the reason that the President’s dead!” pack a punch.

    The Misfits were obsessed with the seamy underside of American culture as shown in other songs like “Who Killed Marilyn?” (“Could it have been the Kennedys? Was it L.A.P.D.? It ain’t a mystery, baby not to me.”) and “She” about Patty Hearst.

    A couple years ago, lead singer Glenn Danzig claimed that they were forbidden from playing “Bullet” in Texas for many years.

    Seek out and listen at your own risk.

  4. I can’t believe nobody went for the obvious choice: Richard Burton singing the title song of the play that symbolized the myth of JFK.

    1. Good one.

      Also, “Sunny” by the great Bobby Hebb. And Brian Wilson’s “Warmth of the Sun,” written the night of 11/22/63.

  5. 2 more songs that should be considered as competitors for the best JFK song are ‘He Was A Friend Of Mine’ by The Byrds & ‘Masters Of War’ by Bob Dylan.

    The Byrds song eventually caused discord between its writer (Roger McGuinn) who went along with the Warren Report vs. the group’s conspiracy theorist (David Crosby). Comments Crosby made at the Monterey Festival in 1967 about JFK being the victim of a well orchestrated conspiracy eventually got him fired from the band.

    ‘Masters Of War’ can be interpreted as the shadowy cabal that struck at JFK from shadowy phone calls, bars & golf courses so vividly portrayed in Oliver Stone’s movie. ‘JFK’; it’s purpose to create war.

  6. Everything Henry Mancini wrote from 1960 through ’64: “Dear Heart,” “Moon River,” “Days of Wine and Roses,” the theme from “Charade,” etc.

    No other American composer has ever captured the heart of an era as Mancini did the heart of the early-1960s. It’s funny, all those songs seem to contain within them the heartbreak and loss we would all feel when thinking about that time. . .

  7. Quite a catchy, good ‘ol boy country tune there from the Asylum folks; reminds me of the Buck Owens tunes my father & his friends forced me to listen to when the Beatles were on fire. How did Lee Oswald take him fishing if Lee didn’t drive or possess a car?

    I first heard discussions on what Jagger was stating when I was in college; in essence, resentment between those born without a silver spoon in their mouth vs. those who have never existed without one. That was one of the early theories as to why Lee Oswald allegedly took his rifle to work & used his lunch break to murder JFK: he was lashing out against a person so wealthy & so powerful because he (Lee Oswald) was just the opposite.

  8. Hands down the best song about JFK is “High Hopes” sung by THE VOICE of the 20th Century, Mr. Frank Sinatra. It’s the absolute, baby!

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