4 thoughts on “What does Obama think of the JFK controversy?”

  1. If the question is ever put to him, it shouldn’t be about the assassination, but rather about the still sealed files, and whether he will issue an Executive Order to release them. In fact, I heard Obama is considering issuing such an order in honor of the 50th anniversary, so as to release the remaining records to dispel conspiracy rumors.

  2. CIA veteran Raymond McGovern spoke about this issue a few years ago and the implications are disturbing. He claims Obama is afraid of the CIA and for good reasons. I came across this article on the Internet. Mr. McGovern worked for the CIA for 27 years and delivered intelligence briefings directly to several presidents so he is no slouch.


    If this has been brought up before I apologize. I thought it may be of interest to some readers.

  3. While a professor, Cass Sunstein pointed to JFK conspiracy theories as prime examples of pernicious ideas that needed to be fought by government. He advocated “cognitive infiltration” of such online discussions to promote official views. He also suggested banning conspiracy theories, although he admitted there might be a First Amendment problem. He did feel the US could ban conspiracy theories in areas under US military occupation.

  4. From the many comments I see on the Internet in the wake of Jesse Ventura’s recent ‘announcement’ that he might be interested in running for President & directing the government back to its ‘boss’ (the people) it appears quite a few people feel that as a result of President Kennedy’s public execution & the discord & alienation we now know existed during his tenure between the Pentagon, FBI & CIA & JFK as President Kennedy tried to change the government the end result was not worth the effort & Mr. Ventura might meet the same fate if he does run & wins the 2016 election.

    The obvious choice or a US President to remain alive & complete a term or 2 in Office seems to those making the Internet comments is ‘avoid rocking the boat’ & ‘bond with the strong arm’ of the Fed if longevity & retirement is the goal.

    I suspect President Obama’s & Presidents before him opinions fall within that survival formula. The ambush of JFK hasn’t been repeated in the years since his murder. I’m more prone to wondering how is Jesse Ventura going to deal with the strong arm of the Fed if he does run & win to avoid another Dallas happening to him?

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