What Mary La Fontaine wrought

Bill SImpich writes of the late Mary La Fontaine, co-author of Oswald Talked.

“She and her husband put together a description of Oswald who walked between the worlds of pro-Castro and anti-Castro that was multi-leveled, nuanced, and really helped me understand the anomalies in this case back in 1996.”

Simpich adds:

“I thought she was earnest and a good researcher.  The mistakes she made (Elrod and Oswald in a cell together – I’m still waiting for the proof; her complete conviction that LHO met with the FBI on 11/16/63) and the apparent holding back of info on tax returns of Oswald (she got some kind of permission from Marina if not the documents themselves) and her put-downs of other researchers got her in trouble.”

“The book was funny and informative on the FBI and the Cuban communities in the USA.    She was close to Marina right up to the modern day, maybe the closest researcher to her.  Despite my strong concerns mentioned at the beginning, she and her husband added a lot to the understanding of the JFK case.”

1 thought on “What Mary La Fontaine wrought”

  1. maryann manley

    Very sorry to learn of her passing, but of the over two hundred books about jfk, Oswald talked is one of the worst. Very poorly written, and I’m still not convinced about the tramps. Sorry, but I’ve been reading since the beginning,Mark Lane etc, I thought the book was awful

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