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  1. Additional followup comments/ideas, one each for Rand and Jeff:

    1) Rand, beginning with 7/4/14, I anticipate the time of all JFK Vigil events will be standardized at 12pm (noon). The original 11/22/13 and subsequent events began at 12:30pm, symbolic as the time of JFK’s assassination. However, 12pm is a more intuitively simple time for all to remember. It optimally allows those working in the area to “Just Show Up,” even briefly, during their lunch hour. Also, as demonstrated on 5/29/14 in the real-life experience and strategy of attendee Fred Burlakoff – who took Amtrak up from Georgia in the morning and, after allowing a window of several hours for the Vigil, went back to Georgia via Amtrak at 5pm – assembling at 12pm/noon allows those not working or able to take a day off to reasonably “commute/ carpool” in for the event from even eight hours away and still return home the same evening, to save on the expense and complications of overnighting in/around DC.;

    2) Jeff, while Facebook isn’t the ideal means to rally support and drive attendance (some won’t use Facebook at all due to privacy concerns), it still seems among the current, best options. A number of people, not just yourself, “signed up” at the very last minute with their intention to join in the 5/29 Vigil. As I’ve just launched an event page for a JFK Vigil gathering on July 4th, I’m already seeing positive results from encouraging all to SIGN UP EARLY and then IMMEDIATELY INVITE ALL OF THEIR FACEBOOK FRIENDS – the pool of prospective attendees has rapidly grown to several thousand! I encourage you to soon indicate a yes or maybe intention to attend and share, in the manner provided on the Event page, the Facebook Event invitation with ALL your friends/ followers, so the idea can spread rapidly in the next few weeks and boost participation. FYI, from the starting point of physically assembling on public terraces of The Kennedy Center on July 4th (in petition of release of still withheld assassination-related records), I hope those in attendance will be inspired to then DISTRIBUTE INVITATIONS to the next JFK Vigil event (on 11/22/14) among the thousands gathering on The Mall on July 4th for the fireworks. We could simultaneously distribute notices/invitations regarding “The Warren Report 50 Years Later” conference being planned for September 26-28th in Bethesda, MD. While I hope to be scheduled as a speaker (on Constitutional Activism and the JFK records issue) at that event, even if not so scheduled, I will still be pleased to help distribute conference notices on July 4th.

  2. I attended the vigil and it was a very positive experience. Jeff: I was also confounded until I walked around the side and saw the group. A security guy told Karl that as long as a JFK speech (American University) was the only message being amplified, it was fine with the higher-ups. We were asked to keep the volume at a reasonable level. There were three modest signs re: opening the files and otherwise only Karl’s tastefully revised mini-billboard. Today being JFK’s birthday, it seemed totally appropriate to hold a vigil at his memorial. I must emphasize that because I walked to the Kenn Cen and stood out there, the weather seemed particularly nasty for late May.

    I wish you could have found us, Jeff. My feeling is that at least for the record, this vigil took place in spite of being held during business hours (one lady came from her office and was on a conference call out there for a good part of the time and I missed a meeting), the small group, and the weather. It was still a “Sunshine” event. And I really enjoyed concentrating on that beautiful speech.

    1. According to a FB notification I got today, the assembly was attended by 11 dedicated participants. It adjourned at 2 pm. Photos and a video to follow in the next few days. Karl Golovin is having another assembly on July 4th, 2014.

    2. Rand, several points: The Kennedy Center’s public terraces are – just that, public – and Congress can make no law (nor delegate to others to regulate) the Constitutional right of the people to peaceably assemble, and petition for redress of grievances. While these terraces (we gathered on the North Terrace) are particularly appropriate to JFK-centric days (such as 5/29 and 11/22), especially in petition for release of records associated with his murder and murderers, they are a most suitable and appropriate place (in appreciation of JFK’s character as a leader, as president) to gather for Constitutional Assemblies on any/all matters, even apart from a clear “JFK nexus.” Some have been misguided in suggesting that to assemble there is hostile or antagonistic towards The Kennedy Center’s staff or theater operations – that’s just not the case.

      THE POWER OF DOUBLING: If every person who joins the JFK Vigil finds (each day between now and 7/4/14) one other person who will attend, and each person so found replicates the process, by July 4th well over one million will be trying to find space on public terraces of The Kennedy Center: THEN, all the records will surely be released! –


  3. Thanks Gerry. I’m getting to be an old fart who thus far does not facebook other than occasionally on my wife’s page. 10 people in the rain, plus Jeff looking for it. With Karl that’s a dozen.
    I guess many movements in History have started with less.
    At least JFK had a tribute in his Birthday.
    I guess no MSM was among the 10.
    How about some of us gather in major cities on the 4th of July, the Anniversary of the WO Report or 12/22/14 to ask publicly to FREETHEFILES.

  4. JFK born this day in 1917. I had a personal vigil here in North Carolina. His birthday this year falls on Ascension Day…thankfully, one JFK coincidence that brings a smile.

  5. According to some FB notifications and his post, there were ten people that braved the rain. They played JFK’s American University Peace speech from an MP3 player and loudspeaker.

    Don’t know how long it was but I’m sure Karl will respond.

  6. Bummer! Even Karl was not at his own shindig? After reading nothing about it in months I’d wondered if it was still on.
    I’ve not watched his most recent video on the other recent thread about this. At least the first one garnered a little attention.
    I guess this was not the start of a grassroots effort to FREETHEFILES.

    1. I am on a leave of absence from posting in JFK “Facts,” but any who would like to follow or participate in the unfolding of Constitutional Activism as a means of obtaining records release and associated objectives are welcome to join the Facebook Group “JFK Vigil” – https://www.facebook.com/groups/273075412874276/ . The next assembly on the public terraces of The Kennedy Center, will be July 4th – https://www.facebook.com/events/306247106208247/ . The Facebook Event page for the assembly yesterday was: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=605207266207495 .

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