What Jim Lehrer should know

The former PBS anchor told Diane Rehm he expects that someday somebody will talk about their role in a JFK assassination conspiracy. But as JFK researcher Larry Hancock reported here in January, somebody did talk.

His name was John Martino.

Martino is a credible witness, whose story has been corroborated by his wife and son. In the early 1960s, Martino worked as security consultant in Havana and Miami in the early 1960s, associating with organized crime figures, anti-Castro exiles, and CIA officers. After JFK was killed he was involved in efforts to blame the crime on Fidel Castro.

But the story he confided to friends and family later in life implicated JFK’s enemies on the right.

The fullest account of Martino’s story is found in in Anthony Summer’s re-issued book, “Not in Your Lifetime.”

6 thoughts on “What Jim Lehrer should know”

  1. John Martino claimed that Lee Oswald went to Cuba. This is demonstrably false; if had been true there never would have been a reason for Oswald to make the trip to Mexico City.
    And frankly that is the end of any reason to believe Martino.

    1. Do you ever take off your debunker hat and ever actually allow for something on the conspiracy side to be possibly true? Never seen it Photon. Martino was corroborated by his son, and wife in Summers Not In Your Lifetime that Kennedy would be killed when he came to Texas. I consider that pretty good evidence for his claims.

    2. And, frankly, is there any reason anyone should believe Photon? Does he “demonstrably” know which “Oswald” didn’t go to Cuba?

      1. Neil, you might want to check Ed Martino’s statement on my web site at larry-hancock.com

        Certainly the family knew and Ed has discussed the fact that his father’s first round of remarks including his reports to the FBI were intentionally in an effort to point the assassination towards Castro/Cuba and had nothing to do with the real story which he disclosed to his friends shortly before his death.

    3. You’re really claiming that if a man is wrong about one thing, we may as well assume he’s wrong about everything? That’s absurd.

      What we can demonstrate, and Larry Hancock has, is that John Martino did participate in the CIA’s “Operation Tilt” before the assassination. We can demonstrate that he knew CIA Agent David Sanchez Morales before the assassination as well. Since both Morales and Martino both confessed to a couple of people to being involved in the assassination, we may want to think about his confession a bit.

      Again, if you read one of the best books on the assassination, like Larry Hancock’s ‘Someone Would Have Talked’, you’d understand Martino’s relevance and the larger picture. I’d imagine anyone who has time to post on the internet about the case has time to read the best books on the case.

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