What did the CIA’s release of JFK and LBJ presidential briefings reveal?

The briefings, released last week, showed how the Agency sought to get information to the two presidents.The CIA had long resisted releasing the records on the grounds that any disclosure would harm national security, an argument the Agency has now abandoned.

One of first briefings in the wake of JFK’s assassination revealed something important: where the CIA’s JFK assassination cover-up originated: in the Directorate of Operations and the Counterintelligence Staff.

1 thought on “What did the CIA’s release of JFK and LBJ presidential briefings reveal?”

  1. The new information from the LBJ library are interesting but come too late for those of us who have taken an active interest in the Kennedy assassination case. I just wanted to let all researchers know, that I cover some of these topics in a new book that I’ve written that will come out in November 2015 called “The American Conspiracy Files: The Stories We Were Never Told (Adventures Unlimited Press). Who knows, maybe we’ll be lucky and the CIA will release its remaining files in 2017. But don’t loose sleep over it.

    Peter Kross

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