What did French intelligence think of JFK’s assassination?

Former FBI agent William Turner says the conspiratorial analysis of France’s Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage, known as SDECE, is found in an unusual book called Farewell America.

9 thoughts on “What did French intelligence think of JFK’s assassination?”

  1. I read FAREWELL AMERICA in the early 80’s, I found it to be a remarkable expose’ on the underbelly of the US system, and a good explanation of the sinister characters in the interconnected array of agencies and corporations.

    The comment above about “Kennedy loosening his tie” would be hilarious if the issue wasn’t so tragic. He is obviously reacting to the shot to the throat.

  2. The observation in the French article that Kennedy clutched his throat’ is often thrown up in commentary about Kennedy’s response to the first shot. I was interested to see recent close-up Zapruder frames (also on JKF Facts) showing that Kennedy was not clutching his throat, but was trying to loosen his tie, with his left hand clearly trying to pull it free. My conclusion is that Kennedy in these few seconds was much more conscious and aware of his situation than is commonly supposed.

  3. this book had little to do with JFK assassination. mainly an attack on American policy and history. not worth the read or the money….

  4. yes, except for the fact that so much of the book has turned out to be absolutely accurate, it is inaccurate. What a strange thing….

  5. I was very impressed at the rich vocabulary of that author, William Turner. And the guy is a former G-man?

    Seems like a remarkable individual…

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