What can I do to help JFK Facts?

Comment and question from a new JFK Facts reader:

“Fascinating website. Thank you for your important work.I’m a political science graduate and history buff and would like to help any way I can.”

My answer:

1) Send me an email with links to any interesting JFK story that you see in the online media. It doesn’t have to be about the assassination.

2) Send PDF scans of original newspaper stories and documents from the Kennedy era that you find interesting, whether assassination-related or not.

3) Buy a copy of Our Man in Mexico, my book about the CIA’s role in the events leading to JFK’s assassination and the thwarted investigation that followed. You can order a copy here.

4 thoughts on “What can I do to help JFK Facts?”

  1. I can help JFK facts by giving it $10 towards a fund to indict the CIA for a continuing conspiracy to prevent the investigation of a crime. This Court action would drive out more Facts via the laws on disclosure, and the fundraising initiative in itself would generate inescapable publicity via social media. The premise of the Court action is in itself a conspiracy theory, and not what JFK facts is about. The aim of the action would not be to convict the CIA, it would generate the environment where Facts will be released by public demand. Ask for more money from me and you’ll probably get it.

  2. ‘Our Man in Mexico’ is excellent. It’s what brought me here. Keep up the good work Jeff

    I frequent Larry Hancock’s blog which I think your readers might also enjoy.

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