What does the NSA have on JFK’s assassination?

I recently wrote,“NSA also has an unknown number of JFK documents.”

Ramon correct me by pointing out that the super secret National Security Agency, admits to possessing thirty documents on the Dallas tragedy of 1963. The records concern signals communications that the NSA obtained before and after JFK’s assassination. The records have never seen by members of Congress, journalists, historians, or the general public.

By law, these 30 NSA documents must be made public by October 2017.

How do we know Ramon is right?

Simple: Go to the U.S. government’s JFK assassination records date base here, and  type “NSA” in the field “Originator”.


2 thoughts on “What does the NSA have on JFK’s assassination?”

  1. Is there anything from NSA (their job) about a short wave Ham radio message from Quito Ecuador, that a friend of mine who was there overheard on her family’s speaker system from her family’s next door friend, a Naval Commander, just minutes before the assassination: “Dallas, can you see the motorcade…. Is it over yet?”

    I gave this transcript written by my friend with her permission to the FBI Tampa Headquarters at an appointment in 91. They copied it and the secretary said it was credible because they knew her dad was a CIA/USID agent which her father admitted to me… and they hated the Kennedy’s which he also admitted to me and told me “The next big thing is going to be terrorism”.

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