What we still don’t know about JFK’s assassination

Two things we don’t know: The whereabouts of certain CIA files related to the murder of the president and the whereabouts of the complete Air Force One tapes from November 22, 1963.

From my piece, What we still don’t know about JFK’s assassination, in the Dallas Morning News.

There is currently a typographical error in the paragraph about CIA operatives David Morales and Howard Hunt. The correction is bold-faced here:

“Howard Hunt and David Morales, two swashbuckling operatives who made statements late in life that seemed to implicate themselves in JFK’s assassination.”

To be clear, Hunt and Morales did not implicate Phillips and Goodpasture in JFK’s assassination. They each made statements implicating themselves [emphasis added] in a plot to kill the president.

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3 thoughts on “What we still don’t know about JFK’s assassination”

  1. Jeff, in your piece you say there were 6 people involved in the JFK story who reported to Helms and Angleton, but I count only 5 names in your article. 1.) William K Harvey, 2.) David Phillips, 3.) Ann Goodpasture, 4.) Howard Hunt and 5.) David Morales, who was #6?

  2. “… “irresponsible” to accuse an agency of the federal government of orchestrating the assassination. “At the same time,” he argues, “it is impossible to rule out the possibility that a … cabal of CIA hard-liners, angry about Kennedy’s handling of Cuba and sensing a leftward turn on negotiations with the Soviets … took matters into their own hands.”

    Professor Sabato’s comment seems disengenuous;be criticises but protects himself from going “too far” in the critique. Additionally,he makes an absurd claim. Why would it be “irresponsible” to acuse “an agency” of anything? If “an agency” covered up a crime committed by its associates, would THAT make such an accusation “responsible?”
    People have been put in jail for doing some of the things done by members of the FBI and CIA during the JFK “investigation(s).” Evidence was withheld;people commited perjury. We already know that. What don’t we know and why don’t we know it?

  3. In my humble opinion this question alone should break over the media like a thunderclap, (what was) “The nature of the CIA’s interest in accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before Kennedy was killed…?”

    Before Kennedy was killed going back to 1959. I just don’t understand how that cannot make any self respecting journalist as curious as hell!

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