3 thoughts on “What do you think about the Warren Commission report?”

  1. The Warren Report was put together in during an era of govt. sting-arming, USA involvement in Assassination, and Spy vs. Spy Cold War nonsense.

    I feel that, factually, the shooting was easily and correctly accounted for. One Shooter, 3 Shots. What I feel they did a poor job on was the background of Oswald and that of Ruby. OF course, in light of other material about the MOB/CIA plots to kill Castro wanted to be ‘protected’…it made for a slanted investigation. But, as far as the shooting of the president…they got it right. Everything else connected with the murder of JFK has become polluted with individual theory (such as mine I’m sure), shadows behind fences, and people running around in an echo chamber. The killing of Kennedy has become a cottage industry. So be it.

  2. When the lawyers and members of the Warren Commission kept denouncing testimony of various witnesses, one had to get the feeling that the WC was not really investigating the facts of the assassination.

  3. If the Warren report was put forth as one theory among all the other theories today, on an equal footing for evaluation, it would not make the top five in credibility.

    Being what it is, it no longer bears the burden of proving itself. Its defender have shifted the burden of proof onto the skeptics rather than the proponent of its own theory. Its proponents continue to cherry pick facts (and witnesses)to avoid the inconveniences of the information not studied or not available when it was concocted.

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