What I learned from a new JFK Web site

Tim Yaccarino wrote to call my attention to his JFK blog, JFKennedy1963.com, which he launched last September.

I check it out and learned a few things didn’t know, like:

There was a book about Robert Kennedy published in 1962 called “Assistant President.”

There was an apparent assassination attempt on JFK in 1961 that got very little attention.

And Yaccarino emphasizes one thing that I did know but think is worth repeating: Two unsung reporters, Robert Allen and Paul Scott, published a syndicated column, The Allen-Scott Report, that contained had some of the best inside information on the Kennedy administration.

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4 thoughts on “What I learned from a new JFK Web site”

  1. I read two fascinating articles.

    The one about Oswald at the firing range is new with respect to being seen with others (more important than firing at another person’s target). I wish he could post the second page of that FBI memo.

    The other article about someone picking up Oswald is also fascinating. The FBI document source link didn’t work.

    Both of these articles reflect accounts which tarnish the WC record of a lone nut.

    Sounds to me like somebody is imitating Oswald and trying to incriminate him, yet the sheep-dipping creates complications for the the lone assassin scenario.

    1. I am 75 years old I watched Oswald get killed by Ruby on TV, I read “Rush to Judgment’ when it first came out, I read the William Manchester books called “Whitewash”, I have never believed Oswald did this. I AGREE WITH YOU AT LEAST 99% of the time still can’t figure out how Ruby knew the exact time to go to the basement for Oswalds transfer when it was running about an hour behind the announced time ODD don’t you think he walks down the ramp at just exactly the right minute, if you haven’t read the Manchester books do so , even if they are only 1/2 true they are interesting, to many strange deaths that have ties to the assassination, way to many plus the Warren Report SUCKS

    2. Tim Yaccarino

      Hello Gerry,

      I have added the other document from the rifle range and I fixed the link on the reference for the FBI memo if you would like to check it out.

      1. Tim, the cleaning company with access to the building was discussed on the Education Forum some years back. As I recall, the janitors weren’t the only ones with keys to the building. As I recall, there were also security guards–nightwatchmen–who had keys to the building and who visited the building several times a night.

        That none of these men were ever interviewed if just to see if they’d noticed anything funny the night before, etc, is indeed a disgrace, and reflective of the sheer awfulness of the FBI and WC’s “investigation.”

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