What JFK researchers need to do

A reader writes:

“I am 60 years of age and was in the 5th grade on 11/22/63….”

“One weekend, we were visiting and Frank [ a relative] had just read the Warren Commission report. He was very concerned about the shortcomings of the findings. I guess from that point on I had my own suspicions but life went on..and then we saw the Zapruder film in 1975. Kennedy’s head going back and to the left was enough for me. There was a conspiracy.”

“Much of the collaborating evidence helps support my conclusions. However, my frustration along with others is that many of the details reported by various researchers are in direct conflict with one another. The artists who represent our secret government’s initiatives are quite adept in capitalizing on inconsistencies and using them in their chants.”

“The JFK research community must come together and organize a single message that can compete and someday overcome the ‘Lone Nut’ propaganda being disseminated by very powerful forces. Right now, ‘the truth’ is losing some of the momentum that had been built up through the 1990’s.

“Elements of the message:

“Simple and powerful message that is supported by all accomplished researchers and community who believe in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.”

“Organize the common ground of consistent information that, in itself, supports the conclusions.”

“Separately, identify the conflicting details and include the arguments and supporting evidence. However, the message must be effective in empathizing that none of these conflicts can change the overall conclusion.

“Paint the government representatives as the real conspirators in this charade. Group them and highlight their inconsistencies. Expose obvious falsehoods and question their motives. In other words, give them a taste of their own medicine but in a coordinated manner.

“Elements of the above already exist and your website makes a wonderful contribution in bringing information on the assassination together. What is needed is more cohesiveness and an overall strategy.”

The reader closes with a question:

“How do we get there and how can individuals most effectively contribute to the overall cause?”

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  1. William R Cohen, M.D.

    I was in my first year in medical school in an anatomy lab when our professor told us that JFK had been shot. I had voted for JFK for president which was my first opportunity to vote for anyone for that office. We were all exposed to the media coverage at the time and my interest in finding out what really happened has never ceased.

    A few years ago I came across a link to a website in the internet which held that a partial finger print was found in the Book Depository which did not match anyone who worked there nor any of those who were involved in the investigation. The technology was not adequate at the time to identify the source of that fingerprint.

    Supposedly Lyndon B. Johnson had offered his own attorney to help defend a man in Texas who was accused of a murder years before when Johnson was involved in Texas politics. Evidently the man was found guilty, convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to five years in prison but that was suspended. Allegedly that man was ultimately identified as the one whose partial fingerprint was found in the Book Depository Building in Dallas the day of JFK’s assassination.

    Here is the link to an article at Before Its News where I first encountered it:


    I realize that even if this guy was involved he was not alone. Jacob Hornberger’s discussion of the assassination is compelling and now there is more evidence of the CIA coverup of the autopsy in D.C. when it was supposed to have been done and should have been done in Dallas, Texas.

    Hornberger’s Future Of Freedom Foundation monthly publication has wonderful articles including a recent series on the governments use of the national security argument to justify its wrongdoing.


    1. Ramon F Herrera

      Esteemed Dr. Cohen:

      Please see what I replied to author Roger Stone:


      Employing Mac Wallace (who at the time had the law breathing down his neck), when you have at your disposal none other than the best agency in the history of humanity, specialized on eliminating presidents, with resources such as sleeper Manchurian candidates (not to mention means and more than enough motives) makes as much sense as you performing your own appendectomy.

      Pardon my curiosity, but is it safe to assume that your specialty is not psychiatry?

      1. Ramon F Herrera

        The provided URL directs us to the web page of “Joe The Plumber” where we read:

        “Similar to new DNA technology springing innocent people from prison after serving decades of time, new fingerprint technology may have brought forward a breakthrough in the Kennedy assassination. But the evidence is not forthcoming in the major media – why?”

        When was this investigation done? By whom? On whose orders? These are the only possibilities:

        – Warren Commission, 1964
        – Church Committee, 1977
        – HSCA 1978

        There is of course a last possibility: those DNA experts broke into the NARA archives in College Park, Maryland where the rifle, CE-141, is kept.

  2. Earl Warren himself said “The truth in these matters would not emerge in our lifetime”basically discrediting the report that had his name on it!!

  3. I am not a crazy person.I need to speak with an authority of the JFK assasination about a figure in a photo that has never been mentioned.Thank you

  4. “The JFK research community must come together and organize a single message that can compete and someday overcome the ‘Lone Nut’ propaganda being disseminated by very powerful forces.”

    It seems obvious that there is no agency tasked with investigation of US Administrative crimes. The FBI, directed by the Administration, cannot be that agency. Time and again, they have shown themselves to be poor guardians of evidence, and lackluster investigators when it comes to Administrations’ dubious activities.

    It seems clear that our Founders believed that the most powerful members of government also to be the most dangerous to democracy, yet after centuries, there is still no official watchdog of the Administration.

    The laundry list of Administrative abuses is too lengthy to mention here, but sans a permanent, independent state coalition with investigatory and police powers, what are we left to do but hypothesize and “prove” with “missing” evidence?

    This must change. This could be lasting legacy of the sacrifice of JFK. The potential “JFK States’ Bureau” as prevention of, and fact finders in, crimes affecting the nation as a whole would be their charge.

  5. I attended a reception with my grandmother in Palm Springs California on February 22, 1964 (when I was 15 years old. This occasion was to welcome President Johnson, Lady Bird, Dean Rusk, Pierre Salinger and other dignitaries including the President of Mexico
    During a social hour I overheard the Mexican president say to some ladies that President Kennedy had been done away with by an organized group within the United States government. Forgive me, I do not recall at this time, the name of the Mexican President
    However, I have been haunted by his remark for this entire fifty years.
    Thank you for your website. I am in hope We can let the truth come out. Fifty years is a long time.

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